Man I was really let down by the heroes season finale.. what did you guys think?

I can tell you LOST will not be a disappointment on weds!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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64 thoughts on “Heroes Season 1 Finale – meh…..”
  1. I sure hope you are right about LOST. This season has been all over the map. They could really use a super badass season finale because so far I think the first 2 seasons are still better :\

  2. i thought the episode was pretty good. i just wished they killed off sylar properly though, but i suppose they need a proper villain for next season too 😀

  3. Also meh’ing here. Don’t believe I was as satisfied as I had wanted to be. Nathan’s solution was suprising, but not really in a good way. Hiro at the very end was cool, but didn’t leave off as a cliffhanger. Hopefully next season’s finale will be better.

  4. I’m not feeling it either. Too many open possibilities and not enough closure.

  5. The one for Heroes especially was disappointing because they built up that exploding man ending since the start of the show and the season ends without even starting the explosion. How lame.

  6. There will be a new season for sure. Already confirmed a new season and a spinoff series called “Heroes: Origins”

  7. Man, this sucks big time, sat. I watched all the episodes on Sci-Fi all over again, then today I got home too late and missed it :(, can’t find it on youtube, and forgot to set the tivo, which is odd, I usually set it before I leave the house.

  8. I missed the Heroes bandwagon and haven’t managed to catch up with it since. Although I am a fan of what NBC have done with the media-wiki software on the Heroes website. Very nice I think.

    I only have room for one uber-cool mysterious TV series in my life and that spot is already filled by Lost:)

  9. I know everyone wanted to see someone go nuclear and millions of people die, but I’d like the think the writers of Heroes are presenting more than shock and awe.

    LOST on the other hand comes off to me as the product of a writing team who is told that it’s sweeps before every episode. I know I’m going against the grain here, but that show has to be one of the worst written shows on television. It’s like mental masturbation gone terribly wrong.

    You want an intelligently written show, watch Studio 60. The writing is absolutely brilliant and the casting couldn’t have been any better.

  10. I dunno. I liked it. Didn’t love it. But overall, loved the first season. And will certainly be watching next year.

    I will be watching 24 later today.

    I’m also excited about Lost this week.

    And American Idol tonight (shoot me…I think Jordin is terrific, and while I hate rap, I find Blake’s beatboxing a lot of fun in general).

    And I agree with Greg-J about Studio 60. While previous Aaron Sorkin series have generally been a bit too fast-paced and jammed with too-cute-for-their-own-good-dialog (which struck me as very disrespectful of the audience), Studio 60 moves at a more even pace. Everyone is still smart and funny…but a good deal more accessible.

    I also like The Unit a lot. The writing is very solid (no surprise, with David Mamet involved), and the season-ending cliffhanger was solid. Well-cast show.

  11. Heroes is a great show. I loved the first season. And I’m sure that the show is exactly where the writers wanted it to be.

    That first season was just a warm up. Learning to know the characters, what they can do, what they endured to get in the right place, the right time and in the right frame of mind.

    I’m sure second season will be a blast.

  12. I wasn’t disappointed, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped though. The fight between peter and “The boogie man” should have lasted longer.

  13. I liked the season 1 finale and think they tied everything up nicely and left a lot to wonder…now for LOST…haven’t watched it since the first season. I thought I was supposed to be a mini-series when I first started watching it and after a few episodes in I found out it wasn’t and with the drag-ass story line I got bored. I tried hard to watch the second season but I was sooo pissed knowing they are draggin/going to drag out every…little…story.

    I bet I could start watching it again next season and I wouldn’t be LOST.


  14. Heroes kind of fizzled out at the end (action scenes on that show are by and large pathetic – although Nathan’s flying does look cool).

    I’m am super-psyched for Lost, although I have been peeking at the spoilers, it still looks like it’s going to be awesome. I don’t think we’re going to get any real answers, though.

  15. Did you not watch the ending? Where it said To be Continued… after changing chapters?

  16. I was hoping they’d go back and fill us in a bit in Heroes but I guess Origins will take care of that. Do we know which if any of the same characters will be in it?

  17. I never got into watching Heroes, I’ve heard it’s pretty good though. I’m sure you guys are all excited about American Idol tonight though!

  18. They did an interview with the series creator and they’d planned a 5 season story arc for the series.

    1 down, 4 to go.

    I’m glad you guys didn’t let any spoilers loose, we nowhere near the end over here..

  19. I pretty much quit watching once they introduced Jack’s father that had never been mentioned ever before. I figured I’d keep the good memories of 24 before they revealed that Jacks’s sister in law was carrying Jacks’ child or something.

  20. Yeah, I kind of lost a few episodes here and there and plan on getting the DVD or renting it to watch the last few I missed… from what I’ve read here and other places the last ones are GOOD 😀

  21. Never seen Heroes (i’m in UK and it’s not main stream yet). But I can’t wait for this week’s Lost – 2 hours of great television. Best show on TV :d

  22. Lost really got everything up to a feverish pitch for the two hour finale… i hope it’s not a letdown.

  23. I enjoyed it. While it didn’t leave me on the edge of my seat (as the 5 years in the future episode did) but it was good… not great but good. I am looking forward to next season.

  24. I’ve never watched it, as I was too busy keeping up with Lost, 24 and Survivor. This is one for the DVR over the summer, I guess.

  25. Upon further reflection, I think the disappointment was with the death of Sylar. It felt rather anticlimactic. It would have been nicer if it had been a team effort instead of one stroke from one guy. 4 or 5 of them directly teaming up would have been very cool. Also, it would have been nice if Peter could have said goodbye a little more warmly. For a guy described as being “all heart”, he wasn’t that warm while he was leaving. Somewhat with Nathan and Claire. But it could have been better.

  26. It’s true, it’s true. 24 SUCKED this season. But the last couple of episodes were at least decent. I kind of liked the way they ended it…A nice switch from most 24 season endings, (besides the usual Jack soliloquy(sp))

  27. He isn’t dead…didn’t you see the part with the blood trail to the mainhole that was open?

  28. Are you kidding me? LOST is going to be SOO GOOd. I won a ticket from a philly radio station to watch the show in this old theatre with other LOST fanatics, booze, etc. Should be a blast…

  29. I’ll second that. Sylar’s not dead. I kept telling my husband that Hiro needed to be more thorough about it or Claire needed to shoot him too. Really, when you have a seriously bad guy that’s so hard to kill, don’t trust to a single sword thrust to actually kill him. No matter how dead he looks.

    Other problem is that throughout, Isaac’s predictions were quite accurate. Why was he wrong about only this last one?

  30. I was disappointed, too. It was too much buildup and not enough action. The showdown between Sylar and Peter was lame. The episode devoted too much time to stupid Nikki/Jessica/whatever. It could have been a much better season finale.

  31. The Heroes finale was definitely a disappointment. Why did Nathan fly off with Peter instead of just shooting him? He basically killed himself for no reason.

    Also, it seemed like the writers lacked a cliffhanger so they just decided to dramatically shift gears and dump Hiro into 1671 Japan. And they then can figure out how to make that work between now and next season…

  32. I’m in agreement with you on this one. It just ended, it seems like they rushed the last 10-15 minutes. The final fight was kinda pathetic even.

    They seemed to put more emphasis on the pre-ordering of Heroes DVDs and on Hiro in Feudal Japan. If they spent that extra 2 minutes in the fight sequence, and ended it when it said the text for end of Chapter one, i would have liked it better. Why bother going into Season 2 already, let the end of season 1 sink in first.

    oh well. Lost on wend, and still need to catch 24’s finale.

  33. Yea, It was kind of stupid. They hyped up the ending where they made previews and showed them day in and day out of blowing up in the middle of the city, yet he flew up and the sky and blew up. What else are they going to do for the next Season? Since the city didn’t blow up.

  34. yeah this season of LOST has been crazy! Some episodes it just seems like the writers are getting bored or running out of ideas…

  35. Not sure why so many people felt they were hyped on the distruction of the city when the whole season has been built around trying to change the future in which the city blows up…they did just that, changed the future and the city didn’t blow up.

    Proving that the future isn’t set in stone even if one can predict it.

    I don’t know what to tell you if you didn’t figure out that they would stop the explosion half way through the season…

  36. You should have watched the 24 season finale, it was awesome! Last night was the first night in a long time where I just sat down, relaxed, and watched a bunch of GOOD TV. The “Hollyhood” season finale was good and funny too.

  37. heroes is a great series, but I had some problems with the ending. Specifically:

    1. Why didn’t Peter just fly off on his own? He did not need Nathan to fly as he has already absorbed the flying power.
    2. Hiro killing Sylar – I would like to have seen Hiro have to use his power to slow time and move faster than Sylar to kill him. It just seemed like Sylar died to eaisly.
    3. Why did Nickie help Peter?
    4. Sylar/Peter battle was lame.

    NEVERTHELESS, I will be watching next season. I dont think they thought about a season 2, and agree with others the close out was fast and clumsy.

  38. at last peter explode I was waiting for this 🙂 and sylar find a way out. I like to watch it anyway.

  39. I really liked the fact that the final showdown with Sylar came pretty unexpected; I didn’t like the cliffhanger for season 2 though. (when the tracking-system girl says: there’s someone who is much more evil than Sylar)

  40. how come? do you think he’s still gonna be around in season two? I suppose they’ll introduce a new supervillain

  41. Maybe Hiro’s time travel at the end, when he finds himself in Samurai-Japan, is the beginning of the origins-spin off.

  42. The end really was pretty unexpected – no swordfighting, and a far-off explosion. But actually, it didn’t quite feel like the “end” of a season to me.

  43. I was a little disappointed too, just like I was with the season opener. The blood trail going down into the man hole cover sure left it open for next season though. I thought 24 ended great, and now am looking forward to Lost. Summer sure is going to drag though.

  44. I never did figure out why “Saving the cheerleader” saved the world. I missed the connection somehow.

  45. My guess on #1 is that he can only use one power at a time. Either that or the loss of control that was causing the explosion kept him from flying.

  46. I was rather disappointed in the “showdown” between Hiro and Sylar. I expected a bigger fight. The season was great up until that. Big Fan. Hopefully the season opener will kick it up a notch.

  47. 1) He lost control of his powers that’s why he was about to go nuclear.
    2)Sylar isn’t dead & Hiro…well is still green behind the ears. :p
    3)Because she is a hero
    4)It was an encounter…not a battle. Take it none of you that are complaining about this “show down” never read comics.

  48. Really? How would they stop/slow down Sylar if he could regenerate? That and if Claire died Nathan would have never known of his daughter and he would have let the city blow up and would have followed his evil mothers plain to take over the world, that right there saved the world.

    And if you didn’t catch it…Hiro’s Dad and Nathan’s (and Peter’s) Mother, along with Liberman(sp?) Once worked together to try and do good…some of them went bad.

  49. Didn’t they show his blood trail going into the manhole at the end? Oh, and what about the guy that the little girl said was even worse than the boogey man… the one who could see her when she thought about him? That sounds like a supervillain to me.

  50. It gets replayed later in the week… Thursday or Friday way late at night. Check your listings – you can still get it.

  51. My problem with it was the whole idea that blowing up in space, possibly killing Nathan, is better than shooting Peter and letting him regenerate? Who thought that was a good idea? Shoot him already.

  52. I thought the Heroes finale was pretty good (not spectacular but not bad) – nice to see all the heroes together 🙂
    But what’s up with movies and TV shows and never “finishing off” the bad guy? Why don’t they make 100% sure that he’s dead?

    The same happened in the Lost finale – the bad guy got away because they thought he was dead – but, no, no… he just walks away like nothing happened. Other than that the Lost finale was pretty cool. Can’t wait for the next season.

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