WordPress 2.2 has just been released. I will probably upgrade sometime in the next week or so. I usually wait atleast a week in case….

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

47 thoughts on “WordPress 2.2 Hot Off The Presses”
  1. What is so funny, is that I learned about the update from you. Shoemoney.com is not my source for all information. LOL

    BTW: I think I will wait a few days also.

  2. If the new ajax features work s described, it is worth it just for quicker spam deletion

  3. I haven’t tried WordPress with Widgets yet, so I am looking forward to that new feature.

  4. Good idea to wait… 2.2.1 should be just around the corner with some critical security fixes. 😉

  5. And with that, waiting to update no longer means I’m update, but responsible. Thanks for the heads up fivecent.

  6. […] halte es wie Shoemoney: I usually wait atleast a week in case…. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen. Wer weiß was […]

  7. Widgets suck. Seriously. I don’t like being not allowed to use a plugin without Dashboard, once activated. They are great, but only for noobs, I think…

  8. Sure thing.

    However, I’m waiting, too. I don’t like updating process, so it’s better to wait till they show another important-as-hell security update.

  9. No problem. Use WP for long enough and you’ll notice the pattern: Major release, wait a few days, major bug fix. It’s a pretty complex bit of code, so you can’t necessarily blame them. And they *are* good about get those patches out the door.

  10. I meant “Shoemoney.com is now my source for all information. LOL”

    Need to learn to type.

  11. There are already some bugs floating around in this version but I guess you will always have bugs. I wont upgrade for a while anyways..

    This blog is running Drupal isnt it?

  12. Dear Travel Notebook,

    Nope, it’s running wordpress. Shoe said himself he will upgrade in the next week or so. Oh! of course why would you read a 3 sentence post?

  13. I still think it’s funny that no matter how many times I’ve entered my email in their notification list.. I’ve never been notified. Thanks Shoe! Let us know when you’ve upgraded so we can see if your site still stands afterwards =P

  14. Well, the last one was a fluke because they had someone intentionally put in backdoors and crap… hopefully things are vetted better now. One of the risks of open source…

  15. I upgraded 3 of mine last night in about 5 minutes. Nothing broke. 🙂

  16. I usually wait a few weeks then upgrade. but glad to see the new release.

  17. WP is usually pretty good about not releasing things that are totally buggy. A few minor issues are to be expected. Just added upgrading to the “to do” list.

  18. Read what this one has 200+ bug fixes, widget control, and a bunch of other nifty NEW features.

  19. Hahah. Says a lot about his attention span, eh? Just a sentence and a half in and he would’ve had his answer…

  20. Silly question, but where do you go to join their notification list?

  21. Yeah, a few ‘minor’ issues that are accompanied by instructions that all users should upgrade pronto or else something horrible will happen when hackers take over your server. Yes, I’m being a bit facetious here. But just a bit.

  22. They made some changes around v2.10 or so that changed how the internal links and stuff works. Now instead of lists of links it is more like a tagged blogroll. I kind of like the older version better..

  23. I heard there is a bug with the top commentators plugin and some sidebar widgets…from john chow’s blog

  24. I read the post obviously. I know he is running several blogs so anyone of them could be upgraded and not necessarily this one. When he first switched to this design I could have sworn it was a stripped down version of Drupal but that is probably just because I use it very often.

  25. JC reported that the hard coded in sidebar widget thing is buggy, so he downgraded back to 2.1.3

  26. I plan to wait a little bit and let the hacks I have installed become 2.2 stable first.

  27. Some people were having problems with the widgets, namely top commentator lists disappearing.

  28. Yeah, I’m definitely going to upgrade once all the kinks have been worked out 🙂

  29. Yeah, I don’t think anyone is blaming them, we’re just saying “We’re going to air on the side of caution and wait til it’s stable”

  30. scheduled, yea. But upgrading 7 blogs everything 3 months is actually a decent amount of work.

  31. I found other WP users complaining of buggy widgets. I certainly wouldn’t get in a hurry to upgrade. Besides, I just upgraded about a month ago. Not all of my WP blogs are on one click host’s!


  32. I do the same thing. I wait until others install it and, if there is a problem with it, I end waiting until the fix is final and then I update.

  33. I originally upgraded to the new version but there were some issues so I went back to the old version for now.

  34. yes, its pretty surprising that something like that would not get caught.. we are talking about a huge amount of code, though..

  35. I also never go with the newest update, better is to wait when initial bugs are fixed.

  36. Ditto !
    I had an ordeal when I updated SMF 1.2 and the older themes would just not obey *grrr* I had to reinstall SMF 1.1

  37. As long as the Adsense Plugin works, i dont worry about the others, temporarily

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