So for about the last month or so my travel schedule has been pretty sick so I am going to try to catchup a bit 😉

Pay-Per-Click recap. On search engine land Todd Mintz posts a recap on pretty much all my tips I have given out including bold tricks in adwords listings. He writes much better then I do 😉

ShoeMoney Named sexiest blogger on the intarweb! I just would like to say I am not offended that I have become a sex symbol. When you expose yourself to the public and you look this good it happens. They say that it was the picture with Paris Hilton that broke the tie between me and Darren Rowse. I think it was when they saw the pic of my exposed legs last month at the SES Party in NYC.

After the defeat to my wife in the “shoemoney triathlon” last month 2 local semi professional weight trainers asked me to join them at the local gym. We had our first workout last night and I can barely lift my arms today. Its going to be fun… I think 😉 3x a week woot. They have a site here

In UFC News ShoeMoney friend Matt Hughes is going to be a Coach on season 6 of the Ultimate Fighter. Then after the season he will kill Matt Serra and regain his title. We will be at that fight live.

eMom contest winner announced! – Congratulations to Sazia Mistry and all the other winners from the Emom birthday contests!

The pepperjamteam are trying to win a contract with Whos Your Daddy by making a pretty hilarious viral video:

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

34 thoughts on “Catching Up For The Last 3 Weeks”
  1. *L* good recap man.. sorry but there are much sexier bloggers out there than you… but to each their own.

  2. That was just so… wow. The video editing skills of geeks never ceases to depress me.

    On a lighter note, congrats on the votes.

  3. They have all those hot girls working there to utilize and Pepperjam decides to make a viral video of pushing some dude into a bunch of empty boxes? very weak and wasn’t funny at all…

    Did they forget that Godaddy’s successful marketing revolves around skin and boobs?

  4. What a waste of 2 minutes of my life. This is one of the worst clips I have ever seen.

  5. Blogs sexiest blogger? Oooh where do i sign up …

    nice pics with paris dude!

  6. Hughes would submit Serra in the first minute. What was up with Serra calling Hughes a “dic*” during UFC 70? Hughes is a great guy. I think Serra was trying to create some drama.

  7. I would be FAR more interested in finding out how PepperJam got that video to be one of the ‘most viewed’ of the day (78K+ viewers when I saw it).

    Even for amateur Youtube videos that was really lame and uninspiring – pushing a guy on a chair through empty boxes?

    The vid, relatively speaking, sucks. The only worthwhile thing about it is if they told us how they got those “most viewed” honors. I know there are ways to fake your way into the top ranks, and suspect they must have gone that route.

    My perplexed two cents.

  8. Steve,

    Do you work for Red Bull? Vitamin Water?

    If you do, I’d be pissed off too!

    Anyway, we are almost as surprised as you by the success of the video. I can also tell you that Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. was also surprised, but very pleased with the success of the video.

    What actually happened is that YouTube featured the video within the Entertainament section shortly after the video went live (sometime late Monday night.) I don’t know exactly how that happened, it just did. I woke up yesterday morning and the video had something like 21K views. As a result of that exposure, the video took off and received additional exposure on YouTube, including the homepage. It’s now approaching 100K views in less than 48 hours.

    Anyone who has had front page placement on a website like YouTube or Digg (we’ve had several) knows what happens next – massive traffic and buzz.

    We have no way of knowing exactly how much traffic the video will get. However, I’m optimistic that traffic will continue as long as YouTube coninues to feature it.

    Sorry you didn’t like the video. I’m proud of my team for putting it together and I know that they had fun making it and I laughed my ass off after watching it.

    My best,

    Kris Jones

  9. Ugly sites do sometimes work, and so ugly videos might also work to get the message across.

  10. Sexiest blogger? That’s almost as bad as calling someone a booth babe!

  11. I gotta say, I wasn’t a fan of the video. Just seems like stuff we did in my college dorm

  12. Thanks for responding Kris. I still stand by my opinion that the video is not especially unique or even all that entertaining to the masses – however I *can* see that it’d be entertaining to someone who know the people in the video.

    If I saw a video created by my coworkers, with one being pushed through a pile of boxes while riding an office chair, then yeah – I’d think it was funny too.

    But, similar to what a poster said below: “..Just seems like stuff we did in my college dorm”, I’ve also seen a video on YT where students at a local University used office chairs to launch a couple of students towards each other in a joust or smash-up-derby contest or something. Amusing but nothing special except to themselves.

    So, just like many things that end up being ‘popular’ online (at least in terms of numbers), I still see no logical merit for why your video could have *legitimately* – ie no spammy tricks – make the most viewed list on Youtube and attain such high numbers…

    EXCEPT, in part, for the reason you allude to here which is also true of Google rankings etc: that the ‘rich’ get richer. Once you get into the top viewed ranks at Youtube, more and more people go to watch it simply out of curiosity because it’s on that list.

    But hey – don’t get me wrong. Huge kudos from me for getting so much buzz. But my interests lay in how it happened… because if an unspectacular video like this can make it to such a lofty height, then there may be a responsible formula that could be used for any video.

    And it’s that formula that I’m eager to analyze. 🙂

    Thanks again for your tempered response… and sorry for the “sucked” part. I just meant it relative to something like the ‘Evolution of Dance’ etc. *grin*

  13. The video would be funnier if that guy was pushed down a long flight of stairs, or say off a building. It just didn’t do it for me.

  14. lol off a building would have been much better. Either it would have been funny or we wouldn’t have had to worry about seeing another one from them. Win win either way hehe.

  15. I think a video of Jeremy racing against his wife in the “shoemoney triathlon” would have been MUCH funnier! haha

  16. No offense, but how did that Becky C. chick not win the sexiest blogger award? She looks pretty official!

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