Lauren Kolodisner and I spoke and she apologized and asked me to remove her post. I rarely remove posts but she said its effecting her career and personal life.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

98 thoughts on “Lauren Kolodisner From Eadvertising pissed about Booth Babes”
  1. Ummm what is so offensive? As a woman if someone has the opinion that I am a babe why is that so bad? Also what kind of idiots is eadvertising that they do not want exposure on shoemoney ?

  2. Please remove my contact info. How tacky, I never agreed to have this letter posted. Shocker!

  3. shocker when you have to be responsible for what you say?!? You want shoe to be accountable but not you?

  4. I find her use of the term “opt out” somewhat ironic given their line of business.

  5. I doubt a booth babe would ever be offended if they were put on a site like shoemoney and voted on because it just means more work for them. People in the affiliate marketing business, the types who would be hiring this type of talent will be reading this site and likely be interested in hiring one of these lovely ladies to work their booth next time. More work = Better.

    These ladies aren’t so naive and stupid as to think they aren’t there because of their beauty and ability to generate leads and make great impressions.

  6. Shock and Horror!
    Shoemoney does something “avante garde” to generate eye balls!


  7. Hey Jeremy,
    I also work at eAdvertising and was at our booth when you walked up and asked to take a picture with my coworker. When she asked you what the picture was for, you replied that it was ‘nothing bad’. You did not give her your name, nor your website url, nor mention anything about using her image therein. I suppose that she could have assumed that you would post the picture you took with her on your site, however I would argue that for any professional individual, having an image taken of them at an industry trade show posted in a context that suggests that they were only there because of their physical aesthetics would definitely be considered ‘bad’ and moreover, rather insulting.

    People feel differently about what is ok in regards to labels and how they are represented in a public forum. Many of the women that you featured in your contest were hired by their respective companies for the AdTech event alone, while others are actual full-time professionals in the online advertising industry. I think that in labeling all of the women that you posed with, and subsequently entered into your contest, as ‘booth bunnies’ you have misrepresented some of them, and that there is a bit of integrity lost when a person’s image is downgraded from ‘professional’ to ‘booth bunny’.

    You claim above in your response to Lauren that you told us exactly what you were taking the picture for. I was there and heard exactly what you said, and to be fair, you didn’t mention anything about ‘booth bunnies’ or a contest. I think you owe it to your readers to represent yourself correctly in person as well as on your site. Lauren asked you to take the picture down, and you did after two requests, so thank you for that. As a male working in online advertising, I think that industry functions are about the industry and the quality of the individuals in it, not about physical exploitation. Do what you want with your blog, but please don’t use the people you come in contact with. Just let us do our jobs.

  8. I’m sorry but why have a “booth babe” them complain when someone takes a picture. I heard from a forum that Lauren Kolodisner is just pissed cause the only photos taken of her was when she won the Shrek lookalike competition

  9. The problem was that the girl from our company was not a booth babe. I am not sure where this confusion is coming from? It just seems wrong for this guy to misrepresent someone.

    I am happy for all the booth babes that got publicity from this.
    It would just be nice for industry professionals to be presented accurately

  10. Why would Lauren not want the publicity for her company from this blog? Lauren, do you know how many thousands, if not millions of dollars are made by readers of this blog every month? Do you know what kind of money that could mean to your company?

    As for me, I won’t be emailing you for my affiliate needs. Grow up. It’s not life or death and you cause you and your company to look bad pulling stunts like this. It’s too bad shoe even gives you this much attention.

  11. Haha, “you got served”, why isnt the girl in the photo complaining?? I’m sure, had she emailed shoemoney to take the picture down, he would have. You’re not even her, are you upset that you didn’t get your picture taken? Seeing how you didn’t approve the message, but have not said you DIDNT send it, shows that you sent it. I hope every one of shoe’s readers boycotts your business, and that the company has no choice but to fire your sorry ass.

  12. Well it isnt the first time you have ruffled some feathers and i am sure it wont be the last πŸ˜‰

  13. I don’t think it’s wrong to highlight beautiful sales/rep women at a trade show, whether or not they intended to be labeled as a “booth babe”. A lot of women would actually like being called a “babe”. There isn’t any disrespect intended. Plus as pointed out, this could be a lot of free marketing for your company.

  14. Pretty smart of her actually. She got about 1000x the exposure for her company now. Like they say, there is no bad publicity…

  15. He shouldn’t have made the post IMO. You’re right about the exposure.

    It’s too much attention and I highly doubt she is smart enough for this to be on purpose for “publicity”.

  16. I don’t care what you do for a living, if you are a babe and are standing in a booth, you are a booth babe! πŸ˜‰

  17. you asked for comments to be turned on so you could express your disdain. you got your comment on center stage.

    I’m sure your mother is proud.

  18. Jeremy you take that photo down right this instant! How could you do such a thing? The shame Γ’β‚¬β€œ the exploitation Γ’β‚¬β€œ the sheer misogyny! Why did you not ask for the official booth bunny Γ’β‚¬β€œ you got the stand in! You go get the bunny they hired and stick her in the photo Γ’β‚¬β€œ Damn bunnies so un-reliable Γ’β‚¬β€œ always bouncing around never in the right shot Γ’β‚¬β€œ jeeeez! We always hire strippers Γ’β‚¬β€œ you gets some mouse pad give aways and strippers and you got yourself one rocking booth!

  19. The use of “booth babes” is sexist and wrong. However, your post, Jeremy, is even more sexist and wrong.

  20. I actually agree with Lauren. I think it’s perfectly acceptable and understandable for her to be upset.

    The woman that was photographed isn’t a ‘booth babe’ — she’s not some sort of material possession, like all the other models.

    I don’t know her, but it seems as if she’s a professional. She wasn’t hired to stand there and look pretty.

    Is it wrong to not want your picture up on the Internet as a ‘booth babe’?

  21. “Please note, I never approved of this letter being posted.” So what bitch, you sent shoemoney a “SPAM EMAIL” (he never asked you to send it theregot its spam so deal with it. Also the “ShoeMOO” is a classic:).

  22. I can understand why you regret sending Shoe a letter which depicts you as possessing the communication skills of an emotionally unstable 8th grader.

    You just did more harm to your brand than your booth babe coming in last place could ever do.

    Lighten up and start looking for a new gig … once your manager finds out about this … yikes.

  23. Just curious–In your wordpress comment form, for email address, there’s a label that says “Email required-never shown publicly.” Why is someone who emails you privately deserving of less respect than a random public comment poster?

  24. I was once nominated – and WON(!), the price as “Sexy SEO Boy” of the month: Did I get upset? Hell no! I think its funny.

    Why is that women spend all this time dressing up so all the men adores them – and then when we come around like this and tell them, yes, you did well, you look nice, they hate us for it? Grow up little girls!

    Maybe next time, Show, you should put up a voting for “SEO Bitch Of The Month” πŸ™‚

  25. Booth + Babe = Booth Babe πŸ˜›

    In the nicest possible way Lauren, no insinuation was made that these people were bimbos, or weren’t intelligent in any way (if this is the concern).

    And I’m pretty sure that everyone here understood that a portion of the “booth babes” had been hired as “eye candy”, and a portion were hard working affiliate marketing professionals who just happened to be attractive.

    I don’t think Shoe meant any disrespect.

    I believe you over-reacted, and something which could have generated you some nice free publicity is now creating a bad name for Eadvertising. πŸ™

  26. damn bra burners…

    Shoemoney if you get subpoenaed about this pls delete that comment!

  27. Face it Lauren. You made a mistake. Shoe doesn’t need your permission to publish your email. Nor does he need permission to take photos in public then publish, label and comment upon them as he pleases. I think you have hurt your business with this irrational hysteria and it’s probably best to admit that you over-reacted out of misguided concern for someone else. I think if you try to explain and attempt to rectify this, you can still salvage some of your business here. Live and learn. Incidentally, I found your orginal comments to be bigoted and condescending in the fact that you hold “a women [sic]” on your team to somehow be above that of ‘hired help’ as to the way they were presented in such a mundane photograph. Please just put this embarrassing incident in order ASAP.

  28. I enjoy looking at all the pictures booth babes and all.

    I just have one complaint. You need to put captions on your
    photos. The great unwashed masses(like myself) have no idea
    who or what we are looking at!

    Also admire your fat photos, wow what a difference now!

    My wife said you should have your turkey wattle trimmed
    and you would really be a stud duck.

  29. I don’t quite understand the misrepresentation. Was the woman in the photograph NOT working at the eAdvertising booth?

  30. Hold on a sec, let me put on my care goggles.

    Ahem… How dare you take pictures of attractive women and post them on your blog?! Have you no decency?!

    How was that?

    Yeah, still pretty fucking stupid, wasn’t it?

  31. I have to say, well done to Shoemoney. He knew what he was doing creating the Booth Babe contest as well as publishing Laurens email. Great example of how a little controversy can bring in the visitors.

  32. LOL! Can’t believe she sends you this email and than SPAMS your blog LOL! Now that’s what I call shady. I will never do any business with this company. I never saw any AM from Azoogleads, Maxbounty or CPAE act like this. Professional?

  33. Lauren,

    A booth babe is any pretty girl standing in or near a booth including yours at adtech..Next time hire some grannys to be in your booth. The issue at hand is your trying to create some reverance around your Booth Babes..Save it, Seems to me the only thing your co has going for it is a few HOTTIE’S..It is what it is BABE!…MOOW! Get over yourself..Freedom of speech as you see we can say what we want..Welcome to America….

    Jamie, Dude your weak for even defending this issue..So how was the food at hooters man? yee haw!

  34. Sexest! what are we supposed to do with you worship you or mate with you..At least man has evolved enough not to send you to hunt for food any longer you want everything…

  35. Didn’t you read the comment above by her co-worker Jamie Olsen? She wasn’t hired as a Ò€œbooth babe”.

  36. Jamie when I asked to take a picture with people in your booth why did you males get out of the way? I mean if what you say is correct…

  37. Lauren-

    3 comments above you posted your email “for all your affilaite needs” (same ip as this comment)

    Now you want it removed?

  38. Great question thank you for asking.

    1) Lauren emailed me saying I turned off comments specifically so that people could not speak there mind. I assumed she would want her comment to be public.

    2) I am not big on companies bullying bloggers. You email me accuse me of stuff and call me shady then im going to bring it to the public.

  39. When I had surgery for weight loss I made a deal with myself that it was purely for health reasons and not for cosmetics… I am really comfortable with how I look even with the turkey neck πŸ˜‰

  40. Wait A SECOND! You had surgery? I thought you lost it on your own. Your not longer my hero.

  41. yup as the whole article says…..

    I was not able to do it on my own and was pretty much forced to have surgery or die. Sorry to disappoint

  42. This time I think Shoe is wrong.
    Just because he posted all her info. I think it’s stupid to say what you said about the fact that you had a camera with you etc.etc.. I mean, I can take a photo of you and photoshop it with some ugly thing and if you complain I’ll say “ saw that I used a digital you should have expected some digital touching of the photo..”.

    If you forgot to mention her about the contest, well..ok. just remove her from the contest and feel/say sorry. Sometimes people doesn’t like that kind of stuff. If I were that beautiful I wouldn’t have minded about being on a beauty contest. Maybe “booth babe” isn’t a good idea..but I’m not english/american, so I’m not sure how much “babe” could be offensive.

  43. Lauren needs to get over herself on this one. First she wants to be able to leave comments, then she apparently wants to leave it anonomously, then she doesn’t want them at all when she needs to have a co-worker come here and defend her.

    This is my first impression of eadvertising and so far I wouldn’t do business with them because of their closed-minded arrogance.

  44. Wow. I can’t believe someone would freak out over this. And what? Your supposed to have their permission to use their company name on your blog??! That’s just a stupid thing to say.

  45. The problem was that the girl from our company was not a booth babe. I am not sure where this confusion is coming from?

    Right. Every girl there, that posed for the exact same picture, is a booth babe–except for yours.

    You seem to think your girl stands out in the crowd because of her brain, but I think most of the world would see her–and you–standing out as whiners.

    It would just be nice for industry professionals to be presented accurately

    If you’re so worried about how industry professionals stand out, why aren’t you whining about all of the pictures of drunk males on this site? Are you saying that looking pretty is unprofessional, but being drunk isn’t?

  46. Wow she is so pathetic. Something tells me not too many people will be contacting you for their affilaite needs.

  47. never knew about this! well anyway you could probably do the Jared from Subway thing… The Shoemoney Diet… Actually im going to write an ebook right now and you can pay me as a ghost writer!!!!

  48. ya im just surprised people send emails like this, if she wasn’t so pushy he might not post it

  49. You are sooo wrong in publishing pictures that you didn’t ask permission to publish. Are you such a loser as to not be able to get willing people to participate in your contest? You have to trick them. NICE. As for Lauren sticking up for her co-worker, you posted her contact info. Stop being a newb and get a life. No one would be happy having their personal information posted.

  50. Oh, great idea. The message is there in the Google cache (at least for now it is).

  51. Eh, but the cached version of the picture post seems to have been updated — no pic from eadvertising…

  52. I personally enjoy the fact that Lauren uses the phrase “a women” among several other grammatical errors. 10 to 1 the girl in the photo got in trouble for it (probably offended Lauren’s sense of femnazism) and claimed that she didn’t know what was going on. That being said, Lauren you might want to start looking for a new job. Who wants to start the pool on how long it will take? I call dibs on next Tuesday.

  53. Nope, she couldn’t lol. I love when someone makes a fool of themselves… as long as it’s not me of course.

  54. I’ll take Thursday and I’ll double that bet that she has her first day working at Micrsoft the following Monday.

  55. My new goal for the next month is to get my fat ass to rank #1 for “booth babe”

  56. So just to understand… She is an expert in affiliate marketing and did not know who you were or what your website URL was…

    I generally give people the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t understand a couple things about this situation.

    1) A successful affiliate marketer would have realized that this was a traffic opportunity for them they should have been monetized

    2) For someone who was representing an organization that specializes in affiliate marketing, she seems a bit dense on the marketing side of that title. The only reason that this situation is effecting her career is because her coworkers (aside from Jamie) are beginning to realize they might as well have just hired a booth bunny for the expertise they are receiving.

  57. That would be an awesome blog post! Shoe you could have a booth grannies contest. Only that you might tick off a woman who was only 50 because you represented her as a dried up old lady. You can’t please all of the people all the time…

  58. That saying is based on people’s short memories. Evantually people will forget that you did something wrong and just remember your name (top of mind awareness).

    The trouble is that the Internet never forgets, and is a human does, Google is right there to remond you.

    I am going to GorB Lauren’s email address at to help warn others.

  59. I dont understand what is this all about. Could someone sumarize this in few words?

  60. Now I see the point finaly. So the girl didnt like to be put in this competition. I can not undestand that she can work in Marketing than uf she doesnt like being published.

  61. For some reason people just think they can say anything over the internet and get away with it. That’s why I would have never deleted the e-mail. She would have learned a very valuable lesson in how to speak to others.

  62. First, there’s no more cow tipping in Nebraska? Then yeah, it would suck to live there, and I would know being from Papillion and all when it was still a very small town in rivalry with Ralston….now, how about those Huskers? Hehe…ok enough sopohmoric blathering…

    Folks, please…I come here to learn something from people who are acually making money from the Internet…I really need good advice to upgrade my finances. πŸ™‚ I have a beloved from India and if I don’t start bringing in gold and silver and emeralds and rubies and such, no money no marriage.

    Now besides dabbling in vintage hand-painted Bollywood movie posters, I need some viable suggestions on how to generate some liveable cash quickly so I can leave my job…and no, not scams….should I try lead generation for companies? I’ve read a bit about using PPC arbitrage for CPA networks…right now I just want to bump up my earnings by a couple of thousand a month and work up from there.

    Yes, perhaps I’m a village idiot being light-years behind the rest of hat’s off to you who are successful..but my main hope is that some of you will respond in kind…and leave the net feuds behind…I’m no saint for sure but perhaps today we can shift our focus to really helping each other and end the nonsense?

    Btw, I have a couple of MBAS so if anyone needs a perspective on some business thing, research about investments or what not, I am willing to reciprocate in kind.

    Thanks for your time…

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