First Off for the latest UFC news check out I read it like a addict.

Yea I know the main event is KFC err I mean GSP (my toe hurts lets postpone George St-Pierre) VS someone I think I could hang with in the Ring Matt the wet towel Serra. Obviously KFC should dominate this fight.

So lets get to the real fight tonight. My boy Josh Kos-Check Vs Diego (dirty) Sanchez.

I think Sanchez is by far the most over rated fighter in the UFC. Who has he fought? He knocked out Joe Riggs with a lucky punch and then gave him a almost illegle knee to the head when he was getting up. He beat Kenflo but Florian stepped up in weight and kenflo could not even beat the muscle shark in his own division.

So who has Deigo Sanchez fought that people think he is so great?

If you look at the 2 fighters Deigo Sanchez is the exact same fighter he has always been where as Kos has constantly improved. I think Kos-Check will own him.

Speaking up owning how awesome is it now that the UFC OWNZ pride?!?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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36 thoughts on “UFC 69 Kos-Check VS Diego Sanchez”
  1. Chuck Norris doesn’t read blogs, he stares them down until he gets the information he wants!

    BTW UFC, now that it has taken over Pride, will be be the biggest, baddest fighting franchise. Do you think it will ever take over boxing?

  2. funny I was just joking the other night with a friend about how new people to the internet find chuck norris joke sites and think its funny… until they realize its 10 years old

  3. While I do think that Koscheck will win tonight, GSP would destroy him. Diego is slightly overrated, but he’s very very good. His two biggest wins are Karo Parysian and Nick Diaz (who are better than anyone Koscheck has ever fought.)

  4. that is a good question, it would be really cool to have 1 main event world wide for MMA.

  5. Who has Diego fought that is so great?

    He’s beat Allesio, Karo, Nick Diaz who just beat Pride’s lightweight champion by gogoplata. C’mon, Diego is not overrated although I don’t like the kid he isn’t overrated. He paid his dues and has fought some of the best guys out there. The only two guys he’s yet to fight that are of the most elite caliber is Matt Hughes and GSP. I too am anxiously waiting for tonight’s fight between Diego and Kos but Kos is called Josh “The Blanket” Koscheck for a reason – he’s boring. He lays n prays. I wonder what will happen tonight. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  6. Man, how can you think the Serra vs. St. Pierre match is going to be boring? I think GSP will wipe the floor with him, but this match has been a long time coming. Serra had to beat out 8 other opponents in TUF 4 to earn the shot. I think it’s going to be a great matchup…

  7. Karo Paresian is no push over, and Diego handled him. He isn’t overated i don’t think. He trains boxing Oscar De La Hoya, he is also a great grappler, barely losing to Marcelo Garcia(in the top 5 submission grapplers in the world) at the Abu Dubai’s

  8. Great points. Did Nick Diaz permanently move to Elite XC? Would have been nice to see him rise in the UFC ranks. Same with Brandon Vera.

  9. People still keep them alive on forums like they are new. No matter what the forum topic is about somehow Chuck Norris gets involved.

  10. Nick has a contract with Pride (which the UFC now owns) and EliteXC. I really hope they don’t drop his contract though because he is a bad-ass. He’s still young. And he has the talent to get things done. B. Vera is still around. He fired his management team, left City Boxing and is doing his own thang. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back with the UFC. He still has one fight left on his contract too.

  11. While K-os has improved. I think Diego will win. Oh and I know every time you see TiTO ortiz get knocked out I know you laugh because I sure Do.

  12. ufc owning pride reminds me of all those times, and yes i’m a nerd, people would debate marvel vs dc vs image… except this is real life. muhaha

  13. boxing has become such a circus, it’s only around b/c of its history, i hope mma takes over as it has in other countries.

  14. Can’t wait for the fights myself. I’m not really amped for the GSP fight though, I think Serra sucks bad.

    But glad to see you into this Shoe, I think the UFC is only going to get much larger especially now since Zuffa owns Pride. I think eventually Pride will turn into the light/feather weight divisions and the UFC will be all of the other weight classes. But that is just my hope.



  15. Chuck Norris could kick all your a$$es and probably take over the UFC if he wanted to.. unless you were a Ninja or something then it would be a good fight. =) (God i love those Chuck Norris sites)

  16. Everyone at Greg Jackson’s camp are animals. Including Rasheed Evans and Keith Jardine. Can’t wait for tonight!

  17. If by barely losing you mean he was able to mount zero offense and held on for dear life before being tapped, then yes… He barely lost.

  18. Much sadness as Dirty Diego lost, but holy Serra vs GSP fight. The 155 pounders made the night – best fight all night.

  19. Koscheck’s fighting has become a lot more enjoyable to watch lately. I’ll admit that his earlier showings were boring as hell, causing me to hate him for a long while, he’s really become more of a ground ‘n pounder than a lay and prayer. That ordinarily isn’t a HUGE upgrade, but considering how boring he was, and how much better he’s gotten, it really kind of is.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with you that Diego isn’t overrated, or is only slightly overrated if at all.

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