Ya whats up? You guys question my boy koscheck? He made Diego Sanchez his bitch!


George St. Pierre AKA KFC (the chicken shit) Got his clock cleaned by the wet towel Matt Serra.

So where are alll you guys now?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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36 thoughts on “Josh Koscheck Turns The Nightmare Into A Day Dream”
  1. Terrible fight, I really was hoping that Diego would win, good job by Koscheck though.

    I am pretty sure that there will be a rematch.

  2. What do you guys think was wrong with Diego? I can’t imagine why he could’ve thought that what he did was the best game plan, especially for three whole rounds!

  3. What a disappointing night… Even Kos-Check, got booed all night! As far as St-Pierre is concerned, Serra just got lucky with that punch, I am sure there will be a re-match coming up very soon! Maybe we should start a new association, SEOFC (Search Engine Optimizer Fighting Championship) that way you could show us all your fighting skills… We might even be able to get Serra to fight you or should I say destroy you? Shoemoney, you should look at the Pros vs. Joes , maybe you would change your mind about Serra!


  4. I agree with Shoe that the guys is over rated. Put him against decent fighters and there is no way around it.

  5. I really don’t understand why you feel the need to bash every fighter who isn’t named Koscheck.

  6. I was backing Kos the whole time but he still looked like a bitch with Diego. I mean wtf! It was like I was watching 2 5 year olds playing tag. That fight is exactly what the UFC is not about IMO

  7. I don’t like people who think they are cool because they cheer for someone.

    The worst welterweight fighter could make any SEO his ‘bitch’, so please show some respect to all fighters.

  8. I see you’ve adopted koschecks attitude as well. Insulting GSP who has been nothing but a class act throughout his career, and calling him KFC? I could look for a month and not find a person who would find that remotely funny. Hire someone to write you some new material, and then have some humble pie sitting around for when GSP rips Koscheck apart.

  9. Are you kidding? I’ve seen a better fight between two girls….. They should have started the fight over and made them wear a dress.

  10. Koscheck was boring as ever. Diego was just fucking gay. They should have the green cards in UFC like in Pride Bushido. Minus 10% for every green card which is given for standing around doing nothing. Those two would have come home with about 20% of their talent fees each.

  11. The last two fights were both really shocking. The Kos/Diego fight was plain boring with neither really pressing the action and Koscheck doing just enough to win every round. Koscheck made have made me a fan not because of what he did but because of what Diego didn’t.

    The Serra win was shocking to say the least but I really enjoyed watching it.

  12. Diego scared of Kos? I think they were both scared, that’s what made the fight so boring and uneventful. Best fight of the night was Huerta by far.

  13. Dude, KFC? Chicken Shit? You should have at least called him PFK, since he’s a Quebecer, even then, you shouldn’t have said that at all because you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about 😉

  14. Even Matt Serra probably lost money on his fight. 😉 Good job on his part, though — never saw that coming. I like Matt, but I wasn’t expecting him to last 1 minute into round 1.

    I’m glad Josh beat Diego. Diego went on about how exciting he is to watch and how boring Josh is. Well, that fight was boring as hell, which tells me that Josh had 100% control the whole time and there was not a single thing Diego could do about it.

    I think if they both went all out and actually put on a show, the fight would have ended much earlier and Diego’s record would still be “19 and ooooooooooooooooone!”

  15. “He made Diego Sanchez his bitch!”

    Could you please take it easy on the misogyny?

    Think about what this phrase means to women. What impact does it have? What images does it conjure up? Is it really appropriate to say?

  16. what do you mean what does it mean for women? I thought bitch was a female dog… atleast that is what I was referring to…..

  17. Not sure what fight you were watching. Koscheck won – but I still think the 2 were trying to hold hands and dance more then they were trying to fight. If Koscheck advanced, Diego backed up and ran. If Diego advanced, Koscheck backed up. Neither would commit to anything other then not committing. Was a sad fight 🙁

  18. I was rooting for Josh cause im sick of Diego dragging an entire trailer park to the front 20 rows at UFC events, but come on, its not like Josh made Diego pray for death or anything. If diego had landed 2 or 3 punches, fight could have gone the other way, but Josh’s “19 an 1” coment was classic.

  19. Oh, and Serra was a fluke, I like Serra, he’s a great guy and a class act and I loved him on TUF 4, but … ahhh forget it, I’m still suffering from shock and depression from that fight. As soon as it ended, I’ve been on a non-stop bender of Vodka, Morphine whores and blow. Know what? It’s still not helping. Im gonna try to up the level of coke and whores and hopefully that will get me functioning again. What a fluke. More whores STAT!!!

  20. And UFC vs SEO would really be an amazing event to watch too. Yeah fans suck, sports would be so much better w/o fans. Only, who would watch?

  21. One of the most dramatic UFC knockouts was Shonie Carter’s spinning backfist that dropped Serra. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on one of the ultimate knockout DVDs.

    Congrats to Kos, I didn’t give him a chance. That guy has come a very long way. I’m most impressed with Kos and Rashad Evans development coming off the ultimate fighter show.

  22. I disagree that it was a fluke, but I agree with your general premise (I think). I think Serra beat GSP for the same reasons that GSP beat Hughes. Not because he was better, but because he wanted it more.

    I don’t usually buy into the psychoanalysis of fighting, but Serra just came out and did everything right. His strikes were crisp, precise and intelligently delivered; His pace was perfect, and really, he was winning the entire round before the KO. Long story short though, he had more focus and desire than GSP did.

    And for everybody that keeps saying Serra got a lucky punch, if you watch it back, you’ll all realize that if it was ‘lucky’, then he got lucky for five flurries in a row, because every punch he landed after the initial rocking left GSP with recovery time. Serra knows better than to over-commit to any striking combo, despite how safe it might have been against Serra.

  23. Shoe no disrespect but I don’t know about using the B word, you might catch one of them on a bad day and get knocked out. Besides it is just bad Karma to talk trash like that. My hat is off to all of them.

  24. “George St. Pierre AKA KFC (the chicken shit) Got his clock cleaned by the wet towel Matt Serra.”

    So what would you call what GSP did to Matt Hughes??? TWICE!!!

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