I thought Matt Cutts had one of the most original and well thought out April fools pages that was pretty funny. He also fooled many people and did not cheat (he started it on april fools) and people still fell for it.

In the message the “hacker” gives several shout outs (see screenshot)

Matt Cutts April Fools

Well I got the official list of exactly what the mean from the person responsible and the first person to get them all right OR the person who gets the most right by 11AM By Monday April 2rd will win 50$ in PayPal!

So take your best guess at figuring out who the following people are that are given shout outs to and maybe you will win! (just copy paste below in the comments with your guesses):

houtz to Dan “the man” =
the 302 hijack t33m =
NYC SEO gang =
pentazilla =
daxster =
boogybonmot =
Earl+Duke =
davenator =
monkeyboy =
the canadian crew::J&T =
spamhuntress =
LB =
jb =
NW =
L/S =
Z-man =
scbl =
RandomFish =
huZZah =
chivesmack =
Shchoeoe+npMMo =
lejackalgris =
theGUY to GoTo =
phenssen =
Romanian Brothers =

Only 1 entry per person/ip/email/family (you know what i mean)

I will be moderating comments for this post so everyone has a fair shot to get them all right and not just build off of others lists

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

40 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Hacker Shout Out Contest”
  1. A few of those really made me laugh. Excellent indeed. I see there are 3 references between you and your staff there. Someone seems to be a Jeremy fan. 😉

  2. houtz to Dan “the man� =
    the 302 hijack t33m =
    NYC SEO gang =
    pentazilla =
    daxster =Dax Herrera
    boogybonmot =
    Earl+Duke =
    davenator =Dave Naylor
    monkeyboy =WebGuerilla
    the canadian crew::J&T =Jeniffer Slegg & Oilman
    spamhuntress =Ann Elisabeth?
    LB =
    jb =Jim Boykin
    NW =
    L/S =
    Z-man =Jeremy Zawodny?
    scbl =Robert Scoble
    RandomFish =Rand Fishkin
    huZZah =
    chivesmack =Dillsmack
    Shchoeoe+npMMo =Shoemoney!
    lejackalgris =GrayWolf
    theGUY to GoTo =StuntDubl?
    phenssen =
    Romanian Brothers =

    All I could get, sorry.
    4.49am here, off to bed.

  3. Cool Contest man. I might try to figure it out tomorrow as i can’t think right now its getting late.

  4. And see I played fair and dint copied the list.. so I can still get some share 😛
    What?? You need my paypal id???? OOOOOHHH thanks ShoeMoney…

  5. From my digitalpoint post with a few new additions 😉

    Shoutz to Dan “the man”: danny sullivan
    the 302 hijack t33m: google webmaster central team?
    NYC SEO gang: google NYC?
    Linusx: Linus Torvald
    pentazilla: 5 star affiliates?
    daxster: dax
    boogybonmot: ?
    Earl+Duke: jason duke, earl grey
    davenator: daven
    cRWc: ?
    monkeyboy: webguerilla?
    the canadian crew::J&T: Jen and Todd
    spamhuntress: spamhuntress.com
    LB: Loren Baker?
    jb:john battelle?
    NW: NickW
    -eng: ?
    U(r|d)(s|i): ?
    L/S: Lisa / Susan (Brucey Clay)?
    Z-man: Zawodny
    scbl: Robert Scoble
    RandomFish: Rand
    huZZah: uh, Matt self shout-out? (grasping at straws here)
    chivesmack: Dillsmack
    Shchoeoe+npMMo: shoemoney
    lejackalgris: graywolf
    theGUY to GoTo:
    phenssen: Phil Lenssen
    Romanian Brothers: Ionut Alex Chitu

  6. Well, Matt’s site is still ‘hacked’ (actually 2nd April where I am) – someone should tell him that April Fools jokes don’t work after 12pm.

  7. I tried to figure some of them out, at least. 😛

    houtz to Dan “the man� = Danny Sullivan
    the 302 hijack t33m =
    NYC SEO gang =
    pentazilla =
    daxster = Dax
    boogybonmot =
    Earl+Duke = Jason Duke and Earl Grey
    davenator = Dave Naylor
    monkeyboy = webguerilla
    the canadian crew::J&T = Jensense and Todd Freisen
    spamhuntress = Ann Elisabeth Nordbo
    LB =
    jb =
    NW = Nick W
    L/S =
    Z-man = Zawodny
    scbl = Robert Scoble
    RandomFish = Rand Fishkin
    huZZah =
    chivesmack = DillSmack
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = Shoemoney
    lejackalgris = GrayWolf
    theGUY to GoTo = Ted Meisel
    phenssen = Phil Lenssen
    Romanian Brothers =

  8. Shchoeoe+npMMo = schoemoney + nebraska people making money online 🙂
    chivesmack = dillsmack
    RandomFish = Rand Fishykins
    spamhuntress = spamhuntress
    pentazilla = quadzilla
    Earl+Duke = Eral Gray | Jason Duke
    davenator = Dave Naylor
    houtz to Dan “the man� = Danny Sullivan
    daxster = dax
    scbl = Roberto Scoble
    phenssen = Phil Lenssen
    jb = jim boykin? | john battelle?
    the canadian crew::J&T = jensense and Todd Freisen
    Z-man = Jeremy Zawodny
    monkeyboy = I would say Greg Boser
    the 302 hijack t33m = probably too many people to list
    NYC SEO gang = probably too many people to list
    Romanian Brothers = no idea

    the rest I have no idea

  9. houtz to Dan “the man� = Danny Sullivan
    the 302 hijack t33m = Google Webmaster Team
    pentazilla = Quadzilla
    Earl+Duke = Earlpearl?
    davenator = dave naylor
    monkeyboy = webmonkey? I forgot the monkey =)
    spamhuntress = Vanessa Fox?
    Z-man = G-man
    scbl = Robert Scoble
    RandomFish = Rand Fishkin
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = Shoemoney at Net Profit “More money, more money, more”
    phenssen = Jensen?

    Yah, I am not that informed. I bet you guessed 95% of those.


  10. Well you are Shchoeoe+npMMo, that’s for sure
    And RandomFish is Randy Fishkin.

    I’m courious about the Romanian Brothers 🙂

  11. Why do all the contests give prizes in Paypal? Keep in mind that the audience for this blog is quite eclectic and selecting such a payment venue may cause some frustration in some of your readers.

    And oh yeah. Long live Romanian Brothers :P! And by that I don’t think that Matt Cutts referred to me 🙂

  12. RandomFish = randFish
    theGUY to GoTo = Guy Kawasaki
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = Shoemoney

    That’s my guess…

  13. Bleh, no idea, I guess:

    RandomFish = RandFish
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = ShoeMoney
    Dan “the man� = Danny Sullivan

    That’s all I got ^_^

  14. RandomFish = Rand Fishkin
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = Shoemoney
    houtz to Dan “the man� = Danny Sullivan
    spamhuntress = The female counterpart to Matt? Vanessa Fox?
    The others I don’t know.

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  16. So I felt the need to see if Google has crawled his hacked page, and it’s interesting to note that the blog index when I click on Cached brings up an error. The rest of the pages don’t. Hmmm.

    Your search – cache:FssCjuOfo7QJ:www.mattcutts.com/blog/ site:mattcutts.com – did not match any documents.

  17. You can start by figuring out which ones are Shoemoney and Dillsmack, work from there… 🙂

  18. daxster = dax
    NYC SEO Gang = SEOClass? (not sure)
    davenator = dave naylor
    spamhuntress = vannessa fox
    z-man = g-man ?
    scbl = robert scoble
    randomfish = rand fiskin
    chivesmack = dillsmack
    shchoeoe+npMMo = shoemoney

    The rest i’m not sure…but these are my best guesses.


  19. Here are my guesses for the contest

    pentazilla = Quadzilla (I don’t know his real name off hand)
    daxster = Dax Herrera
    davenator = Dave Naylor
    monkeyboy = Greg Boser
    spamhuntress = Ann Elisabeth Nordbo
    scbl = Robert Scoble
    RandomFish = Rand Fishkin
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = Shoemoney
    theGUY to GoTo = Guy Kawaski

  20. […] for the shout-out Matt, and as always you can read more about Matt’s April fool prank, and visit ShoeMoney’s blog to win $50 Paypal if you can guess the list before anyone else can. ;p Share some love:These icons […]

  21. scbl = Robert Scoble
    Shchoeoe+npMMo = ShoeMoeny
    lejackalgris = Greywolf

    yeah i suck i know 🙁

  22. rofl. I missed pentazilla = quad, right after listening to the old net income quadzilla interview too.

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