Ok so the pool was closed so it was a biathlon. She beat my by about 1 lap and had her 50 baskets done when I only had 35. She won. Looks like we are eating Panera for the next month grrr

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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47 thoughts on “Dr J Wins”
  1. Double or nothing for next week?

    All in all an excellent idea to breathe some life into working out.

    PaneraBread looks delicious, never heard about it before. Thanks for the link! Just so happens that I have one 10 miles away so I’m going to convince the wife & kids to go out and check them out tonight.

  2. Well, it was a good deal for you none the less if you won. Since you lost… everything stays the same except the panera 😛

  3. I had faith in you. Oh well, nice try. Like I said in my last comment, my wife would beat my ass too.

  4. Panera bread is also known under a lot of local names, just for the FYI of readers, in Saint Louis it is Saint Louis Bread Company. In Georgia it is the Atlanta Bread Company. Though, you’ll have a hard time finding them in the NorthEast

  5. Haha, I voted correctly! I bet it was a fun contest!

    Hopefully she doesn’t choose the banana nut bread for you every night.

  6. Looks like my vote was right. Where did y’all shoot baskets anyway… from the free throw line?

  7. Yeah…It was a sweet victory! He ran harb but was blowing air at a quarter mile and I knew I had him on the running part. I thought we were about neck and neck at the hoops. The rules were any shot, any distance, rebound your own ball and make 50 as fast as you can. I think it would have been more interesting if the swimming had been available. A few people at the club got into it and were watching us. Also, some friends came to count laps and baskets and keep us honest. It was pretty fun overall. We both worked out harder with the added competition. I think I am going to make him eat Indian food tonight. The big thing is, no more Chop-Chop for the next month! Wooo-HOO! That is our Japanese steak house here (what Jeremy calls it.) Not that it is a BAD place but he makes me eat there like twice a week and I just can’t do it anymore. Well, he has a month to prepare and then we shall go again!

  8. Congrats!

    I had Indian food the other day and the food looked like I was reading another language. Bright colors, new smells, I was in some new world 😉

  9. You know, I bought a trail bike (WR250 2001) 3 weeks back to get fit and lose some weight. I attended a group ride at Stanthorp (about 900 ppl, here in QLD Australia) and managed all of 15 minutes before I smacked up the radiator. Coolant went one way, the bike another, and me just plain up.. then DOWN 🙂

    I still swear its better than a personal trainer (I had one for three months) but no real benefit except mild cardio.

    I’ll be back at it again soon (April 1.. around 1400 ppl this time).. I’ll be gettin plenty of practice before hand this time 🙂

    My point ???
    Attempt 2 is gonna make attempt #1 look like childs play.

    Somehow tho – I think no matter which side of the globe you’re on, wives always seem to have the last laugh 😀

  10. A triathlon? For crying out loud, get a pet, you will lose much more pounds this way plus a hefty amount of the house’s silence. I have two kittens and trust me it works.

    Regards, George

    P.S. Turtles don’t make good pets

  11. * Laughs. I agree with that. The competition is only half, no, two-thirds won!

  12. shoemoney where are you?
    you have to admit the fact ur wife is stronger then you 🙂

  13. I agree, making it a competition does get those juices flowing and pushes you farther when you “train”

    plus, it’s an easier benchmark to see if you’re doing better 🙂

  14. Nothing like a good butt whoopin’ to get you motivated over the next month.

  15. […] wife, Mrs. ShoeMoney, recently defeated him in a triathlon and has won the pleasure of being his personal dietician for the next […]

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