My wife has challenged me to a triathlon of sorts tomorrow. The race starts by running 1 mile then going to the basketball court and making 50 shots, then going to the pool and swimming 3 laps.

For the first event the steaks are pretty high. The winner gets to choose all restaurant and chooses what the loser will eat at the restaurant for 1 month or until the loser looses 10 lbs. We will be doing this once a month.

Anyone that knows me knows I am a fierce competitor degenerate gambler and I love to step up the stakes so I quickly offered some additional rules.

If someone should win 2 consecutive triathlon events the winner gets to choose what side of the bed they get to sleep on (this counts and home and vacation) for 6 months.

If someone should win 5 consecutive triathlon events the winner gets naming rights to our next child (can you say jeremy jr).

If someone should win 10 consecutive triathlon events the winner gets to choose where we will be buried.

Now my wife has not agreed to the 3 extra things I threw out. I think she is chicken but whatever. I will be victorious tomorrow.


By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

70 thoughts on “ShoeMoney Triathlon Tomorrow – March 10, 2007”
  1. Lot of risks there. heh How about the loser has to jog behind the other person who’s driving family vehicle, with a donut hanging out the window? Around the block of course. 🙂

  2. Man, those stakes get pretty high by the end. If you lose play dumb and tell her you thought she meant “steaks”.

  3. I voted no.. so prove me wrong! It seems totally sweet though.. to have mini contests with the wife.

  4. Ha, good luck. I always feel so much better when I am working out and active.

    I’m sure it will be good for you both! I’ll bet a steak on that one.

  5. If you’re as good at triathlons as you are PPC, you should have no problems taking her 😉

  6. I think my wife would kick my ass. Maybe a little more info on your wife’s athletic ability would give us a better gauge for voting. Good Luck anyway. Jeremy Jr. has a nice ring to it.

  7. Yep Jeremy, I reckon you will win. It aint easy, I know I’d be stuffed in no time, the only thing that makes it happen is sheer determination.

    Good luck – but then, good luck to your wife too.. after all, who else would do all this with you (not that I know you or your wife).. 🙂


  8. That typo could be a hint at what Shoe fears losing control of most: choosing what the loser will eat at the restaurant for 1 month.

  9. Hopefully, she does. 🙂 haha.. Be a man and let the lady choose her place!

  10. Hey Y’all, just want to say thanks for all the support. Our neighbors are judging the competition and we hope to have some video as well. I think I will out run him but will probably fall behind in the basketball and the swimming will be an even match. I am no athelete either but the whole plan is to have some fun working out. J.

  11. Hey Shoe. Good luck to you! That sounds like a blast although I would STRUGGGGLE at the swimming.

    Similar to a sporting event I’m trying to get started called Getaway Games. Sorry for plugging my own event but this was right along the same lines so I couldn’t resist. Thought maybe you and your wife could come to Illinois and get a team in June 🙂 Or maybe an ‘Internet Marketer/Blogger’ all-star team! lol…

  12. this is quite funny. i voted in favour of your wife that reason why i did this is because we all compture freaks spend hrs in front of computer and we have not much physical exercise on the other hand ur wife is doing a tough job as a doctor. So i think she is more strong than you. 🙂

  13. Jeremy, next time you should pick something on your league, like challenge her to see who build the most trafficked website or the most successful affiliate program.

  14. Anytime you have to say “sorry for plugging my own…” you probably shouldn’t do it. That’s like saying, “I don’t mean to offend you/anyone, but [insert racial/gender slur or derogatory comment]”

  15. This just popped up again in my Bloglines, but it looks like you have a week left until round 2 eh?

  16. It is good to have some excercise when you are sitting in front of the PC every day.

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