How awesome was it to see Randy Couture regain the heavyweight title at age 43? This was the first UFC that every fighter I wanted to win did so. Matt Hughes dominated and also Rich Franklin. Very cool.

I am very nervous for UFC 69 when friend Josh Koscheck fights Diego Sanchez where the winner will be pretty much guaranteed a title shot. I talked to Josh the other night and gave him some advice… Keep Diego on the ground and pound your way to victory. Basically the same advice I gave to Matt Hughes.

Now seriously when I give these guys my thoughts its kind of funny cause they are world class athletes and I am a computer nerd who is just a fan of the UFC. I always feel compelled to give them my thoughts cause if they lose I will always think it was my fault.. weird huh? =P

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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34 thoughts on “UFC 68 – Randy Couture Regains Heavyweight Title”
  1. Great action from Downtown Cowtown…Columbus, Ohio…the fight was about 10 miles from my place.

  2. Man, I am so happy that Randy won! And not only did he win, he completely dominated Sylvia for every round.

    It will be really interesting to see how he does against Cro Cop. Since that may be his first title defense.

    As for Koscheck vs Sanchez. I think Kos is going to pull this one out. When they fought the first time on TUF season 1, Koscheck had only been fighting MMA for a short period of time as opposed to Diego who had been fighting for years. For the most part Koscheck was just a wrestler. And the fight was super close, in fact some people thought that Koscheck one that fight.

    Now Koscheck has a lot of MMA fights under his belt and has vastly improved his submissions and stand up.

    So I think this time will be different. He just has to watch out for submissions, and keep his hands up while they are on the feet. Which I think he will be able to do with the improvements he has made lately. Then just rely on his wrestling to take down Sanchez and land some ground and pound.

    I think your advice to him was right on. And I think that is how he will win.

    I say Koscheck by unanimous decision after 3 rounds of him on top of Diego dishing out some good ground n pound.

  3. I know this is offtopic but when i scroll down i just want to throw chunks. Can you remove the picture of that whorish looking lady?

  4. Couture was great in that match. Of course it did help that Tim Sylvia is probably the lamest heavyweight champion ever. Would love to see his first defense hopefully against either CroCop or Brandon Vera. Time for a real championship fight!

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  6. Hello,

    Do you UFC fans realize that Pride (had?) much better heavyweight fighters? Mirko Filipovic will eat Coulture for breakfast. (Mirko is now in UFC).

  7. I’d actually like to see him against orlovski. I think orlovski caught a bad break against silva and is a pretty devastating fighter

  8. “How awesome was it to see Randy Couture regain the heavyweight title at age 43?”

    And how much does it suck to lose it to a 43 year old? Heh.

  9. great man!like to watch UFC.At the age of 43,when you win something,it’s worth!

  10. Or a bear. I’m not one for UFC or any type of caged fighting, but watching someone fight a bear would be pretty sweet.

  11. yup crocop and fedor are pretty awesome. I was not impressed with rampages debut and wanderlai is pretty washed up. They do have some talent. Pride fighter for the most part refuse to come to the UFC because its lower money + more competition.

  12. Man, UFC 69 is shaping up to have an awesome card. The fight between Georges St. Pierre and Matt Serra will be good too I think…

  13. couture was the only fighter the entire night who did exactly what he said he was going to do.

    In all the interviews everyone of the fighters stressed how important the fights were to their careers and NOT ONE OF THE FIGHTS was impressive except Couture and to be honest HE was the only thing impressive about that fight. I give him much credit. He came out and did exactly what he said. Dominated. And proved one thing I have always heard…”the bigger they are, the harder they’ll fall!”

    BUT…new guys are showing up. crocop is dangerous and will dominate and as much as i like kos, diego is coming out victorious.

    congrats to matt and rich but my excitement goes to randy above all!

    and on another note has anyone ever heard that Joe was once a ufc fighter?

  14. Such a great event, but I can’t believe no one is talking about Lambert’s incredibly entertaining victory. He was losing for the entire fight and then finished the round strong making for an easy 2nd round victory. This was definitely was one of the most entertaining UFCs I’ve seen in a long, long time!

  15. Shoe, what are your thoughts in the latest rumors of the UFC’s ties to the Las Vegas Mob, and that some key fights were/are fixed?

  16. If you think Josh needs to bring Diego to the ground you’re smoking crack. Diego is an amazing wrestler and has no problem with counters.

    I’m waiting for the day Crocop uses his Left High Kick ™ against all the UFC fighters, simultaneously.

  17. I was really hoping to see Matt Hughes give out more of a whoopin than he did.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this post earlier.

  18. That was an awesome fight! My wife and I were standing up the whole time yelling at the TV!

    As for Diego and Josh, I sure hope Josh wins. Diego needs to get a good whipping to slow him down. I would really like to see Diego fight Matt Hughs but Josh should give him a hard time as well.

  19. I met Randy briefly at a kickboxing match in New York City a few years back. He’s a genuinely nice guy, and he’s a credit to the sport. It’s amazing he’s still going strong at 43.
    I think he’d have a decent chance against Cro Cop because he has decent stand up defense and he’s a smart fighter. (Also Cro Cop has endurance issues)

  20. Franklin had a great fight and did a good job of avoiding the takedowns and imposing his will.

    On the other hand… Anderson is going to whip him again.

  21. Diego is not an amazing wrestler, he’s a good wrestler. Koscheck is an amazing wrestler who is coincidentally going to have no problems taking Diego down. Diego couldn’t outwrestle Alesio and he sure as hell isn’t going to do that against Josh. Diego will lose his first professional fight at UFC 69.

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