This Sunday, March 4th, 2007 marks the 3 year anniversary that Shawn Hogan decided SEO Chat was not for him and he was going to take his ball and starting his own webmaster forum.

It did not take long to become a success.


Happy Birthday DigitalPoint! (its where I started and have learned so much).

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

52 thoughts on “DigitalPoint Forums 3 Years Old This Sunday – March 4 2007”
  1. Yes, a big congratulations to Shawn and DP! What a great group of helpful individuals. BTW, does anyone actually visit the forums at SeoChat anymore?

  2. I also got started at DP, congrats to Shawn.

    PS: What happened at the first quarter of 2006?

  3. Not gonna lie, DP rocks the hizzhouse. It’s also where I started, and I’ve learned an incredible amount from it, and have acquired many contacts from it as well.

  4. Yeah a lot of good information down there, definitely a must read for beginners.

    There is this new forum though, WickedForum, that is attracting a lot of new members also.

  5. Happy B-Day DP! That’s where I got my start in the SEO/SEM world, and I will always remain loyal/active to DP.

  6. I’m just getting started w/ DP. I’m grateful for a resource like that.

  7. I wandered around various other forums but stuck with DP in the end. Feels like a second home sometimes. Congrats!

  8. DP rocks. I’ve had many a successful transactions there amongst fellow webmasters – far more then any other forum i’ve been a part of.

  9. Wow, I cannot believe its been that long! I remember when I signed up back then- I just checked- id #46 – schlottke.

  10. DP is easily the most useful forum on the net and ever since I discovered the Spy feature, I can’t get enough.

  11. It’s still the best forum out there. Shawn has done a great job with it and deserves his success.

  12. Maybe I should finally get around to joining up at DP. But then… WebProWorld keeps me too busy with being an admin. Too much RSS = overwhelmed me. Still, I’m curious about some of the other forums.

  13. Wow – three years? Happy Birthday to DP! I’ve only been a member there for a little under a year but LOVE the place — didn’t start out there but wish I’d have found it sooner. I have learned loads from the “fertile” minds there. It’s where I first found the Shoemoney living legend 🙂

  14. I remember when I joined. Didn’t like the conversations. I thought… this place is wack! lol. I came back a few months later and have been hooked ever since.

    If DP ever launches an enhanced marketplace they will likely crush all competition.

  15. It looks like everyone wanted to be a webmaster 🙂 But from what I can remember in those times, Myspace Resource webmaster wannabes bomed, maybe giving a jump in the Webmaster forum places, and Adsense was getting really big at that time.

  16. DP is great! We are all very thankful of Shawn for making such a great resource available to all of us.

  17. I have learned alot from DP and i am gald they grow alot and i wish shawn alot of success in the futre. Shoemoney that DP is the point where i find you 🙂 so DP is great resource for me.

    My best wishes are with all of you 🙂

  18. I can’t believe it’s been that long! DP is an amazing resource. We’re lucky to have it.

    I like the site redesign Shoe!

  19. I started on there in December of 2005, and at that point it looked as if it had been around for years. I’m actually amazed that it is as young as it is.

  20. sitepoint was one of the first forums that I visited, had heard a bit about digitalpoint, but only signed up recently after it being recommended over here.

  21. Does anyone have any recent numbers on Shawn’s success? Last I remember hearing, he was pulling in over 10k a month from Adsense alone.

  22. Anyone else notice the trends at the tail end of the graph? DP falls from .55 down to .35, the rest mirror that.

    Any reason in particular? I’m guessing more competition.

  23. If I am remembering right, that drop at the very tail of the graph is normal because it was grabbed before the 24 hours was up.

    Congrats to Shawn on his 3 years 🙂 I think DP rocks, but then as a mod, I might be a bit biased 😛

  24. Shit – has it been that long already ?
    I remember my first days on DP poking around, and I’ll admit picking up some really useful tips from folk. Its grown now to a point where finding that gem is too time consuming, now reliant on Ypiping/filtering feeds for goodies.

    He’s done one hell of a job with DP, hernias, hacks and all 🙂

    DP does remain one of my first stops when freesurfing, (hell, its the feed of choice for my Macs screensavers at home too.. even when passing by I give it a glance), so I gotta say that all told I continue to watch it grow and find it a useful resource.



  25. A lot of traffic means some pretty good hardware is needed.
    To quote a certain somebody:
    “Server fundraiser going on over here.”

    if you want to help out. 😉

  26. Happy birthday DP! DP was the first forum I found and one that I still visit all the time. Eveyrone’s always been real chill and not quick to jump on newb questions.

  27. wow, thats fantastic! I never even thought about how much the guy earns who owns it. lol.
    I love DP — the No1 forum i visit!!!

  28. I wish I could fast forward in time three years. I am actually just starting up at DP. Congratulations fellas!

  29. DP is great, I have also learned much there and set a lot of deals. but this graph, as I noted on NBB, I havent noticed that DP recieved like twiced traffic within a two months during 2006. It is too suspicious for me. If it will be from wannabe webmasters from myspace, then a lot of newbies wuestions would flood the forums – that did not happen. If it would be from adsense, respective forums would be more targeted – it did not happened. So, what is the reason of these numbers?

  30. I am a member of DP ( MeetHere ) and learned a lot from the forum..
    The forum is having great success within a short time..
    Best of luck for future too 🙂

  31. I think there has to be some change in ALexa methodology or another change, because it is impossible to have such a heavy and noticeable traffic increase in that time.

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