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Few Monday Questions on Tuesday!

Why do so many people call you showmoney?

When a lot of foreign people see me at conferences they say showmoney I think they just pronounce shoe like show. I think then via word of mouth people think show instead of shoe. That or people think I am a showoff. Showmoney Shoemoney Shoemonkey … I have been called worse 😉

I was just wondering if you can point me in the direction of some useful PPC websites/blogs/forums please? Do think Blogs or Forums is better?

First of all for those in rio linda ppc is pay per click and usually used in reference to buying advertising through programs like google adwords, yahoo search marketing or microsoft Adcenter.

Ok lets see…

PPC Blogs:

My friend Dave has a really good one over at cpa affilaites. I think its a must read for anyone doing PPC.

Pepperjamsearch has a pretty good blog going. They post quite a bit off that topic (ppc) but the PPC specific posts are really good. I do not think there is another SEM company that discloses such transparency.

Also I highly recommend you check out BumpZee. Most well respected affiliates roll there.

For Forums:

A lot of people will post on forums because they can be anonymous. This can be good and bad. Good because they will disclose information that can be a really great warning to others about experiences they have had with companies. Bad because you dont really know if they are telling the truth. As far as posts about ppc techniques you will read opinions every which way on forums. They can inspire you to try and test new stuff which is always good. Just be careful.

What forums do I like… I like them all. Maybe some people can suggest the forums they like and why?

Which is better forums or blogs for info?

Well here is my opinion as alluded to earlier. Blogs are good but a lot of times people can be wishywashy because of there relationship with companies. I personally like companies that tell the good and the bad. Pepperjams blog for instance points out stuff like Yahoo Search Marketing giving them a refund of 10,000$ for invalid clicks or how AdBrite sends them shitty traffic. Now if I would have saw this on a forum I would have probably not even given it a second look but since its on the company blog of the worlds largest Search Engine Marketing agency and recently named to the INC 500 Top Fastest Growing Companies… its not like they are going to lie.

Shoe I saw last week your friend daveN announced he is going to have Seo Training conferences around the world. What is your thought on that?

Well… You have David Naylor, Greg Boser, and Jennifer Slegg. SEO wise I can not name 3 other people that have such a vast knowledge of SEO (well besides Aaron Wall but I hear he is already booked 😉 ). From what I understand there target is corporate and I doubt they will ever have trouble filling seats.

I know you are a Lost fan what is your opinion of the second half of this season?

Boy I gotta tell ya I was super pissed when they took those 3 months off or whatever. That was super stupid. I think all of the shows have been great except for the one about desmonds life. That one was kind of boring. This weds episode looks pretty kickass!

Do you think you will ever learn the difference between there and their?

Probably not.

Dillsmack is SOOOOooo cute!! Is he Single?!?

I don’t ask about people I work withs lovelife…. the ShoeMoney™ posse will be in full effect at SES NYC you can ask him yourself 😉

What is the auctionads system you have on the left side of your blog. When I click on the ads by auctionads I get a page that asks for a username and password

I am beta testing a new program. Come back next Monday for more details.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

25 thoughts on “showmoney, PPC Blogs/Forums, SEO Class, Lost, and more”
  1. Thanks for the PPC links. I’m giving them a read now.

    Re: Lost. It’s just hard for me to get psyched about it anymore. I still haven’t gone back for last week’s episode yet. Too bad about the shift to 10pm as well.

  2. If I did not have a DVR I would not be watching Lost.

    10:00PM? That means I have to stay up until 11:00PM to watch it!

    With so many mysteries of the island being revelaed the show is losing a lot of its entertainment value to me. I guess the writers are stuck though. If they don’t give out answers the viewers get pissed. If they give out answers viewers will be satisfied and stop watching…

  3. The plane wreckage they use for Lost is sitting right to this little airplane hanger here on the North Shore…

    And the shoemoney forum is a cool place to hang and get inspired.

  4. Add another vote for that shoemoney logo, I’m a big fan of it; and one for CPA Affiliates, it’s definitely a valuable resource that everyone should, at the very least, keep in their rss aggregator.

    As for Lost… it’s like the mafia, just when you think you’ve lost interest, they pull you back in. I dunno about this Others storyline track, it’s just making things too confusing and it’s not so much screwy as it is just too jumbled up. I hope they tie everything together nicely but so far it’s not as good as I’d expect them to be. The three months off thing pissed me off too… i can understand maybe a month max, but three??? c’mon… they’re lucky nothing big runs up against it or they might have lost me (heroes lost me because of 24… but i think anything would’ve lost me becuase 24 is aweseom).

  5. Lost needs to set an actual, defined arc and wrap it up. If they could start pulling the noose tighter I think I could get back into it. Right now it seems to be swinging so wide they’re not focusing on the core characters anymore.

    24, yeah, awesome again this season. Last season felt a little better to me though. I’m just not buying Wayne as the president, he’s just too nice-ish. I need to catch up though as I saw something was about to go down w/ the podium last week but didn’t finish it.

  6. For info blogs or forums. Personally i regulate both, well atleast subscribe to RSS of good blogs Like this one here. but as for forums you have to wade thru a lot of garbage at times to get to the good stuff, but it is there for those that look, plus with forums you get multiple peoples inputs as where blogs it is Mainly the writers input.

  7. So is the baby of Shoemoneyads? Go on answer! I have been asking for 2 weeks 🙂

  8. Since the website isn’t up (or wasn’t when I last checked) I think its a pretty good bet that AuctionAds are the new owners of ShoemoneyAds..

    Its a nice domain as well

  9. i don’t buy Wayne as prez either, he just doesn’t have that forceful presence david did.

    lost needs to get back to the core folks, the people that watchers actually like (haven’t seen jin/sun in like half a year) and have interesting and believable stories (seeing the future is not believable).

  10. Well I understand that the path to shoe ads changed to auctionads/ and thats what gave the indication, plus on Jon makes a comment about shoes future

  11. Speaking of Jin/Sun, I was expecting the blonde dr. to have a connection w/ them since she was a fertility specialist.

    Bring back the spooky, zombie people and kids that moved silently through the jungle. The scary, creepy factor has faded and feels like they’re bending the story line to fit temporary needs. Ah well, at least we’ve got 24 and Heroes.

  12. For AuctionAds, I believe the pictures should be more relevant to whatever the ad/text is about. The ads on your site seem to be Google Adsense related, but yet the pictures are of women in bikinis. One that isn’t work safe so I have to stay away from it during work, but two it’s totally not relevant. They shouldn’t allow non-relevant pictures….IMO. Let them know, care of Kyle

  13. I agree with you on Lost. I gave it a chance bc it has such a good reputation, but I just can’t keep up with the A.D.D storyline.

  14. Actually that episode was really insightful…kinda boring but again what kvlt script. Hats off to the LOST people!

  15. I’ve never seen you called Showmoney anywhere, until after reading this post. I’ve seen it 3 times since then, twice on Digg, with other people blogging about you.

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