Seriously I saw you at the oscars with your loser boyfriend Tito Ortiz (ya my boy Liddell whooped you YET AGAIN). WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND PUNK!

Seriously Jenna wtf? Why do you look so bad now? And no I am not just bringing this up because your wuss boyfriend told me to fu*k off when I asked for a picture with you.

Also I would wish Matt Hughes luck this saturday night but he will own. Luck is not involved. I feel sorry for the punk he is fighting.

Hat tip to the superficial (because you’re ugly)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

79 thoughts on “Jenna Jameson How Ugly Have You Become”
  1. Not sure this is the reason but, the makeup used in some studios is horrible on the skin causing increased aging. Also, I’m sure she has had a few plastic surgeries…

  2. OMG. And I’m reading her autobiography right now. She looks incredible in the book. Time is a b*tch.

  3. Could care less about JJ, but what the fuck, Couture is out of retirement agaiN????? Put him in the ring against CroCop so he can finally retire in his grave! 😀

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, she got all that damn money and can’t afford to take care of that mug. Get Excited porn fans the next DVD to hit the shelves is gonna be “Red Facial”.

    And Shoe, this is probably mad late but this pic here would me much more believable if the reflection in the Hummer matched up but let me shut up though because I haven’t held a $500,000 dollar anything.

    1. Dude! you can also see that there is no reflection of the check you are holding in your shadow on the ground! which only validates that there is no reflection in the hummer, which ultimately confirms that there is no check in your hands! why would you photoshop that pic to mislead your readers into thinking you received such a check like that Jeremy? I am a little disappointed because you have motivated and inspired me to work hard with internet marketing knowing that the possibility exists to make such an amount of money with this form of advertising. You owe your readers one of two things, and possibly both… An explanation, and possibly an apology…

      That’s all I expect from you and you owe us at least that much.

      I’m sure we’re all a very understanding and forgiving bunch, we obviously value your opinion and advice, but please validate what is being seen , or “not seen” here.

      Thank you very much, I appreciate it

  5. Hi chris – ya as it says in the description the check was not real it was for a advertisement in a magazine.

    Also the most popular image is determined by what users click on… the azoogle check recently overtook the adsense check 😉

  6. Girlfriend been spending too much time in the sun by the looks of it. Dried up prune affect in full use, maybe we need to send her some sunscreen? 🙂

  7. Oh man…… gonna have nightmares tonight. And look at her boyfriend……. his jaw is bigger then the rest of his head.

  8. […] got a kick out of Jeremy’s post about Jenna Jameson. Looks like this lady is turning into Michael […]

  9. Yeah I was reading about her on GFY yesterday.
    She reminds me of Nicole Ritchie when she was at the height of her doing drugs/eating disorder phase.
    I highly doubt it but I hope she looks in a mirror and realizes what she’s done to herself, ‘cos there’s no way that’s natural aging…

  10. I’m not sure what’s the deal with this picture but when she gets made up for photo shoots she’s still hot. Just check her MySpace.

  11. WOW!!! She looks absolutely horrible in these pics!!! OMG. I saw her a month ago at the Adult Expo thing in Vegas and she looked hot. WTF did she do in the past month?!?

    Tito on the other hand, has always looked stupid. His head is sooooo friggin huge. Talk about a meat head.

  12. She’s starting to look like a man and that skin is getting a very leathery texture. Her better days are definetly behind her 🙂

  13. C’mon shoe, are you trying to make me throw up all over myself? Never knew she was that damn ugly.

  14. Oh Jenna you have fallen so far. That really sucks. The overkill tan is just too much, but the puffy lips sure aren’t helping either.

  15. Yeah, studio magic can go a long way when they can post-edit. But out on the red carpet is another story.

  16. Geeze, she looks like all the other old ladies who have had too much sun and too much makeup to compensated… gross. it’s a good thing she’ll never age in her movies hahahah

  17. or maybe it’s just the inner rot of someone who’s spent their adult life selling themself and their values like a piece of meat finally coming to the surface.

    ain’t no makeup that can hide that kind of disintegration…it comes from the roots up.

    that being said, maybe it’s because i’m now on the cusp of being officially OLD…but I get so tired of everyone, but especially women, having themselves stabbed and cut up trying to look 20 years younger. just be yourselves, ladies…the world needs more people who are concerned with the beauty on the inside than those who can’t see past the surface. so…be one. quit selling yourselves short.

  18. ouch! Just make sure you don’t one up the drinkbait/hatbait crew with a punchbait experience next time you go to a UFC fight. That’s not the sort of guy I’d publicly call out..

  19. I remember Nintendo from the geekvillage forums ago. He’s got a much older picture as his avatar on there. I was surprised to see how much he’s changed in a recent pic he posted at DP. Anyway, happy 30th! years

  20. Not sure if it’s the makeup, or some other substance that she seems to always have on her face. *cough*

  21. Ever see that airbrushing comparison thing floating around Digg or whatever a few months ago? They could make Rosie look like a supermodel with enough time.

  22. What? You mean you don’t find Rosie incredibly hot as it?? Weird, guess it’s just me.

  23. One of your posters mentioned certain substances that female bodybuilders use to ahem ‘enhance’ their figure.

    Check Madonna when it’s alleged she was ‘using’ . . .

    Notice the brow and jaw on both of them – this isn’t plastic surgery.. it’s so they can have a better figure (low body fat & muscle).. unfortunately it makes them look horrendous in the face they begin to look like men!



  24. Chris Lytle is one of the nicest guys in MMA… Calling him a punk.. tisk tisk

  25. Wow…how people change over the years , she still isn’t making films now is she…..

  26. Most of us would lol cmon guys who are we kidding!Looks good from the back:-)

  27. Okay, she’s way too tanned and shriveled now. She used to be really hot though, when she had long blonde hair.

  28. I think she looks horrible in that picture, but i’m sure that’s one of her worst pictures at the moment. Either way, I know back in the day (or maybe like, a couple years ago), she was fine as fine could be.

  29. Tell me you’re joking. Thats not Jenna Jameson, that’s really
    Joan Rivers, right?

  30. Damn, that must have been some mean-ass wall that she hit. Now instead of being a two-bagger with those big ole fake ones, she is a three bagger because you need one for that head.

  31. Haha, I never realized what a honking big head Tito Ortiz has. No wonder those guys can take so many punches to the face.

  32. Yeah porn stars can only look so good for a little while, but that while is enough to make them rich…

  33. She really fell of the wagon, and I mean hard. She used to be on of the few porn stars who was actually pretty. Now she looks dried up and used.

  34. i think that plastic surgeries are becoming a routine procedure for very rich people `

  35. vanity leads to more plastic surgery procedures. people are becoming more conscious about their appearance ,~;

  36. You would think with all the “cream” sprayed on her face she would look still in her 20’s… Isnt it good for the skin?

  37. I Always found her to be not ‘ugly’ like now but nothing special as she obviously thought she was and made career around the illusion that she was. Women who aren’t beautiful want the same attention as those who are, so stoop to whoring themselves out as it’s the only way can get same attention. If you look at her face when she was younger minus the peroxide hair and gigant tits she really wasn’t even slightly attractive. Look at all the hot girls in porn today in comparison to her in her hay day they blow her out of the water. Every russian pornstar looks a millionaire in loks department to the prime JJ who wouldn’t even be a cent. And they’re not huge stars just another hot girl in the millions of porn. It’s all to do with luck. Same as regular movie actress like Sarah Jessica Parker they play roles like JJ of the ‘hot’ girl and banter around their hotness which fools others into thinking their this special thing. And make alott of money of it, but really in comparison don’t stack up at all. Strange world in which we live in.

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