Here are some fun numbers.

748 – would be the unique amount of domains that linked to (according to technorati) in the last week. Most of this was due to the mybloglog hubub. This catapulted from the 70 to the 50’s in the most popular blogs on the internet. Watch out fellow elite retreat speakers Darren Rowse and Guy Kawasaki I am on your heels!!!!!

30 – is the Age of forum legend Nintendo!! Happy 30th Birthday Ninno you crazy mf’er!!

$23,000.00 is the amount SEO blackhat forums is making monthly from subscriptions!! Quadzilla makes the disclosure in this post That is some nice reoccurring revenue

4 – would be the amount of days in a row that was on diggs front page last week.

160is the hits per second we received for the noon time digg.

Unknown the amount of time the server was down… lol before you talk shit lets see you handle 140 hits per second! (we can handle it now tho)

60 is the number of days since I announced I was going to do a myspace contest.. sorry… trying to get to it when I have time.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

60 thoughts on “Forum Earnings, Cracking The Technorati top 50, and more”
  1. hmm digg really has there stuff together.. if someone can game digg that would be pretty impressive.

  2. I don’t know about gaming but the guys who have a lot of friends just submit stories which have been submitted by 10 other people and theirs is the one who gets on the front page. This isn’t really that big of a deal because the friends feature is nice, however it is really hard for new guys to get started there.

  3. I’m curious what drives the membership at BHSEO. I mean, I know what its about, but there must be assloads of ppl who figure, whats new ?

    I reckon they should cultivate a ‘public’ forum/thread, then when enough of their members have posted (knowing its going public), throw the doors open on it for a week or so.

    I’m at a level where I know more than many about ‘black hat’, and wonder if it would be of benefit to me (you put some 5 star juice in front of me and I’ll quaff it just like the next bloke)

    Certainly validates what you posted about recurring subscriptions Shoe. 🙂

  4. Are those dig stats regular 160hits a SECOND seems a little high shoe? (i’ve never been dugg but i’ve never seen stats that high)

  5. $5000Cost to attend Elite Retreat

    $450 – Cost to fly from Baltimore, MD (BWI) to Omaha, NE (OMA) to see Shoemoney, talk and pick his brain with under 25 other people at the Nebraska People Making Money Online meeting

    Now, obviously there is a huge amount of value in the elite retreat – the amazing lineup of speakers, the intimate setting – but if you are looking to have the chance to meet Jeremy and make some contacts, $450 honestly seems like a steal.

  6. Do you guys remember the site that tried to game digg? looks liks it crashed down

  7. Jeremy, this is an off-topic suggestion. I would consider removing those AuctionAds from your sidebar. Every now and then there is naked woman and strange ads there, not sure how it related to your content.

  8. 23K a month in subscriptions?? You weren’t kidding about recurring income flowing heavy.

  9. So with Quadzilla taking offers over $1,000,000 for his site what figure would it take to take ownership of the brand?

  10. $100 a month subscription price. A bit pricey but I am sure it’s worth it for the black hatters.

  11. Wow, 23k a month off the Blackhat SEO forums is awesome!! Not being a member, I actually always wondered how many people were actually signed up there and shared stuff. Looks like its 230 is the answer.

    Does anyone here have access to the forums? Shoe, are you on the forum there?

  12. If you click the ad you’d see it’s some PPC ebay ad or how to make money with adsense kind of thing 😉

  13. The only one I ever see is one in a bikini top… and it’s made me click it (but not buy anything). 🙂

  14. Good point – who wants to buy a web property with 230 members? Quadzilla strikes me as a guy who is pretty upset about missing out on the first dot com wave.

  15. There were many of these types of sites around, but they all fail due to their own publicity. I still think it would be possible to game digg if you had a tight network of people, you would just have to keep everything private.

  16. I’ve chatted with several people about it, and although they didn’t disclose anything, they did say it’s one of the best investments that they make every month

  17. I think it really depends on the day and time. I have been dugg many times but a noonish digg is the illist

  18. sometimes it might make the site look cheap, not something that loyal readers care, but a first time visitor might

  19. But you’d need enough people and that many people can’t keep a secret… at least for longer than a day. 🙂

  20. There will always be a way around whatever they put in place. There’s only so much you can do when you rely on users to control content. There will always be gaming, I think they are trying to simply minimize its effect.

  21. Not only BH’ers.

    Things you read spark your brain and you can think of new stuff yourself based on things you’ve read there.

  22. The problem with the Shoemoney brand is it *cant* be sold. Its not about a product or a site – its about a person (which is why he can do things like the elite retreat..)


  23. Damn, top 50. I’m in the top 500,000. That means you’re 10,000 times higher than me essentially. 🙁

  24. Of course they are trying to minimize the effect if they didn’t then their system/site wouldn’t be to good 😉

  25. It’s interesting to look at the SEO BH Forum overall stats in comparison to the $23K per month:

    Threads: 799, Posts: 4,638, Members: 4,647

  26. he he, i honestly didn’t see the post on digg front page but i almost guested right when i wrote this post on your down time

  27. I’m surprised SEO black hat is able to keep those subscribers. The content is great at first, but hardly anyone posts. I suppose its because of the small, relatively, number of members.

  28. My site has been banned by digg due to one forum user… that’s bad publicity. To top it off, the credit site is only 3 months old

  29. I have spent few years studying effective business practices and also in freelancer. We were trained that it

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