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Britney Shears

Shoe – off the wall question. Curious what are some of your more recent ideas that did not work out and what are some that have.

Well the other day on the news when I saw that britney had shaved her head the reporter called her Britney Shears… I went to godaddy to registered and… too late =(

Record created on: 2007-02-17 11:02:51.0

I think I missed it by about a hour so sad o well… that domain is going to be good for some typein traffic. (or just vanity)


Shoe last October rand broke it down and compared his site to yours. In the comparison some of his employees seem to take some pop shots at you saying you are not humble. Do you think its because you have Adsense check which is more then that company has ever made?

Well… I run several companies and this blog is like 20th on my priority list. If I have something to say I write it. I don’t spell check and have horrible grammar also I sometimes break out in l33t speak amirite? I have fun with this blog and try to inspire/help people to make money. Thats it…

Last I checked SEOmoz had like 10 authors and some full time employees. Plus SEO is there thing… its not mine. Its there business. I am flattered that they consider this blog to be comparable.

As far as money goes… That check was more of a revenue achievement for me being at that time it was the single biggest amount any of my websites had earned in 1 month. Some people goto college to get diplomas to hang on there wall… I get phat checks to put on my walls 😉 I have no clue what SEOMOZ makes as a company but I am sure they do fine.

As far as humility goes its funny… Rand discloses all of there figures and he is a hero to his employees. I show 1 month of net revenue for 1 website and I am a braggart? go figure…

Ok here is another thing… there is a LOT more ways to measure success then money. Rand just got engaged and seems like he is living the dream.

This is kind of like a chicken and the egg question. Do you recommend building your site based upon what works through ppc or do you just try to hammer out a site in an industry that you think you can rank in? What comes first the ppc research(of what works) or the actual site?

Are you looking to rank for the most profitable keywords even if they are not necessarily the most searched for or do you go for quantity? I’m sure there is probably a trade off between affiliate sales vs. adwords profit between these two approaches.

I discovered PPC because I already had successful sites in the industry. I do really well in markets where I have built successful SEO sites over years. I think its because you really get a great understanding for your industry. I recomend you build a site for something you are passionate about or atleast do a lot of research. If you go for broke without any experience in the industry at all its likely you will get really frustrated and quit.

For the second part of your question… You ask what I try to rank for then ask me about adwords profit? I am guessing you mean AdSense? To be honest AdSense is just a temporary stage of advertising for me. If a site takes off its much more profitable to get direct advertisers in the market. Take this blog for instance…. with Adsense it makes about 25$ a day or so but with direct sales of advertising we do about $13,000.00 a month.

Whats the deal with your MySpace contest? I saw you post it in your forums a while back then there was something on your site about it but it was gone shortly after?

Well about 3 months ago I thought it would be a great idea to see who could get the most friends on myspace. Everyone would have to start at zero and it would last for 3 months or so. Your url would be private until the contest was over but if you got banned by MySpace for spamming then you would be out. I was also going to give away a Playstation 3, xbox360 or Nintendo wii to the winner. Now I sit here with a brand new in box Playstation 3, Nintendo wii and xbox360 and still thinking whether or not to do the contest or do do some other kind of contest (and no I don’t want to do a seo contest). Then also I have been approached by a company who wanted to sponsor this contest but then pulled back when they they found out they were getting sued by MySpace for spamming.

Each Monday I am going to try to take some questions asked to me in email and here on the blog and answer them. I call the answer part the “Shoemoney answer� mainly because I do not know if its right or wrong but its what I think based on my experience so far.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

31 thoughts on “Britney Shears, SEOMOZ Comparison, Keywords, and Myspace Contest”
  1. Shoe it seems like its a fair comparison seomoz vs shoemoney cause your blog revenues are on par even if its not your main thing.

  2. I’ll take that Wii off your hands…I spent the last week running all over Omaha and every little town & podunk around it…no luck 🙁

  3. Hey farmer, I got my Wii last week from amazon by watching the wii finder page at I didn’t actually *watch* the page, I used the little wii finder widget on my Mac to do the watching. Anyway, good luck finding one, took me for-f’ing-ever!

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  5. Hehe well thats great to know, so are you still going to carry on with the Myspace contest or you are pulling it off?

  6. I apologize for asking this stupid question…
    What would you do in case you got the BRITNEYSHEARS.COM domain? Are you going to build a website about britney, sell the domain later, or what? What about the guy who bought the domain ahead of you, what is he going to do with it?

  7. no not a stupid question at all. Basically when something like this comes out and you are fast enough you could make a site with all the pictures of her shaved head.. it will of course get tons of typeins and links (probably even some from magazines) then when all the hype is over just 301 all that link love to something you do care about. thats just my 2 cents

  8. I’ve always wondered what the legality is of showing all the pictures of celebrities on people’s blogs or sites, is it because they are celebrities that the pictures are allowed as fair use?

  9. If someone has a clear copyright and notice on the picture that you can not use it without concent then… you better obey that. Always best to ask a lawyer though.

  10. would of been a moneymaker considering she is one of the most searched on the net!

  11. I’m still confused on how Shoe Money could have made that much from Adsense? I don’t see any Google ads on this site :/

  12. You should definitely do that contest w/ the PS3. Sounds like something that could generate plenty of traffic back your way.

  13. What’s wrong with her? Seems like she has gone to total shit these days. Not only with her music, but reputation, looks, everything.

  14. Nice try on the domain name. You probably could have made some nice bank just from the exposure. Too bad.

  15. Ms Spears was thrown into global fame at such a young age, until she went mad. I feel sorry for her, she has been through so much. However I have not read a lot about her in the news lately, so that has got to mean she is out of trouble. I hope that she stays this way.

  16. Hi, thank you your writing style is amazing. just found your site on google. come back later for sure 🙂

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