Britney seriously you had me… when you announced you were going to divorce k-fed I thought you were back on track…. You really had momentum.. since you have had numerous issues… and now…

britney spears shaved head

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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39 thoughts on “Britney Spears Shaved Head”
  1. My girlfriend tells me I’m not allowed to make fun of her shaved head because I have a shaved head.

  2. Obviously, she is following your style tips and going for the “Shoemoney look” for the next album.

  3. She probably had to shave to get rid of the fleas. She’s gone from hot thing to scank thing quickly. Poor thing.

  4. I think she looks good. And just think: wouldn’t it be funny if she became “punk/rock princess”? ofc in popculture way of fun.
    I think i’ll shave too, to claim my support or sth 😉

  5. Best link-bait yet, Shoe! haha. I guess she wants to keep herself in the top 10 searched terms.

  6. Did you watch the video on It is creepy. She was seriously disturbed and depressed. I give her 7 days.

  7. What the hell? That’s crazy… she obviously does anything to get some publicity. Isn’t this just another link bait from Britney Spears? 😉

  8. I was watching the headline news coverage on CNN, and I’m pretty certain she was wearing a Shoemoney t-shirt.

  9. It is amazing how much your hair is a part of your identity. Brittney just looks like some army reservist from Georgia with that haircut.

    I also hope she doesn’t go all Anna Nicole Smith on us. As much as people might like to make fun of celebrities, they are people too. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of a serious downturn.

  10. Hey maybe she just wanted to experiment and go as a Chelsea girl. We’ll be hearing punk rock music from Brittney from now on.

  11. Shoe,

    K-Fed wasn’t her problem. She’ll probably be a mess no matter who she is or isn’t with. I just hope she gets it together for the sake of their kids. She said she wanted to be a mom, maybe she’ll start acting like one…

  12. The saddest part about recent behavior and not just a haircut, is she is a mom now too. At least Madonna started behaving better after having kids.

  13. This must be her last (hopefully) and most drastic attempt at being in the spotlight and drawing attention. Or perhaps she is trying to improve her image. Sadly, not even this can help her on that. WTF was she on??

  14. If the partyong wasn’t bad enough, this is what will make her lose the kids. Can you say BREAKDOWN?

  15. is this the new fashion statement?
    ive loved britney spears..but after she had her breast enlargement, and being married for 2 days only….hmmm…i think she has an attitude problem..
    she now looks like nick carter of the backstreet boys..

  16. britney is going through a lot right now and shaved head or not i still love her because she is an over all wonderful girl, she’s going through a rough time and i will support her 100%

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