Saturday Morning – Fox News has some good financial programs – Bulls and Bears at 9am and forbes on fox at 10am. I actually get some good tips for affiliate niches from these shows occasionally.

Sunday – The Apprentice 8pm NBC. – I learn so much from Donald Trump. I have read listened to all his books on audio.

Monday – Strikepoint on Webmaster Radio. David Naylor and Mikkel Demib (I download the podcast until they fix the live broadcasts). Listen in and find out why more search engine engineers listen to this show then any other πŸ˜‰

Wednesday – Abc LOST 9PM If you are a lost NUT like me then you will also want to keep a eye on spoilerbuzz lost spoilers I Always watch this live and usually rewatch on tivo πŸ˜‰

Thursday – NBC My Name is Earl and The Office – Both great shows. I hardly ever get to see these live but watch them on TiVo.

Monday – Thursday I listen to Glenn Beck in the mornings (usually download the podcasts and listen when I can during working).

Other things I TiVo or Download Podcast and watch/Listen when I can – The Colbert Report, Danny Sullivan’s – The Daily Searchcast and Good Karma

So what do you listen to or watch?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

33 thoughts on “What I Listen To And Watch On Television”
  1. Here is what I watch on TV:
    Sunday-Desperate Housewives
    Monday-CSI Miami
    Tuesday-Boston Legal
    Wednesday-CSI NY
    Thursday-Greys Anatomy

  2. You have an extensive list of learning vs entertainment, which is good. I kinda do alot more scanning than read whole books or listening to entire podcast, or webinars. Unfortunately, I sometimes struggle with giving things my full attention and proper focus. (Like now. I’m suppose to be working on a report)

    When I watch anything on TV (don’t have tivo yet) I usually watch dvd’s of old skool kung fu movies, like “Evil Cult”, “Five Fingers of Death”, or new ones like Jet Li’s, “Fearless”(Which is an excellent movie, as far as traditional Kung Fu is concerned).

    But I’ve been known to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Ghost Whisperer. And I have an account with where I listen to entire Podcast with I get the time. (If you can get into that sort of thing)

  3. You watch the Colbert Report? No idea why, I just never saw you as a Colbert watching guy. I love the Daily show, that is by far my favorite. I also watch ‘Rome’ on HBO (IMO the best actual ‘series’ on TV) and sometimes I’ll catch PTI on ESPN and Around the Horn. On Friday’s I’ll watch Late Night w/ Conan if I remember.

  4. TV:
    Battlestar Galactica

    WSJ Daily news podcast
    Net Income
    SEO Rockstars
    NPRs’ Marketplace

    Video Blogging:

  5. I don’t watch a whole lot of tv anymore, but The Office is definitely one show that I don’t miss on Thursdays!

  6. The Apprentice. I simply love that show, since I’m here in the States is the only show I never miss.

    Of course NetIncome, I learned a lot from there.

    In general I listen WebMasterRadio everytime I can, even rerun are often good resources of ideas.

  7. 24 love it
    netincome – definately one of the better show especially for beginners online
    sports center- huge carolina panther fan πŸ™ new off co ordinator cant wait
    family guy.

  8. 24 love it
    netincome – definately one of the better show especially for beginners online
    sports center- huge carolina panther fan πŸ™ new off co ordinator cant wait
    family guy.

  9. I watch only TV shows (list order by my rating πŸ™‚
    Desperate Housewives

  10. I enjoy watching the apprentice and heroes two shows i don’t miss. I acutally started watching glen Beck last month try to wach it when i can.

  11. The only podcast that I listen to all the time when it is released is the shoemoney podcast, though I am only now starting to listen to some of the others.
    As for tv, I dont really watch much tv, I mostly just listen to tv and occassionally glance at it, if something sounds interesting.

  12. DEXTER on Showtime…such a great show and concept. Anyone with me on that?

    I also dig on 30 Rock. All star cast on that show

  13. StandOff
    CSI LV
    I Shouldn’t Be Alive

    I normally have TV on while I’m working but those shows I actually sit down and watch when I have time.

  14. Not a 24 fan? I’m totally nuts for both Lost and 24, though the insanely long Lost break kind of threw me off. I’m thinking about getting into Heroes, no one will shut up about it πŸ˜›

  15. On my must watch list:

    Grey’s Anatomy
    CSI Miami
    Crossing Jordan.

    And I have been known to watch an assortment of reality TV πŸ˜‰

  16. TV series:
    Battlestar Galatica
    Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
    How I met your mother
    Friday Night Lights
    Veronica Mars
    Doctor Who
    Life on Mars

    Obviously I´m a TV series junkie. But they are helping improving my english, so it´s not lost time.

    Of course the new german Webmasterradio-Show “Webmasters on the Roof” πŸ˜‰
    Net Income
    Strike Point

  17. Heroes
    CSI – Vegas & Miami (the former because it’s a good show, and the latter because it looks so good and the acting is almost laughable at times)
    American Idol (yes…and not only that, I watch, therefore I blog (

    I leave the TV on all the time while I work…but I don’t really care about too many other shows.

  18. Heroes
    SciFi Channel junkie even though a lot of it is cheesy acting, I think I just like the stories

    Random things on History/Discovery/National Geographic channels – Mythbusters, Ancient Discoveries, Future Weapons, Man vs Wild, etc…

    Net Income – Thanks for doing this Jeremy, it always has a marketing gem. I hope you start doing them again in the near future.
    SEO Rockstars
    Good Karma
    Rush Hour

  19. And when does Family Guy fit into your TV schedule. You gotta laugh a little! Well I guess you can laugh and Trump.

  20. And when does Family Guy fit into your TV schedule? You’ve gotta laugh at something during the day?! Well I guess you can laugh at Trump…

  21. Strike Point is hands down the best program on WMR. No dead spots on that show. If you’re not learning anything new, you’re at least laughing at one of Dave Naylor’s snotty remarks.

  22. Well, I don’t watch much TV at all, especially not regularly. The Sopranos I think are the only TV show I will flip out if the pvr fails. That said, I watched the first season of “The 4400” on DVD last night (five episodes LOL) and it was fantastic. Have the second season here to start on next time I have a few minutes, but it was one of the better newer shows I’ve seen in quite a while.

  23. TV show wise, I don’t get time to watch much TV, but Heroes is a great science fiction show, and Seinfeld is hands-down the best sitcom of all time.

  24. Who are you rooting for on the Apprentice? My friend, Nicole, is one of the contestants. She’s pretty crazy, but she knows her shite.

  25. Okay some shows from England for you:

    Top Gear
    Coronation Street
    Prison Break
    Match of the Day (football – or soccer to you yanks)
    Now is the Time – The Night of Combat (kickboxing)
    Ugly Betty
    Deal or no Deal
    SEO Rockstars
    Strike Point
    And I listen to TalkSport a lot in my car and when in bed, especial the James Whale Show

  26. Watch:


    Video Podcasts:

    WebProNews Video Blog

    Audio Podcasts:

    Net Income
    SEO Rockstars
    Strike Point
    Daily Searchcast
    That’s a Wrap
    The Pulse
    Domain Masters
    Good Karma
    The Hook
    The Alternative

    Oh, and I of course listen to my own podcasts at

    (Am I a podcast junky? I must be – I don’t have any music on my iPod, and all 30 gigs are full.)

  27. I watch way to much Spongebob, thanks to my kids. When I get time to view on my own I watch House, ER, Family Guy. I Tivo lots of Discovery and History Channel stuff.

  28. I never saw the original US version of The Apprentice. Am in UK, they had a version over here to, was awesome with entrepreneur Alan Sugar in place of Trump, he’s worth like £800 million so like… $1.6 bil. Crazy.

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