Ok seriously. I have not seen a mystery like this since the whole who shot J.R. Ewing. And I am probably showing my age with that…

So who do you think the father of Anna Nicole Smiths Baby is?


By Jeremy Schoemaker

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38 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smiths Baby Daddy”
  1. She is someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, let her rest in peace.
    You probably did not fully think this through as at the time it probalby seemed “funny”.
    But it just makes you look stupid and callous.
    May nothing ever happen to your daughter so you don’t feel hurt. Be careful of the Karma. Peace.

  2. I thought I made it obvious I was stupid and callous a long time ago? O well keep reading.

    Actually I am truly concerned who the baby’s father is. Do you want the baby not to grow up with its father? Maybe you should think things through before throwing bricks from your glass house!

    Also if i died tomorrow my daughter would know who her father is. I hope Anna Nicoles Smiths daughter someday finds out who her father is.

  3. Amen shoe its not your fault Anna Nicole was a dumb whore who thought of herself before her family. You ALWAYS KEEP IT REAL MAN

  4. Death is never funny but today I realized that I own annanicholemith.com totally forgot I bought that while enjoying a cocktail in the evening. Suddenly it gets a few visits.

  5. You forgot to add in one of the most disgusting rumors of all. There was allegedly someoen proclaiming that her son, Daniel Smith, was the father.

  6. Yeah…she’s making a headline in our local dailies here in Malaysia too. While she was alive, there is no question who the baby should live with. But now it entirely different. I agree with those who concerned about who the baby should live with. The last thing we want is that her baby will be given up for an adoption – worst to orphanage house.

  7. It’s JR Ewing…

    I’m sure it’s Larry Birkhead. He wouldn’t be fighting so hard and she wouldn’t be putting up such a fight, if he wasn’t the baby daddy. Poor kid :(.

  8. If Danny Sullivan is on the list, shouldn’t Jason Calacanis be there…or does fathering a child make you snake oil salesman in a bad suit trying to get really large breasted women to sign long-term commitments? 🙂

  9. Hahaha, funny, right after voting, it’s funny seeing my vote as the top result.

    This just shows that name recall really works in votes. So if you are running for some government election, just try to get your name out there to as many people as you can and you win the name recall game. Most probably you will win the election as well.

  10. come on get real. The poor lady is dead at least show some damn respect. Dont have her go out like that. let her R.I.P

  11. i dont think that the baby is howard sterns but if you look at all of the photos that is what anna wannted and that is also what he wants, but i also think that howard is only in this for the money i hope someone sees that but dont let that mother near that baby!


  13. I would adopt the baby and change her name so she could have a normal life not to follow in the paths of her mother. Maybe she could grow up knowing Jesus and His love.

  14. I would adopt the baby and change her name so she could have a normal life unlike her mother. Maybe none of these men are the dad. Her mother beat her why should she have the baby. Maybe baby Danielle Lynn Hope could know Jesus!

  15. I would adopt baby and give her a new name so she could have a normal life. Maybe she could grow up to know Jesus!

  16. I would adopt her and change her name so she could have a normal life. Not to repeat her mother’s life. Maybe she could know Jesus!

  17. no one has the right to call her a whore let her rest in peace and do her will people who lqugh and call her names probably should clean their own back yards………p.s let her rest in peace and again her wishes should be granted no matter who the father is or was.her lawyer would be the best father…………..God p.s. may her soul rest in peace…….

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  19. i don’t mind the poll for who her father is, that’s just good natured fun, but calling her a whore? that’s low.

  20. Funny thing is it doesn’t matter. Howard K. Stern made sure that no one would be getting Anna’s money, not even the baby. He was a smart, albeit, crooked lawyer/lover.

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  22. Let the woman rest?she’s been let to rest along time ago.Her baby is the one who should left alone and given to her father,..Howard Stern.

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