Warning this is a ShoeMoney Deep thought post… Its just something that went through my mind. Try not to take it to seriously…

As I was watching NBC’s To Catch A Predator the other night I thought how funny would it be if you tried to catch the perverted justice people that were trying to catch the pedophiles then when you showed up and Chris Hanson came out you could be like WHATS UP I GOT YOU CHRIS HANSON I AM SHOEMONEY AND WE ARE TRYING TO CATCH PEOPLE TRYING TO CATCH A PREDATOR!

After further thought though that would mean that you were acting like you were a pedophile and probably isnt the best idea


By Jeremy Schoemaker

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35 thoughts on “To Catch A Person Trying To Catch A Predator”
  1. Shoe you’re not going to believe this but when I was watching it too, I was thinking, how crazy would it be to do what NO one expects you to do, and show up there acting like you’d been busted but when he gives his “There’s something I must tell you; I’m Chris Hansen and I’m with Dateline NBC“, you could unzip your jacket and to reveal a new product or brand you’re trying to push in loud obnoxious colors saying, That’s fine Mr. Hansen, I must tell you to buy (product X)“. Not that it’d ever be aired, but what if…? National exposure indeed, and as they say, even negative publicity is good publicity.

  2. you should arrange that avery prank show host of every prank show in history will appear at the same time, without knowing it before. The confusion will be so big, noone will ever watch this kind of a show again. Over and Out.

  3. What about showing up, only to summon your own film crew for advertising on YouTube which in turn would have national exposure through the TC show. Imagine the viral marketing coverage, especially if you document chatting and explaining the stunt. Charges would have to be dropped in court, wouldn’t it?

  4. now your onto something. document the entire thing and charges would have to be dropped in court. Keep in mind:

    Attorney Retainer for Sex Crime Case: $7500 min
    Everytime Attorney needs to appear in court: $3-$5k

    Is your $15-$30k better spent somewhere else? Maybe…but it would definately become viral!

  5. Shoe, if turning up made you appear to be or bhave like a pedophile, what does that say about Chris Hansen.

    I personally dislike a lot of these types of shows – which is why i say you should do it !

    If its good for the goose..

  6. How about you set them up and send over your kid brother – like a ten year old and say “Hey What are you doing inviting over a ten year old! – crazy sickos” Spin it around and trap the trappers. Hmmm deep – hey man pass to the left….

  7. haha, I dont think this is one of your best ideas, sounds like there are too many flaws in it to go wrong. Unless you were a 12yo pretending to be an adult pretending to want to hook up with a 13yo…
    That might just work??

  8. My best friend got busted on that TV Show and was featured at the end, on the photo line-up. That would be funny if someone was talking smack to Chris Hansen: “Hells yeah, I’d hit that shit…have you seen those knockers on that girl??”

  9. Sorry for the second post but I thought of something better.
    What if it was a 12yo boy pretending to be an adult trying to hook up with the 13yo girl. But the girl isnt really 13 shes 21 so is she seducing the 12 yo now? Hmmm I think someone should investigate that…hahaha

  10. mmmm… cookies. Shoe, now you have to! You can’t ever deny doing something for cookies. You think Santa actually likes giving presents? He only does it for the cookies.

  11. What you need to to is find a porn site to sponsor you. Wear a shirt with their URL on it for a ton of money and then try to get on the show.

    But then again… “that would mean that you were acting like you were a pedophile and probably isnt the best idea

  12. This would work and you wouldn’t go to jail, as long as the person doing it is 17 or under. Actually would be an awesome prank.

    I actually made a myspace a month back of a 14 year old and sent friend requests to all my acquaintances, so will see how far that gets maybe if i actually do it i’ll make a video and post it on http://www.StreetMagicBlog.com


  14. Hahaha … Shoe … this is one of those posts where you can’t help but read what people write in response.

  15. I think shows like this are basically null and void. First off, unless they have priors AND intent can be PROVEN beyond a reasonable doubt, this is only public humiliation for its own sake. Not one of these guys will ever spend one day in jail if this is their first offense. One person caught in the web committed suicide and there’s no numbers on any others that have done the same thing. Hansen and Perverted “Justice” need to get a life and Dateline needs to go back to doing NEWS and not “reality” TV.

  16. Your post shows that you know absolutely nothing about this. Actually PJ has had hundreds of convictions on their evidence and most do at least some prison time. Until this idiot in Murphy got his panties in a bunch because some of his rich bitch constituents didn’t want their property values hurt by an increase in crime rate, there had never been a problem with the tactics or evidence in any of these cases. Obviously you don’t understand that part of a having a life is community service. Maybe you should get a life instead of bloviating about which you know nothing on the web.

  17. You demonstrate your ignorance on this subject. In fact virtually all of the hundreds of busts using Perverted Justice evidence do jail time AND they have to register as sex offenders. Perverted Justice works with law enforcement all over the country, with and without Dateline filming. This is the first time a DA has decided that there wasn’t enough evidence and DA’s across the state of Texas disagree with him. Guess his rich bitch constituents crying about the increase in crime rate hurting their property values influenced his prosecutorial judgement. Having a life means community service to involved citizens and PJ’s work very valuable in that it gives cops the expertise and manpower to catch these child predators stalking kids using computers.

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