SEOToday was the day I was subpoenaed and had to give testimony. It was really interesting. I have never done that before. I had to answer a lot of questions about how search engine rankings work and Google… Eventually it led into quesitons about my blog and how long I retain comments, how addresses of people are logged and then of course to the people that are actually parties in the case Quick Connect vs Schrock Innovations as well as some of Quick Connects former employees

I gave about 2 hours of testimony… long time. One thing that was kind of funny was they asked me what SEO was and if I was a SEO and I said no. Then after more questions basically asking about seo and how I was not a seo but I was recognized as a seo I revealed that I think seo is easy. I said its really not something I ever focus on.

I have said I think 95% of seo is so easy and really here is why. I really knew nothing about SEO even when I was making fat checks. The first search engine strategies I went to in San Jose 2 years ago I was SO AMAZED talking with “expert seo” people about what they do that they actually charge for that. Everything they said they do for there clients I thought was just… wow you actually charge for that?

So ya I know what your thinking tho.. If I am a SEO know it all then why did I need Aaron Wall to bail me out of supplemental hell and that is a very good question.

Here is the answer: I am used to coding my own sites from scratch and by me of course I mean Dillsmack and when we code our own sites we do make proper description, title and other tags as well as other obvious stuff. This blog uses wordpress and between categories/pages/ and 50,000+ gallery sid pages indexed the site just lost all its pr distribution. Aaron pointed this out and it took about 20 seconds to make a robot.txt file to implement the changes.

Tonight I watched a Tivo’d episode of 60 minutes profiling the Geek Squad. I was also astounded by how many people pay for stupid shit like defragging there hard drive or installing new drives…

So now I get it. SEO is easy like installing in a new hard drive is easy… or getting a webserver up and running with apache/php/mysql in under a hour is easy. Now some mechanic is sitting there going Ya he thinks seo is easy but adjusting his carburetor is easy or changing his oil is easy..

I guess it just boils down to some basics. You either pay someone to do stuff or do it yourself. What ever makes the most sense and while to my company I think 95% of SEO is super easy to most people its well worth what these 21st car salesman sell them in there SEO package.

So ok… To me what is the extra 5% that I think makes SEO’s stand out? Its all about what is not obvious to me. I would not even really call most of these people SEO’s but I would rather call them people with experience and connections.

Take for instance a lot of recent polls on who is the top SEO’s. Almost all of them do not do SEO.

People like Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, Jeremy Zwodney … Are these people really making pages that are optimized for search engines? I think they just have knowledge and connections?

Ok onto some examples of what makes a difference with people – lets take Danny Sullivan – He starts a new website and within the first week is already included in Google and Yahoo news. Did he get any special treatment or break any rules to get included? I doubt it but he does have contacts and also has EXPERIENCE which to me is the extra 5% that really matters. Lets not even mention that he has Google,Yahoo, AND Microsoft as sponsors on his brand spanking new site.. again is this really SEO? No but the combination of being included off the bat in yahoo/google news mixed with revenue off the bat is something I doubt any NEW SITE owner would turn down 😉

Other people which have experience and connections I highly recommend from personal experience is Aaron Wall, Greg Boser, and David Naylor. But here is the deal. The guys who actually get the 5% of SEO that make the difference (IMO) you probably cant afford.

zomg i write to much

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

36 thoughts on “Seo Is So Easy – Oh Wait No Its Not”
  1. I agree, a lot of what SEO’s do is easy. Some people would prefer to spend their time doing what they know about and what they enjoy rather than what they need to do. Taking my rubbish to the tip is easy, but I would prefer somebody else to do it for me!

  2. Shoe, great entry. Sadly though that extra 5% can mean the difference between page 10 and page 1 in some cases. For those of us who can’t afford those guys you mentioned, we just have to focus on longer keyword phrases.

  3. Its obvious that a lot of “backhanders” must go on in search engine land even with the big salaries a lot of these guys are paid. I think over the next few years these companies will have to be very careful that major organised crime gangs do not muscle their way into this industry as manipulating search engines (with threats rather than BH) would be not only very easy but profitable.

    Dam i need to chill out!

  4. you’re so right – if you come from a background of just being someone who makes websites, all of this ‘seo’ stuff is just what goes along with trying to make your website successful. optimization is then something you do instinctively, and you lump it all together with just building websites.

    it’s the people who don’t come from this kind of background, who don’t even know how to code a simple HTML page by hand, where i have to scratch my head and think, ‘how in the heck is this person making money doing seo’.

  5. Hey Shoe, I’m not a QC employee and haven’t been there since like June. If you’re going to link to me at least change the link text to former Quick Connect employee. I work at UNL now.

  6. Jeremy, I agree with you 100%

    “This blog uses wordpress and between categories/pages/ and 50,000+ gallery sid pages indexed the site just lost all its pr distribution.”

    Aaron hit the nail on the head.

  7. Its a tragedy that most of most people on the forums desires to be part of that 5% instead of focusing on a something more productive.

  8. seo is second nature, just like not linking to JZ’s page cause you want to be number #1 for jeremy. you are always thinking 4 moves ahead 🙂

  9. I think your point is 100% valid… I have found to get ranking with SEO it is 95% easy and 5% skill but so many people focus so much on trying to get that 5% when there are easier ways to get traffic once you have decent rank. Going viral with video, digg, netscape, social bookmarking etc… that can get your site even more traffic than you could ever dream of from SEO…

  10. Anyone can make a webpage and rank for things, but their is a whole nother field of seo than u think. the dungeons of seo.

  11. really good points. if you were able to find someone that is “really good” at SEO they could make much more money working for themselves than taking a salaried job from you.

    SEO is a trade, just like the mechanic and the plumber and the electrician. You can figure out how all of these things work with enough research and time…but than you would be neglecting your “real” job. that is why the ‘used car salesman’ seo companies are valuable to so many people, as long as they do what they say they are gonna do, it is well worth hiring someone to do your seo so you can open up the garage on time every day to turn wrenches and calibrate carburetors.

  12. I dunno monks first of all I dont just do salary I do salary + revenue sharing. This is a model I stole from Greg Boser. Also many people just do not want to do their own company. Since having a baby I realize the value of just working for the man and not having the stress

  13. look in the rss feeds for google blog search, people register 1,000’s of blogs a day, that’s just an example

  14. si, salary plus rev-share. that IS the ticket. oh, and i wasn’t blasting “you”, i meant, working for anyone else.

    I really think though, that after working for yourself for a long time…it would be VERY hard to go back and work for a big company…unless you were desirable enough to set your own hours/salary.

    with that said, i do agree that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round…and some of them just want to punch the clock, stress free and work for someone else. I am thankful for those people….while others feed off of the high pressure cooker of being an entrepreneur. Eventually, that work life will get old too and it will be time to create a new label for a very successful business person. the label i have been hearing from all my friends that are looking to slow down a little bit is one you go by these days as well…it is “dad”.

    Dad is the ultimate label.

  15. google controls where you search.
    scrapers control what you find.
    then there are others that make a few bucks from making a few sites.
    it’s sad, but true.

  16. >>Anyone can make a webpage and rank for things

    no they can’t. That belief is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Just because you think it’s easy doesn’t mean anybody can do it. My sister makes custom lampwork glass jewelery. She doesn’t have the first clue how to build her website so she hired someone. That dude didn’t have the first clue how to get it to rank for anything other than her actual company name but it’s not a bad looking site…

  17. In general SEO is not that difficult, its only when you add factors like “ultra competitive markets” “sites with 100’s of millions of pages” and corporations that turn as fast as the Titanic.

  18. I work for the man now, and it may just be me peering over the fence at the nice green lawn, but I don’t think working on my own thing would be any more stressful then this, and at least I would be working for myself…

  19. “SEO is not an exact science�. So, which some people charge is just for ranking reports and maintenance I think

  20. Good insight. SEO is not some voodoo-hoodoo. You can get the basics done and, if you polish it really well, get above average results. But to get to the top 10, you need the secret sauce (like diggbait).

  21. The scary part about this whole post is that SEO is something that I have been thinking very seriously about over the past few days. It IS easy. There are very few factors that go into that 95% you are talking about.

    For example, after making about 5 changes to my blog I am already ranked on the first page for “Affiliate Manager” when I was on the 5th page just a few weeks ago. There isn’t a whole lot that goes into it and people pay so much money for it. Stop telling everyone how it really is Shoe, let them figure it out for themselves 🙂

  22. Shoe, so tell us about the court appearance !

    Did you bring big stack of paper for the courts to mull over or did you tell them the logs were rotated out just like every other server/web host admin does it?

  23. That 5% can mean the difference between PR10 and PR1m
    and a website getting indexed in 1 day and 6 months.

    Hmmmm, I’m not in the 5% batch.

  24. 2 hours of you talking!
    Isn’t that like an intensive Elite Retreat session?

    Wonder how many jury members went home and started a blog?

  25. Shoe, has it occured to you that everyone can do the easy stuff – yes, even you ?

    The so called 5% is just those with the nouse to persist beyond it (and unfortunately, those who still need their SEO clientelles).

    The ones you really want to know about are those that dont sell their services. The ones that loiter in the sidelines, laughing while their shit really does surpass the hype, day in, day out.

    If only people looked past the so called white and black, they might recognize the color of money !

  26. I couldnt agree with you more. There are so many wannabe “SEO” experts out there trying to make a buck by doing some directory submissions and article submissions. For example – DP, i have never seen so many idiots offer SEO services. Every moron on there and their goldfish claims to be an SEO expert with their own website and all.

  27. “You either pay someone to do stuff or do it yourself.”

    That comment really speaks volumes. When I started my company, I had zero dollars to invest. That in mind, I learned how to build a website, seo, market, program, accounting, etc. etc. etc. because I didn’t have the money to pay someone else to do it. Now that I do have the money to pay other people to do things, I still have problems doing that. I want to be able to DO EVERYTHING! I still do my own taxes, isn’t that crazy? Yes, I’m a control freak and good help is hard to find…:D

  28. I def agree with allot of this entry…overall SEO is not hard…just do your homework. Search the the blogs and all the into if right in front of your face. I’m no pro at this but basic seo is easy..And in regars to the 5% topic …as the old saying goes..”It’s Who You Know Not What You Know!

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