Turner Broadcasting thought it would be fun to place these “blinking electronic circuit boards” all over Boston that was the first in a 10 city marketing campaign that featured the lead Mooninite charector flipping the bird.

This shutdown the city of Boston as they thought it was a terrorist attack…. until they realized the snafu.

Anyway… I saw this shirt on ebay… I could not help myself (I am a Aqua Teen Hunger Force Fan)

Mooninite Shirt

Check out all the storys on it here

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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16 thoughts on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninites Shutdown Boston”
  1. Like I said on my blog — either this a Marketing Gone very wrong or it is PR Stunt gone very right. 🙂

  2. Hey Shoe, could you maybe go over who the elite conference would help? I make a full time leaving off affiliate marketing but would always like to learn more about SEO, expansion, and new tricks, would it help me?

  3. I think I might actually do a podcast explaining it a bit more for those interested. I am more of a vocal presenter and have a hard time explaining in writing.

  4. I think we will find out its gone very right. It was mentioned on Colbert tonight and also was the lead story on fox news.

  5. Oh and yeah it made to the front page of the Times of India too! And look at all the buzz it has generated. 🙂

    Oh and the guys behind this stunt one-upped it by refusing to talk about anything but 60s and 70s hairstyle. 😀

    I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it.

  6. At the end of the day its just been a PR stunt where an ad agency has paid a couple of “wannabees” a couple of thousand dollars to cause mayhem across the world. These two guys have done nothing wrong apart from using Americas own insecurities to benefit there campaign. Guerilla marketing like this is what you call ROI!

  7. Hey Shoe – thought you would appreciate this if you haven’t seen it yet. Here is a part of the CNN.com article about the press conference the two marketers held after they got out on bail:

    Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens were released on $2,500 bail, said Mike Rich, their attorney. The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for March 7.

    Both men were cooperative with authorities, and neither has a previous criminal record in Massachusetts, Grossman said.

    At a news conference after the hearing, Stevens and Berdovsky stepped to the microphones and said they were taking questions only about 1970s hairstyles.

    When a reporter accused them of not taking the situation seriously, Stevens responded, “We’re taking it very seriously.” Asked another question about the case, Stevens reiterated they were answering questions only about hair and accused the reporter of not taking him and Berdovsky seriously.

    Reporters did not relent and as they continued, Berdovsky disregarded their queries, saying, “That’s not a hair question. I’m sorry.”

    You can check out the full article here – http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/02/01/boston.bombscare/index.html

  8. You hid your affiliate link with tinyurl? Come on. You should at least have used linkslice.com


  9. I treat this as a serious issue in respect to the fact that people are allowed to create panic out of the most conventional situations. I think the person who called this in as a bomb should have some explaining to do. Not only that, the Boston PD has a lot of explaining to do in the fact that it took them most of the day to get the word out that these were not bombs. Anyone off the street should take all of 5 seconds to figure out that an LED sign is not a bomb! I wouldn’t charge Turner or this marketing idea for anything. I would charge Boston authorities with gross negligence for being unable to diseminate accurate and timely information when some moron panics over something completely benign. Boston authorities should be ashamed of themselves for such incompetence. Nine other cities had the same marketing campaign without any hitches. Let’s hope no one in Boston gets the idea that there are bombs in anything else… like fire hydrants for example. Can you imagine the panic? They’re planted all over the city!

    Carl Rules!!!

  10. I first saw the expanded version of that mooninite ‘never forget’ image in the first or second Fark threads. I’m now using it as the default image for several myspace profiles (and seeing others do so as well).

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  12. […] video or an Internet Fad. In a conversation I had with shoemoney, he told me that one of his posts, aqua teen hunger force, sold more than $26k in T-shirt sales and made a good chunk in affiliate […]

  13. […] or an Internet Fad. In a conversation I had with shoemoney, he told me that one of his posts, aqua teen hunger force, sold more than $26k in T-shirt sales and made a good chunk in affiliate […]

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