muscly jerkHave you seen Google Video lately and how just about every other video in the Google Top 100 is about sex or has a sexy woman on it. Then when you click on it you see a nice link to the website in the info field and also the video is watermarked to death with the website aswell. Pretty sweet marketing eh? Damn skippy!. Ever wonder what kind of traffic you can get from being ranked #1 on Google Video by doing a similar tactic?

Well I got a email on friday from a gentleman who calls himself the MusclyJerk.

Date: January 26, 2007 12:34:32 PM CST
Subject: No.2 On Google Video Rankings = 3,000+ visits/day

Hi Jeremy,

Thought you might find this interesting since I have sort-of ‘gamed’ Google Video and have been sitting at number 2 on their video rankings for 2 days and I’m still there now.

The interesting part is the traffic – as my video moved up in a matter of days (after months of laying dorment) .. traffic from Google Video is now coming in at above 3,000 visitors/day. I could send you screenshots of the analytics and the google video ranking if you’re interested in doing a little blog entry on it.

Take it easy and let me know what you think !

The Muscly Jerk ;o)

I responded and said I would be totally interested in seeing what kind of traffic that would bring and I thought in general people would also. Today he responded saying he now is in the #1 spot and sent along screenshots of his analytics throughout the month.

Google Video

So you can see from the screenshot above and his video in #1. It shows a smoking hot blonde in a very low cut front shirt with the title of “Hot Girls Answer Every Guys Question”. How frickin nice is that!

Ok but what kind of cheese does it yield?

Muscle Analytics

Ok great so he is getting almost 4k unique per day now that he is at the top spot… what does that really mean? Well I did some research and scraped together some keywords for muscle/health and fitness and just about everything I could find on his page and basically it came to a average of about .27 cents per click. Now depending on his account and quality score that could be higher or lower. So lets play lowball and say it was 20 cents per day at 3500 hits. That means he is saving ATLEAST $700.00 A DAY on Adwords. What about conversions? Well people are only clicking if they are interested in the Muscly Jerk stuff its VERY laid out and the site is just more of the video… hot chicks with buff guys. I would think conversions would be very high. I have emailed him back requesting some actual conversion data but he does not have much to compare it to since he never started getting traffic until this!

Thanks Musclyjerk for sharing your info! Now everyone go sign up for his program and get buff. Yes Neil Patel I am talking about you.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

34 thoughts on “Google Video #1 Rank – What Kind Of Traffic Does It Bring?”
  1. Musclyjerk is owned by GADOOD from DP, surprising he emails you when he has bashed you so much over there :S

  2. Haters rock and the hate mail is coming in thick and fast.

    Unfortunately I have been guilty of this myself in the past.

    Thanks again Jeremy,


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  4. Why the hell is THIS video number one? Really.

    Does anyone else think that google needs to just end GVideo and link everything over to YouTube? I have always thought that it was an inferior product.

    Also, 3000 visitors a day isn’t as many as I would have thought for being number one.

    BTW – love the blog Shoe.

  5. So you have basically taken the same road as the rich jerk did about money only this is about muscles and chicks, I see it works out pretty good. I guess I should also get into this business.

  6. They have got the youtube (traffic) also. Everybody is using this traffic… askthebuilder using this video technique from a long time…
    Even all the time the search results contain more of youtube video than google video.
    ….pirates of silicon valley was also there. Do they (google guys) know all this stuff and ignore this intentionally..

  7. Maybe if the site didn’t take 45 seconds to load on my normaly screaming fast cable his site would convert better too.

  8. Shoe:

    The real question is how much more traffic you drove to this guys site. I bet you drive as much as the Google video rank and much of it will be disguised, since we click the top 100 videos, then on this guys links.

    Anyway, thanks for helping me waste an hour this morning, clicking through the Google video list.

  9. That’s a great technique, thanks for sharing 🙂 This can be applied to almost any niche I’m thinking, and youtube is only growing (and all the other video sites out there)

  10. You also have to remember that this is all type in traffic after watching the video right to the end. If there was a link on G Video directly to the site then the traffic would probably be insane.


  11. 4000 unique crappy traffic visitors. you don’t SERIOUSLY compare these visitors to PPC traffic for keywords like “build muscles” or similar? the latter will convert 10-30 times better, so the generated traffic isn’t worth more than 100 bucks / day. pretty bad for a #1 video…

  12. I used to do the same a while back on YouTube with a magic trick video. Ranked #1,2,3 for different keyword searches and was bringing around 10,000 views a day and a few sales daily (at $35 each – from The BAD THING happened though – after Google bought them, they changed the search algorithm (and they’re changing it regularily) and can’t bring it on the first page anylonger.

  13. did you notice how easy is to post a tag with your website address on that video page? 😀

  14. Google Video really needs to clean up the top 100 list. It is just full of videos with sexy girls. There is nothing wrong with sexy girls, but I doubt that is what Google had in mind. I suppose when people where done adding adult profiles to Google Base they moved on to Google Video.

  15. Hitwise put out some great data today on their blog showing how YouTube’s marketshare has increased 18%+ *in one week* since they were indexed by Google’s Video Search. If Google Video can go from delivering 8% of YouTube’s total traffic in one week, I shudder to think what it can do for any one site. . .

  16. very nice trick. i just check the rank again, and its 2nd now. and as other people said as well, its not only getting traffic from google video now but will get lot traffics from your site as well shoe

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  20. Hilarious. The kid at the top of the page looks more like 5+ yrs have gone by, not just 12 weeks. Gotta admit though, girls do love them ‘muscly’ guys.

    But the traffic from his Google videos is a brilliant idea. Gotta get that one figured out. Now for the tough question: more time at the gym to get ‘muscly’ or more time at the computer to get ‘trafficly’?

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  22. I know that this was posted a long time ago but has google done anything about trying to game them? What If i put up censored porn up on the vid? Does google now know when things aren’t related?

  23. “I’ve been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?”

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