This week on my Radio Show, Net Income, we are going to have a representative from Google Adsense. We will be primarily focusing on the recent changes with the Google Adsense TOS but as always will take your live calls during the show.

You can also post a question here on my blog and we will try to get to it during the show.

So what question would you like me to ask them?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

41 thoughts on “Google Adsense LIVE Taking Your Questions On This Weeks Net Income”
  1. I would love to know why my personal (not company) account got deleted due clickfraud, spesialy since I was on a 4 weeks vacation when it happened! The reasons was that they thought I clicked my own ads, but like I said.. how could I do that when I was on a 4 weeks vacation?

  2. I’d like to know if these changes are to address previous issues or if they’re just stepping stones to more harsh changes in response to arbitrage and other sites that are lowering the value of Adsense and Adwords.

  3. Can I put images next to ads if they have NOTHING to do with the ads being shown. e.g. very generic stuff like a little 50×50 px abstract texture?

  4. Hey, I thought your last show was the last for a while, did I miss the news? Glad your on again.

  5. I would like to know more about the email I received about Custom Placement Packs. How many people did they send this email to? Did they really review my site because the only ad format I have is 300×250 already.

  6. MFAs- how to get rid ot them once for ever. Why we are not allowed to use regular expressions for domain blocking?

  7. Even though google mentions in their tos that pictures next to ads are not allowed — why aren’t they enforcing it? There are some very high traffic websites that use the method (not naming names) and have been doing so for quite a while.

  8. When are you going to stop geographical companies bidding on nationwide terms? Such as the term HOTELS. Brings up specefic hotels in Los Vegas/specific cities. If someone is searching for HOTELS. Its usually not the best practice to list every hotel in the country. I know cash is king but this really does provide a less than par user experience. If your answer is “this is what the competitive ad filter is for” I ask you to please set up a hotel website and “test” the competitive ad filter.

  9. If it was your personal not business account. Wouldn’t you be working on it while you’re on vacation? I take vacation to handle personal things. Maybe I just need to go reintroduce myself to the outside world. =)

  10. My question is pretty simple: How can one get better email feedback(or any feedback for that matter), once their account is suspended due to unknown reasons and 4-5 emails have been sent to support????

  11. Ask them why the “Google slap” has advertisers paying more and more but Adsense payouts are going down down down.

  12. Please shoe, I need you to ask the representative if we can show generic images near the Rectangles Ads, and if not, what kind of images can we show?

    By the way, I believe that the images will attract the visitors to READ the ads not to click on them. In all cases, no one will click on an ad blindly! ain’t I right? These days, people are not reading the ads just because they look boring and very familiar to them, especially with AdSense (MOST sites are showing Google ads). So the point of using images is “Hey… check these ads!!!”

    Thanks Shoe in advance!!!

  13. I think smart pricing is a must talk subject. How can they justify reducing the CPC for publishers to benefit their advertisers with little or no documentation or proof on “why” it’s happening. Also, what guarantee do we have that the revenue is actually being “refunded” back to the advertiser….


  14. Will we ever get more tools to help prevent click-fraud and the BAN?
    i.e.; built-in IP click tracking or being able to specify what domains are authorized to use our pubID ?

  15. I would to know more about banning, seems like lots of people get banned without reason or the same ol “invalid clicks” reason.

  16. I would like to seriously ask them if they plan to review their fraud termination policies. Since I am a choirboy, and never did anything the least bit against their TOS, it is clear their ability to properly detect fraud is way off the mark. So I wonder if there have been any improvements there and what should people who were legitimately banned consider doing going forward. I am all for fraud prevention, but when they ban people who did nothing wrong but then leave questionable sites alone, I think it undermines their entire credibility.

  17. Why can’t we get some links for specific products in the Google Pack that just say “product name” and is there anyway we can get a link at the top of the Google Pack landing page that says “just want “product name?” Click here” and allow them to get the product with that one click. And if they can’t, for whatever reason, give us product name links, can they add the option after each item that says “Click here to download this item only”? Make it easier and they’ll get more signups.

  18. I second the “Why we are not allowed to use regular expressions for domain blocking?” question.

  19. because, unless you are on the moon, you would have internet capabilities… and google doesn’t care about just one guy and his excuses..sorry i dont mean to be mean

  20. I would like you to ask about transparacey. Things like:
    How google can justify bans on some accounts and warnings to others.
    How google can justify lowering the amount they pay out per click without notice.
    How they expect the general public to have faith in their “Do No Evil” motto when they offer no evidence or proof of anything they do.
    Most importantly, I’d like to ask why they keep ALL the money in any banned account, even money they KNOW was honestly earned.

  21. I would like to know what sort of images are allowed next to Google Ads and when are images considered to be against the Terms of Conditions please.

  22. Why the brazilian adsense´s editors payments are not occuring since november (the last payment we had received is from october 2006), why you charge AdWords advertisers in Brazil R$ and pay brazilian adsense editors in U$ courrier mailed checks and when we can spect to receive our payments??? I know stories of editors that´s already in hard trouble because of the delay!

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  24. I’d like to know why “Adsense for Domains” sites (parked domains) are part of the AdWords Search network. I don’t have a problem with these sites being a part of the Content network. This is actually a bigger problem than click fraud. It’s distribution fraud. Thanks.

  25. Google Adsense on the ShoeMoney Radio Show this Week…

    A rep from Google Adsense will be the featured guest on this week’s ShoeMoney Net Income radio show. Discussion on the recent changes with the Google Adsense and questions from the audience.


  26. […] Jeremy Schoemaker (aka ShoeMoney) a well known Internet marketer, and host of a weekly radio show Net Income is going to have a Adsense rep on his show Tuesday night. The show will be featuring recent changes to the Adsense TOS, but will be taking live calls, or you can post a question on ShoeMoney’s blog. […]

  27. How about one from the advertisers’ perspective, when will GOOG provide more granularity and transparency into the performance of adsense? Right now it is a one size fits all deal, but many advertisers would rather pick specific sites, or at least genres of sites with a predictable demographic. Any movement coming in that direction and if not, why?

  28. Hey Shoe,

    I have 3 questions for the Adsense folks (I have asked 2 of the 3 directly via email and gotten no answer other than the stock “thank you for your interest…”:

    1. Why are referral codes such a pain in the ass? When I tell someone that they need to sign up for Adsense because I think they have good content and could make some money, it’s a chore to tell them to go to such-and-so page and find the button that says “this site is monetized…”. Can’t they provide a simple code that can be sent in emails or otherwise customized? Why the hyper-control on this issue? What kind of abuse are they afraid will happen? This is much closer to a CPA process than a CPC process…ease up on the reins, please!
    2. Why have they refused to allow alphabetization of palette names? They do it on everything else. I HATE searching thru my palette names one by one even though I know what I’m looking for. What a waste of time! I’m sure this could be addressed with a few minutes of coding.
    3. Why haven’t they added any new ad formats lately…i.e., instead of making me jam two 468×60 ads on top of one another (I have seen this all over the web where folks are trying to fill a space of a particular size), why not provide a 4-ad unit that’s 120×468…? Certainly a few more formats would cause no real pain to anyone.

    Thanks for taking time to read this!


  29. I’d like to hear more about banning, for sure. Like if Google has an Adsense blackbook or something. Also whats the deal if you have a personal account that gets banned and then you form a corporation with a new tax id and everything?

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  31. […] Google AdSense is definitely one of the bext contextual PPC program on the web. Google is also present at some of the big conference like Search Engine Strategies (SES). Well now they are expanding their view to Shoemoney’s Net Income radio show on WebmasterRadio. […]

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