EDIT: I had to restart the FRICKIN AUCTION cause I put macosx.com and not .org in the title grrrrr it was up to like 400$ after the first 6 hours. Sucks to cancel the auction and restart again at 1$ O well

I am selling 3 domains on eBay and giving the proceeds to charity. I think these are good domains and have a future with someone… just not me. I have owned most of them for a long period of time. If you can suggest a good charity and a good reason to give to it please leave it in the comments.

The bidding starts at 1$

Here is the link to the auction

The domains are:

Macosx.org, infovegas.com, and cellnn.com

Macosx.org – Mac news site.

Created On:13-Sep-1998 04:00:00 UTC
Last Updated On:01-Jan-2006 06:38:42 UTC
Expiration Date:12-Sep-2015 04:00:00 UTC

Cellnn.com – cellular news network.

Created on: 12-Feb-05
Expires on: 12-Feb-08
Last Updated on: 22-Dec-06

Infovegas.com – Vegas Information

Created on: 04-Apr-97
Expires on: 04-Apr-07
Last Updated on: 15-Oct-05

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

25 thoughts on “I Am Selling Domains For Charity”
  1. My vote’s for christopherreeve.org, to help find a cure for paralysis… but I’m biased 🙂

  2. Shoe,

    Being a fellow entrepreneur, you’re going to love this. Check out kiva.org. It gives “microloans” to people around the world wanting to start their own businesses, mostly agricultural stuff for now. But it’s the best way I’ve seen to give both money and opportunity to someone in need.

    Have you talked to Monte about this? It seems like on his show that you can get the domain appraised and then donate the domain. Which could be better for your taxes and the charities assets. IMO ebay sometimes just gives away decent domains for next to nothing.

  3. I think I will bid on infovegas , what kind of stats do you have on that? Have you tried any iraq vetaran related charity ?

  4. great idea there. Can not just pick one but thought wish.org looks as a good recommendation for donating your funds. Good luck with the auction!

  5. I work here Shoe tjkids.org
    It’s a really small organization that operates a children’s home in Tijuana, Mexico.

    Regardless, drop me an email if you can come visit us next time you are in san diego. We are just over the border.
    I’ll give you the grand tour 🙂

  6. I got the auction up to 800 for you shoe, all in the name of charity, thomor25………

  7. If something goes wrong, consider splitting the auction and auction off each domain separately.

  8. Dang shoe. Those are some nice domains. Maybe you should make a post on how to find good domains?

  9. Shoe,

    As you know, my charity is Celiac Disease – my kids have it, so it is personal – read more about some zany things I’ve done to raise over $16,000 for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research here.

    Good reason to give to that charity: There are tons of good causes out there, so I don’t want to say mine is better than others. However, if you donate to UofM, I’ll donate an additional 10% (hey, my name isn’t AlekMoney!) of the amount up to $1,000. I.e. Your eBay auction is currently at $2,000 – I’ll add another $200 for charity. If it goes for $10,000 (or more), I’ll toss in another $1,000.

    Regardless of who you decide to donate too, good luck with the auction and please do a follow-up post on how it all shakes out.

  10. Shoe,

    I am a good friend of Alek’s and I’d like to up the ante *if* the donation is made to Celiac disease as specified by Alek above. This would make for a 20% bonus with the double match from Alek and I. Email me or call the number on my blog at the listed url above if you would like to verify. I will be happy to put this commitment in writing if you choose to support Celiac disease. I personally believe in the cause but it is hard to match the efforts that Alek have made over time.

  11. Shoe,
    Another friend of Alek and Jon’s here. Alek has done a lot of good for Celiac research. I’ll match Alek and Jon’s offer and give another 10% (up to $1,000) to Ceiliac research if you choose to make your donation to Celiac. That’s a 30% bonus donation on top of yours.
    Thanks, Andrew.

  12. Yet another friend of Alek, Jon and Andrew’s here upping the ante for Celiac research. I’ll match their offer of giving another 10%, up to $1000. That’s a 40% bonus donation on top of yours between the four of us, iff you choose to donate to Celiac research.

    We are all stand up guys and friends from way back, and Celiac research is a great charity. Alek and his crazy stunts (not to mention his cute kids) have prompted us to donate to Celiac research before. You’ll get a nice thank you letter from the University of Maryland Center for Celiac research that will make a great image to add to your site. I’m sure UofM will also be happy to verify we’ve ponied up the extra 40%.

    Thanks for the great radio show – hope it continues!

    Anthony Francavilla
    Colorado HomeFinder

  13. […] Shoemoney’s Domain Charity Auction has three days left Jeremey posted this last week and the eBay auction has three days left. […]

  14. Here’s one for charity folks and you can get involved and be a part of this noble cause. Yes, be spend your time and effort to help those in need PLUS earn a ticket for a raffle that can win you 25%, 10% or 5% of the sale of this domain.

    Good concept and achievable so get in and help.

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