WTF my friend Jen from only has 2% of the vote on Andy Beals “Queen Of Search” contest. Cmon guys show them who is the best.

Vote for jen here (make sure you scroll down to jen s-l-e(double G) jen slegg.

You know Jen is the most powerful woman in search.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

17 thoughts on “Vote For Jen”
  1. I’m getting stack overflows on your page… under Internet Explorer

    Line 1454 and line 1450 on the main page.

  2. dang… your not supposed to see anything with internet explorer… I need to fix that. FIREFOX BABY

  3. I know I know… I am addicted like a crack addict and can’t give it up. Although looking at IE 7 just made me puke. IE 6 FOREVER!

  4. ohh its all good 😉 we are working on some comment karma addons that might cause some interference.

    fixing though

  5. You’ve been posting like crazy lately. Don’t get all burned out and go on a week long no posting vacation. Obviously you’re doing some sorta testing.

  6. […] Jeremy Schoemaker asked his followers to vote for Jennifer Slegg in the “Queen of Search” vote over at marketingpilgrim, and surprise, surprise she suddenly got 53% of the votes. My guess is that most voted for her just because Jeremy told them: WTF my friend Jen from only has 2% of the vote on Andy Beals “Queen Of Searchâ€? contest. Cmon guys show them who is the best. […]

  7. A near-wrong appears to have been narrowly averted (well, if you call 53% of the vote a narrow margin).

    You’re right…Jen is da bomb. I always listen when she speaks/posts.

  8. Well, it looks like you just ended that competition! :] Kinda unfear actually.. :b

  9. Well I know my friend Jen is sick and pretty much bed ridden so she does not have time to campaign for herself so I thought I would give her a link =P

  10. OK, so for the rest of us – which one is Jensense; Jennifer Laycock og Slegg?

    Ok, I could probably have found it out in the time it took typing this comment, but I wanted to comment 😉

  11. Shoemoney, you are absolutely correct, Jen is the Queen of Search, and I guess I was part of that 2% who voted for her initially, but now that she has 50% of the vote it looks like she will win the recognition she deserves. Thanks for bringing it to peoples’ attention.

  12. I think this was really unfair 🙁

    “Shoemoney” might as well have been an option on that poll now, because people have only voted for Jen because you told them too. I’m sure if Jen is really as honest and whitehat as she says on her blog, she’d not be too happy with what you did here. A link to the poll with no advice would have been much better — and it wouldnt have ruined the chances for the other woman who dont have such influential friends. (I know its just a poll, but i bet at least one person on that poll would liked to have seen themselves with a chance of winning 😉

  13. umm hello people…someone has been voting over and over for Jen.. don’t think I don’t think she deserves it as much as the rest, but the same thing happened to me last year when Oilman decided to keep hitting refresh on a poll for the sempo board. no way that total is accurate, no matter how many readers went over there on the shoe’s request.

    hehe good one though…

  14. The Shoemoney Effect…

    Andy Beal has been putting up polls on his blog and one of his recent polls was to find out who was the “Queen of Search” on the net. There was an odd twist caused by Shoemoney which is hilarious in a way!

    The options to Andy Beal’s…

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