SeoBlackhat came on for our 23rd episode of Net Income. I think it was one of the best shows we have ever done.

You can listen below or click here

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

22 thoughts on “Episode 23 – Net Income Talks Black With SeoBlackHat QuadZilla”
  1. Yes, indeed this was one of the best. I tuned in live for this show! Heck, I even called in!

    Can’t wait for the t-shirt, I’ll send you the picture once I have it 🙂

  2. Great show!

    I agree that SEO is not THE only game for success. It’s useful though to get higher page ranks to be more and more trusted by advertisers! And maybe the high pr will increase the RPC in adsense (Smart Pricing). But on the other hand, having useful and unique contents is the key for success because you will get more and more back links without even requesting or buying them.

  3. I really enjoyed the show Shoe…it was the best that I’ve heard you do, though having Quadz on with a call-in from JasonD never hurts. 🙂

  4. […] Shoemoney interviews SeoBlackhat on his radio show – while blackhat isn’t my scene it’s an interesting listen. I’ll be appearing on Jeremy’s show on 16th January so start thinking up questions and I’ll point you to a link to submit them to in the next week or so. If you enjoyed this post Subscribe to the Free ProBlogger Newsletter […]

  5. Really awesome guest Shoe. Whether you are into black hat or not it was interesting to hear his perspective.

  6. Yeah that was a cool show guys.

    You mentioned you have 3 more shows to go to fulfill your contract with webmasterradio – is it definitely ending there Shoe? It’d be great if you could keep the show going, I and many others no doubt want to hear more!


  7. […] Â ìîìåíòà ãî ñâàëÿì, íî ñúäåéêè ïî êîìåíòàðèòå – áèëî å ñòðàõîòíî øîó Íå ñå íàäÿâàì QuadZilla äà èçïåå êîé-çíàå êàêâî, íî ïúê ìè ñå ùå äà ãî ÷óÿ Ìîæå äà ãî ÷óåòå îíëàéí òóê, èëè äà ãî ñâàëèòå îò òóê  ← CSS Cheat Sheet […]

  8. […] You can also listen to the show from Shoemoneys’ blog […]

  9. I understand that wmr will start charging to listen to shoe’s show. but they will not charge for danny’s show.

  10. I think it’s interesting what Quadzilla said about white hat SEO suggestions. It’s the same crap on Google’s webmaster guidlines. No wonder people break the rules!

  11. Yeah, that was the best show yet. Quadzilla made some interesting closing remarks about setting up affiliate programs…he said not only is it important to do, but that you should do it locally (rather than use a network), and that there were ways to get some seo benefit from affiliate links (which I presume is why he suggests doing it locally).

    I’ve been wondering about that last point myself. Would be great to hear some more about that.

  12. […] Insofern ist nun die Frage, wie man als Publisher damit umgeht. Und dies hängt insbesondere für Blogger davon ab, über welche Kanäle man seinen Traffic bezieht – lies: inwieweit man auf Suchmaschinen angewiesen ist. Einer Suchmaschinen-Authorität wie Shoemoney ist es z.B. ziemlich egal, was Suchmaschinen von seinem Blog halten, da seine Leser laut eigener Angabe fast ausschließlich über die Marke Shoemoney, Bookmarks und RSS-Abos zu seinem (zugegebenermassen auch ziemlich guten) Content finden. Dies lässt sich jedoch sicherlich nicht verallgemeinern, die meisten Publisher haben ein Interesse an guter Suchmaschinenplazierung und Suchmaschinentraffic. […]

  13. […] In a recent conversation between Shoe and Quadzilla on the show they were talking about SEO and Quadzilla made a comment which I found pretty heartening. […]

  14. […] After listening to an archived show of NetIncome, Jeremy’s show on WebmasterRadio, I started thinking about black hat optimization and the reputation that it has received in the industry.  In the particular episode I’m referencing, Jeremy spoke with legendary “black hat” Quadzilla from SEO Blackhat.  Together, they did something that has been needed in the industry for a long time… they provided us with clear examples as to why black hat optimization is truly just effective optimization. Both Jeremy and Quadzilla commented early in the program that traditional white hat SEO is filled with the same tips and strategies, regurgitated from one source to the next.  They hit the nail on the head too, indicating that most of what’s available in terms of articles and tips is repetitive, boring and ineffective to a large degree.  In battling for improved rankings on the SERPs, there’s really only so much you can gain from optimized titles, meta tags and link building. Quadzilla offered a wealth of information on the show, and I’d like to go through some of his comments (as well as Jeremy’s) because they really indicate that there is indeed a gray area between black and white SEO.  Those that actively practice the advanced optimization in these gray areas should not be frowned upon.  On the contrary, we’re talking about very seasoned individuals that develop advanced techniques that require dedication, research and credentials to be effective. […]

  15. […] Shoemoney interviews SeoBlackhat on his radio show – while blackhat isn’t my scene it’s an interesting listen. I’ll be appearing on Jeremy’s show on 16th January so start thinking up questions and I’ll point you to a link to submit them to in the next week or so. […]

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