So I see Mark Cuban has chimed in with his 2 cents on the Google/Youtube Deal. Has this guy done anything ever that actually made money ? Ohhh ya he sold a domain name to Yahoo. ( Which from what I have read he fell into that deal (although reaping tons of cash from it).

Hrmm the benefactor… flop.. hdnet… flopping… any others I missed ? I know the Dallas Mavericks are doing well but cmon I dont think its possible to actaully LOSE money on a pro sports francise.

If you read his post today you can see he just kind of recycles what everyone else is saying yet people are hanging on his every word…

I love and root for Mark Cuban as a NBA Owner but as a technical person especially when it comes to business I am not that impressed.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

36 thoughts on “What The Hell Does Mark Cuban Know Anyway”
  1. I think his points regarding YouTube are valid, but obviously Google is doing its homework. It knows exactly the traffic it is getting and the revenue potential.

    Google’s own video service is good, but not half the success of YouTube.

    Perhaps we are in a dot com bubble right now, but its fun watching the drama unfold.

  2. I read Mark’s blog posting Some Thoughts on Youtube and Google and I disagree with Mark’s view. Mark believes that Google (Nasdaq GOOG) would be moronic to buy YouTube. I say they would be moronic not to buy.

    There is only one #1 player in any given market as Internet entrepreneurs and investors have discovered with the outsized valuation given the Google. Leaders like MySpace and YouTube deserve significant premiums because they not only are synonymous with the product being delivered (MySpace/social networking, YouTube/video sharing, Google/search), but users gravitate towards those services because of their reputation. It takes no convincing to get a user to try MySpace, YouTube, or Google because chances are someone they know already uses it – and recommends it.

    An advertising deal with YouTube would solidify Google as a #1 in video ads, but a buyout would solidify Google as the leader in Web 2.0 video.

    Pop Quiz (Multiple Choice). Select the best answer below.
    What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be

    * A) WPP Group Plc (selling advertising) (Nasdaq WPPGY)?
    * B) Viacom, Inc. (broadcasting content) (Nasdaq VIAB)?
    * C) Comcast Corporation (the leader in cable television, content and delivery) (Nasdaq CMCSA)?

    The answer is …

  3. “GoogleÒ€ℒs own video service is good, but not half the success of YouTube.”
    Just like Mike said it.

  4. C’mon now, Cuban’s a good guy, just a little anal about other people making money. I told him how to profit from YouTube but he got scared and didn’t want to spend the money.

    I told him to use his HDNet to license content to be shown in any form on the web or over the air. Then badmouth YouTube (which he has done) to drive the price down, which is what he does to other businesses with his Then once the price is down to a billion or less buy YouTube and then use the HDNet licenses he already got at a pittance to allow all the content to stay.

    But, he was too busy wrapping up Dirk to a long-term contract.

  5. Oops.. I was talking about his original comments. I see he wrote something since the buzz about the actual deal. However, he said over a week ago that anyone would be stupid for buying YouTube.

  6. Begging for attention from Mark huh ShoeMoney. Common, you must have read his comments over the last few weeks on YouTube – I know you read Calcanis’ blog which linked to this a while ago. You may not respect him in business, but the man is always ahead of the curve regardless of whether or not his business are succeeding and that’s why he got paid by Yahoo.

    This sounds like when you made negative comments about the plenty of fish guy to get his attention – good link bait.

  7. you can say what you want about the tv show… i earned that one. but get a clue about the rest. HDNet is kicking ass. 2929 Entertainment…Good Night Good Luck, Akeelah and the Bee, great stuff coming. HDNet Films for day and date has 12 films coming and most will make more than enough to cover those that dont. Landmark Theaters is having a record year. ,, both making money. Great money.

    You might not agree on youtube. I dont care. But get a clue about the businesses im involved with

    wait till you see what we are working on for affiliate programs for selling movie tickets.

  8. shoe you SUNOVABITCH. I bet shoemoney $10,000.00 he could not get marc cuban to respond on his blog and he did it. You ass!

    I guess this weekend in Las Vegas is going to be on me! Damn You!

  9. everywhere I’ve seen his name spelled…it’s with a k. take if for what it’s worth, but I do live in dallas so I’ve seen him name referenced a few times. Also, the official mavericks website uses a “k” as well.

  10. […] Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase. Some guy, named Mark Cuban has expressed his opinion about the deal on his blog. Basically, what he is saying is, it would be stupid for Google to buy Youtube for some reasons (which I’m too lazy to be re-posting, so just read his blog). Now, ShoeMoney goes like “How can Mark Cuban know anything about the deal?” on his post. But the problem is – how is Mark Cuban’s opinion related with that? I mean, isn’t he entitled to have an opinion or something just because he isn’t that deep into the market? I don’t really see why. And how is Shoe’s knowledge any better? Wanna give out any sources to prove it? I don’t mean any offense, though, so don’t take this in the wrong way. Anyway, it’s probably stupid to be posting about this whole crap as everything is talking about it already. Just my 2 cents. Well, I guess I’m pretty much not aware of what’s going on too. […]

  11. I could not agree more. In hindsight, I wonder if Cuban would have valued his own deal. I’ve heard him called ‘the accidental millionaire’. As I read his blog, I’m starting to agree. No offense to Mr. Cuban, but what have you done?

  12. What a bunch of b.s. No one accidently becomes a billionaire.

    I don’t agree with everything Cuban says, hell I haven’t even read what he said about YouTube… but I can think of a billion reasons why what he has to say is at least worth considering.

    If its so easy selling yahoo a domain name for a several billion dollars how come any of you guys didn’t do it?

    Besides Marc Cuban had already built and sold a million dollar computer business during the eighties to early nineties… before the internet even existed in any meaningful way.

  13. I have been waiting and waiting for Shoemoney to give me a call, I figure with his great skill he can help me solve some of the problems my foundation is working on in Africa or at least help raise the money.

  14. The show was weak, but it’s good to see the rest is doing well.

    If history repeats itself, ShoeMoney is going to ask you for an interview in a few weeks πŸ™‚ Like when he called out Marcus Frind and then asked him to come on his podcast.

  15. Shoe,

    I agree that Mark has made some bad moves in recent years but he has made some excellent ones as well. His predictions on things are pretty much the same, some good, some bad but in all of it he has been willing to put himself out there like VERY FEW BILLIONIARES have ever done.

    So say what you will about his opinions but your comment that, “Ohhh ya he sold a domain name to Yahoo” show the extreme depths of your ignorance on some of the early days of internet marketing and audio on the web.

    So who am I to tell you about this? It just so happens that I was heavily involved with the design and implementation of many of the data centers including the expansions that helped the Yahoo deal to go through.

    What most don’t realize is that while going to today simply redirects you to Yahoo that Marks team built a MASSIVE ammount of commerical business and tens of thousands of radio stations were PAYING to use the system at the time that Yahoo bought out BroadCast.

    We designed and installed miles of Cable Infastructure for in Dallas with in their lowly refurbished warehouse and built the system that at one time powered 90% of all web audio. Those data centers were built to meet demand not just to spend VC money. Broadcast was one of the greatest successes every put on the internet not just in form and stock price but in function.

    In short Mark Cuban took a few Tech Geeks and one J.C. Penny Janitor who was taking computer courses and thought he could “make this audio thing work” (Patrick Seaman) and built a billion dollar empire in just a few years.

    The fact that Yahoo was not smart enough to know what they had and not intellegent enough to capitalize on it was certainly not the fault of Cuban or his team.

    Don’t take unimformed shots Shoe,

    Jack Spirko

  16. ShoeMoney … now I see how your site gained popularity so fast. πŸ™‚

    Pick a popular face and write something a bit negative about him. Get the attention. At the same time, do post quality articles so that you don’t sound like an angry old man. Good going.

    Mark Cuban … it doesn’t matter how he made his money. He sold a domain? Well he was smart enough to buy it before you did, right? πŸ˜‰

  17. Shoemoney,

    Why all the hate on Cuban’s success? was more than a domain name and you know it. I’m not Cuban fanboy, but you don’t get to his level simply by being lucky.

    Peoples memories tend to be very short… the Mavericks were nowhere as profitable before Cuban took over. Cuban actually raised the bar in terms of marketing and generating revenue outside of the norm of NBA ownership.

    The guy is a very good businessman.

    Shoe, you are an incredible marketer and very generous with your knowledge, and I personally appreciate it, but unless you are worth over $750,000,000.00 then your view on Cuban comes off as a guy who hating.

  18. You can lose money as a Pro team… just ask the Minnesota Vikings!

  19. Shoe, once you make the kind of money Mark has, then you can dog his business sense. Luck, or “falling into it” or not.

  20. I read the first few sentences and then hit back. Google’s acquisition of YouTube has been one of the best choices they’ve made in a long time, and I don’t think this one will flop unless they totally just mess up. I have never heard of Mark Cuban until you referenced him Shoe… lol.

  21. […] Shoemoney is pretty damn good at the attack hook […]

  22. […] Shoemoney is pretty damn good at the attack hook […]

  23. As a Dallas resident, I can tell you that I completely agree with your assessment. Mark Cuban is good at one thing… promoting Mark Cuban. But, seriously, I know you can loser on a pro franchise. But, it’s hard.

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