When some of my sites got into the Google Business DMOZ directory It was really a turning point for them in there organic search engine rankings. Those rankings of course lead to increased traffic and sales so that begs the question how much is a DMOZ listing worth?

I have been trying to get this blog into the DMOZ for over a year. I have submitted 4-5 applications in the last year each about 3 months apart yet I get no love. I have even contacted a few editors and no response. Whats up ?

Some others suggest for competitive categories if you send a “donation” or “seo consulting” fee to dmoz editor’s email on there profile page that you will get right in. Does anyone know about that? If It is true what would it be worth to you?

Judging that a Yahoo Directory Entry costs 300$ per year I am guessing that a listing so I am guessing a lifetime placement in DMOZ I would estimate its worth to be $1500.00 ??

Sounds like its pretty lucrative to be a DMOZ editor. I am not going to pay for a entry for my blog mainly because well… its a blog =P. I will let the process roll. If it does ever make it in I will post about it.

Ohhh if you want to read others opinions on if the DMOZ takes money check out this. Some interesting reads.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Nice one now your really screwed. You should have just paid like I did. It is true, just send a “donation” to the editor for the category your trying to get in. Make sure you mention the website you submited in notes of the paypal. I have done it many times. The SEO directory is the hardest to get into. Unless you are Matt Cutts of course!

  2. Man i remember when I was an editor many years ago for one of the webmaster related categories. I really wish I had realized way back then how good I had it. I went inactive for a year (personal issues) and when I came back I was deactivated. Hind sight is 20/20.

  3. I am an editor of a few different categories and I can tell you here and now that if i received a donation, I would not take it and report the violator to the meta editors.

    The reason you probably have not been listed is because the category you are submitting to has no editor.

    Why not apply to be an editor yourself? You should start off small. (hint: locality). Once your “Foot is in the door” it is a lot easier to get more categories.

  4. Honestly, it’s not worth anything to me money wise. I’ve always gotten in for free and I see no value in it if I were to be asked to pay for it. Most editors I’ve seen are corrupt and don’t care about the actual directory. I’ve seen many editors that listed my site, delist it just because it was competition. It’s all biased and I don’t think it’s a fair directory at all.

  5. Ive tried to become an editor and have been denied at least 3 times, i dont think its that easy to get in

  6. :O i never knew that yahoo charge to include your site in directory, as my site in included in Y! directory, i never asked anyone to include it.
    am feeling noob+lucky 😀

  7. I wrote an article about how DMOZ works. Did you know re-submitting could hurt you? Read my blog for the article.

  8. I have applied 2 different times to edit a small category with no editor. Followed all instructions and was turned down both times. Who exactly determines if applications are accepted?

  9. There is an open spot in the “weblogs” category for an editor, but it sounds difficult to get in. Maybe would be easier for someone like Shoe – it would be worth the 20 min to fill out the app though.

  10. Becoming an editor probably is the best way to get listed– and I don’t know if being “Shoemoney” would help Jeremy– since he is outside the system and a known “SEO” (sorry Shoe, I’m sure you hate to be labeled as one)

    Even if there is an editor– we get so many bloody submissions One of my categories gets 25 subs a day ) frankly, I don’t have time to check out 150 sites a week.
    With the corruption inside, I am always baffled as to why Google/MSN place emphasis on this system.

  11. Hello,

    I too have been trying to get my site on internet security into the directory for 8 months and have had no luck. A previous site that I had was listed within a month of submitting it. That site is no longer online, but it happened to be the first website I ever built and I didn’t realize how lucky I had it. Hindsight is 20/20, but I wish that I had kept the site up and running now.

  12. It took one of my sites 3 years to get in, by the time I was in I already had lots of traction. Going forward I will not bother spending so much energy on trying to get in, all the communications I had with editors made no difference. When there is no editor or an inactive editor you are screwed.

  13. Hey Shoe, are you going to be adding a search box to your blog? I had to use Technorati to find something I was looking for 🙂

  14. I personally have never been able to get a site listed with DMOZ. It took well over a year to get the major e-commerce site that I worked for (hint: think arkansas) listed in DMOZ and this was in 2000.

    I’d be willing to pay as much or more than what Yahoo charges ($299 a year) to make this happen.


  15. I agree with Shoe. DMOZ is a headache to get a site added. I’ve been trying for over a year to get one of mine listed with no luck. I’ll keep trying though.

  16. […] October keith.schilling06:29 amAdd comment Its good to see someone of relevant status trying to make their way into DMOZ. I for one have submitted multiple sites to that POS biased directory only to never hear again.  I think its pretty obvious that Google should seperate their relationship immediately with DMOZ. […]

  17. It’s crazy how this thing works. I have one site that got on within a few days, and one that still isn’t in after months. I think it all depends on the category and the editors involved.

  18. I’ve had sites get listed in less than 2 months and I tried for years to get a couple in and can not. I’ve given up. Act like it doesn’t exist and work around it.

  19. DMOZ, do they accept anyone?! I have submitted several quality content sites, many that weren’t even being monetized and none were accepted, even when they were the only site listed for a certain niche. Seems phishy.

  20. DMOZ is such a joke. So many editors are corrupt and the ones that aren’t have huge delusions of grandeur. I agree with the notion that one would be much better served by submitting once and letting what happens, happen. If you get in, great. If not, there are MUCH better things you could be doing with your time.

    Hopefully, SEs will wise up and stop giving weight to this MASSIVELY overrated directory.

    And to any DMOZ editors reading this, you know just as much as I do that I am right. Because I’ve paid at least three “senior” editors for submissions and they hastily agreed without so much as a thought.

    Just speculation, but I’d be willing to bet that most have their price. And it’s always surprising to find that they’re relatively cheap prostitutes at that!

  21. I’ve applied several times to be an editor in a variety of categories – tired as myself and not as myself due to the seo thing and the oilman name. The editor rejection emails arrive within minutes of the application. So fast in fact I feels like an autoresponder.

    I don’t even try to put anything in DMOZ anymore. It’s not worth the time to fill out the form. If there is something I really really want in there I just pay for it – far easier and less painful.

  22. […] After reading a some comments in a blog post about how DMOZ really needs more good editors, I thought I’d give it a try. I noticed that the Personal Organization category didn’t have an editor so I pushed the button to apply to be an editor. I filled out the form carefully and spent a good amount of time trying to find the sample sites that I would add to that category. […]

  23. I submitted a site for a business of mine two plus years ago. After 11 months it was finally listed, in a totally idiotic heading. As per some comments here already, I wold not say editors are corrupt … I have no proof … but they are arrogant and completely uncommunicative. So far as I can tell I have never received a single visitor from DMoz and I would not pay one cent to be listed. They can delist my current site for all I care. Useless.

    I think the problem with DMoz as with Technorati and some other “insider” sites is, they are only useful to industry insiders. If I were trying to market to other bloggers and SEO-types there might be a value. If I am trying to sell merchandise into the business world (as I am), nobody who is not a “Net geek” ever goes there … they aim at a market that has no money and doesnt buy things. And, as with most volunteer. elitist services you get what you pay for … nothing.

  24. I really wish Google would Kill DMOZ, its so corrupt. No one cares about adding new sites, I have submitted dozens of GREAT sites over the past few years for clients. All of them with assigned editors. Aboslutly no responce to repeated submissions.

    If there is a chance of making DMOZ back to its original glory they need to nuke all of the editors and restart the editor application process. Then the new editors must either Approve or Deny all applications. So they don’t ignore them.

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. i just signed up to be an editor under a regional category for my how city. I was denied in about 3 hours. those bastards

  26. Dave Starr, you probably won’t get traffic directly from Dmoz, the big search engines use DMOZ as an authoritative link and will get you into the index of the SE (and increase your ranking for whatever category you are listed under in DMOZ).

  27. Why doesn’t Google just aquire DMOZ, they have around 7k employees as well as being on a shopping spree for tech real estate – I think they if anyone would clean it up, or at least put adsense on it =)

  28. forget it.
    Nowaday DMOZ links do not carry much weight in SE. Trust me, I have two sites listed there, makes no difference before and after listed in terms of traffic.

    just my two cents.

  29. You just have to alter your strategy. I got the last site in (in about 6 weeks) by contacting the Editor with a polite (& concise) email advising them of all the dead links/redirects/double ups in their current list. Also adding, that I understand how busy they were, but if they got a chance that I’d really appreciate them adding just one site in… badda bing…

  30. Well, I have a site that is listed in one of the 3G (wireless) categories. If someone wants to give me $1,500+ for it, I will sell it. First name at last name .com will get an email to me.

  31. […] DMOZ Directory – How Much Money Is It Worth To You Personally I don’t believe it’s worth much, if anything, right now. There seems to be a lot innactivity and possibly some corruption going on. Just read the comments in that post alone, and trust me you see these types of comments everywhere online! […]

  32. I’m a DMOZ editor for a relatively minor category. In my experience the reason nothing ever comes out of DMOZ is that many categories are simply abandoned. Mine for instance had no edits in it since 2004. The site submissions were just piled up in there. In my opinion DMOZ is dead and for good reason. Who would use it? Search has totally replaced DMOZ as a means for finding information.

    I put in some time to fix things, but it took a month or two for the person who had the next level of control to even respond to my questions. The process for making changes requires some sort of consensus, but it is hard to get consensus of a bunch of ghosts. Most sane people appear to have left DMOZ and have gone on to normal life.

    I can say that I haven’t seen any DMOZ corruption. The most prevalent thing I see is abandonment. Now if I were in a lucrative category, maybe things are different, but it appears to me that DMOZ is just a bunch of bones. There appears to be little life left in it. At least that is the view from where I sit.

  33. I run a couple ecommerce sites. One is listed in DMOZ the other is only listed regionally. I have tried for 2 years to the the site listed in the category it belongs. It still has not been listed. I even volunteered to edit the category but they denied me. I was an editor for a small sub category and have abandoned that after this happened.

    Shoe, you are absolutely correct, Google adding relevancy to your site because of a link in DMOZ is irresponsible. G must realize how bad DMOZ really is, don’t they?

  34. I dont bother with DMOZ anymore. Neither does google. They havent updated the Gooogle directory in MONTHS and MONTHS now. (at least a good 6 months)

  35. Submitting over n over is a bad thing. Sumbit once and your site will likely get in as long as the category isn’t that over saturated. That’s the experience I’ve had anyway. My site went straight in n so did my friends… 8 or so.

    Persistance usually pays off at most things, but not DMOZ, it could take like.. 12 months but you will probably get in if you only submit once then leave it.

  36. Finally the google directory is updated, although with alot of mistakes and failures. They shouldnt have updated it, waste of time if you tell me..

  37. I agree. Im suprised Google couldnt come up with something better on their own. But as long as they support DMOZ and Wikipedia supports DMOZ, it will contiue to be a mess.

  38. It is becoming time that Google is not giving so much credit to DMOZ anymore… If that happens, the whole DMOZ is gone!

  39. DMOZ is not independent anymore…. I’m still trying to get my stite but no comment while other sites are accepted with less interesting content.. Sounds like paid inclusions…

  40. All of these interesting posts I never knew you had! You should highlight the search tool on your site. Did you ever get your site back on DMOZ after the extortion?

  41. It says that much editors are volunteers, which don’t have time enough to handle all requests, but is that true? We’ll never know.

  42. Our company tried getting listed at DMOZ for over a your, but the moderator at DMOZ just never gave a reaction. Most of our competition is on DMOZ so it’s not really a fair proces.

  43. Google should not attach that much value to DMOZ. If Google would do that, DMOZ is of no interest anymore.

  44. Personally I don’t feel a dmoz listing is necesarry but of course this depends on the site you try to rank.

  45. I tryed several times to get listed in DMOZ, no respons. I think there are not many editors. Maybe some money will help.

  46. If I could only figure out how to get the dumb msn bot to actually come and index my pages like google and yahoo do.

  47. Well, I got a registration with a few off my sites but I don’t really know how much it helps me. Never had traffic from it and backlinkscheckers can’t see the registrations

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