I am SO EXCITED!! This wednesday the new season of Lost starts! (thanks jen for the link)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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11 thoughts on “Lost Season 3 Premier Trailer Out”
  1. Why is the digg link here for another story… That deception.

    On Lost: can’t fucking wait!

  2. the digg plugin i am using auto ads that digg icon for items coming from digg I am going to fix that…….. its pissing me off cause people are linking to the main page from digg an screwing me up

  3. hrmm I like trailor better… better then traylor. You spell checkers are the cheapest employees i have 😉 I appreciate it.

  4. Woohoo, finally, my life is back! Its sad when you wait all off season for a show to come back on…or is it?

  5. Wednesday (Thursday here in the UK) can’t come quick enough. It’s felt so long since Season 2 finished

  6. I was just held up in traffic by the “Lost” crew filming next to my daughter’s preschool in Haleiwa!!

  7. if you miss it on tv, or forget to tivo it, you can watch the entire show for free on ABC’s website on Thursday.

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