Here are magazines that I subscribe to and read.

  • Linux Magazine – All of my production servers (23 now) run the linux operating system and I do most of the system administration on them so I like to keep on top of what is going on with it. Generally I find 1 article or so that gets my attention until the end and for me, A.D.D Boy, that is saying a lot.
  • 2600 Magazine – I LOVE 2600. I have been reading 2600 since about 1994’ish. I have had 4 articles published in 2600 about random hacking stuff (mostly cellphone related) and I usually read 2600 cover to cover. I love the code samples. For instance this month they have a total walk through on how to hack facebook, myspace, and a bunch of other stuff that while I would not do the actual hacks its interesting to look at the Cross Site sploits to see if any of my stuff would be vulnerable to it.

    I worked in Unix Security for a fortune 500 company for years and I have to say most of the hardcore auditors and respected consultants I knew all read 2600 =).

  • Php Architect – I picked up this magazine in mid 2005 and really enjoyed the through step by step walk through. My php h4x is much better now and though I find a lot of the walk throughs trivial I always get great ideas from them. If you are wanting to learn PHP or a beginning PHP programer looking for something that starts at the beginning I highly recommend a subscription to this magazine.
  • Web Designer & Web Developer Magazines – These are UK based magazines and a little pricey (I think 15$ per) but they are jam packed with great tutorials and code. They also included a ton of software on there cds. Nice to have when your on a plane or stuck somewhere without net access. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with these mags. I love the fact they cover so much stuff and diversify the software and architecture at the same time it kind of sucks like when your a php developer and they only have 1 thing on php and the rest is on cold fusion and .net/asp

I keep all these magazines in the office library (otherwise known as the bathroom). No reason to waste time in there =P (money never sleeps pal)

Maybe you guys have some recomendations for other magazines?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

16 thoughts on “Magazines That Dont Suck”
  1. So with 23 production servers (which could be anything), what are they up to – I know you operate a cellphone site or two, but I suspect that’s not all you do ?

    How come so many servers ? (especially when fishy can do it all on one or two =P )

  2. hrmm 3 servers make up shoemoneyads which now has over 1000 people serving a combined 10 million impressions a day.

    1 mail server

    3 media servers running thttpd serving static content

    2 dev boxes

    10 box cluster doing something I dont want to disclose right now 😉

    2 backup servers

    other stuff I cant think of this second

  3. Where do you rent your dedicated server? I’m paying $239 a month and want to move as I feel I’m being a bit ripped off.

  4. Web Developer is my all time favorite magazine.
    Good stuff!
    I keep it in the “office”, as well.

  5. The web developer magz your talking about are good stuff. I pick them up at B&N.

    I also like to read Business 2.0 and find quite a few articles in there. I also tend to read a lot of hobby magazines (other than my hobbies), they give me tons of ideas and allow me to think about things in other areas that I may not have thought about before. So grab something out of the ordinary once in a while you’ll be surprised at what you get out of it.

    I use the office for reading as well, and either earmark or tear out the pages that give me ideas or sites I want to review.

    So what do you guys do with your old magazines? I’ve got two 6 foot tall stacks sitting in the other office that could use a new home!

  6. i co-locate with 4 different providers right now. I think your 239$ is ok depending on what your getting.

    I got to the point where I am just paying by the rack.

  7. Wired. Not an option. Must have it.

    Also, back in the prime days of CMP, New Architect was the shiznit. But they went defunct and I miss them dearly.

    Website Services is my bread and butter now.

  8. I was thinking about getting a subscription to business 2.0, i also wonder if DN Journal will make it to the printing press, i have always loved reading their articles.

  9. 10 box cluster doing something I dont want to disclose right now ;)…

    OK, now I’m intrigued – good to hear the Ad servers are hummin, but the cluster.. I reckon it’s media of some sort.. aww hell, it could just be a farm..


  10. Nice, I read advanced photoshop user magazine and photoshop user magazine. As well as PHP architect. I will take a look at 2600….

    Thanks Shoemoney!

  11. Where can I subscribe for Web Designer & Web Developer Magazines. Does anyone know the url.


  12. Gotta have Wired. For me, Popular Science is also a must have as well as The Nation. 2600 is now on my list.

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