I have heard from a few of my friends across the pond that MSN reps at the London SES show were saying Contextual Ads were coming by the end of this year in the UK. Now people are starting to hit the forums.

Over at Digitalpoint Forums

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I spoke to some MSN guys at SES in London. They should be launching in the UK towards the end of the year. They’re starting trials with some of the big companies in a month or two. It doesn’t sound like they have plans to roll out across the globe in a hurry. Japan and more European countries will be next. That means the sun will not set on the Google empire for quite a while still.

I know personally MSN people post and read Digitalpoint MSN Forum so it will be interesting if any will confirm/deny. Maybe someone will post they cant confirm or deny =P

I have said on various forums that I would be really suprised to see anything about MSN for publishers before 2007… even beta. Looks like I might have been off on that if they are planning a beta soon.

Speaking of MSN Jen has some reps from MSN on her show “Click This!” today on Webmaster Radio!

EDIT: On Jen’s show they said the timeline for publishers is “The Future”. Keep in mind this show was taped 2 weeks ago and was not live.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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3 thoughts on “Are MSN Contextual Ads Around The Corner For Publishers”
  1. the msns rep told me that indian publisher will not see it until mid 2007 at best. I have been ban from adsense and ypn so good news for me

  2. Man, I can’t wait for this to roll out in the UK. I’m all for that. Of course, I’d like a beta limited advertiser test first. That way I could kill it for a few months. 😉

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