My wife is only working 6 hour days now that she is 36 weeks pregnant so she gets off work at a decent hour. Yesterday we went to see the Da Vinici Code. We both thought it was a really interesting movie.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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15 thoughts on “Finally Saw The Da Vinci Code”
  1. I did not love it. I did not really like the book either. I just thought that Tom Hanks was completely miscast…And that weird hair he had…lol.

  2. I was going to see it, but it got lousy reviews so I was going to wait for the DVD. Did you think it was good?

  3. My wife is very dedicated to her work. Believe me I do not “make” her do anything =P

  4. OMG SM’s wife is a amazing person who makes buttloads of money as a very specialized Doctor! I believe she is a Heart Trained Anesthesiologist? I am sure its her choice to work. I met her in New York and you can tell who wears the pants in the family!

  5. I did hear that the book was great, but I’m talking about the movie that got bad reviews, Lee.

  6. spooky – my wife is 37 weeks pregnant….. maybe we’re twins separated at birth or something…

  7. …. and more bizarrely – we saw Da Vinci Code this week too now she’s cut back on work…. hmmmm

  8. I didn’t read the book at all, and I saw the movie and thought it was really good, worth going to see! I think most of the bad press is all political catholic bs

  9. Good job then, it allowed him to enjoy the movie with a clear mind without turning into a book snob.

  10. Pick a topic like the World Cup and write about it, sure people will be interested.

  11. yup, saw it too, loved it, DESPITE what some say about reading the book – I have read it. Still loved it.

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