OK so as many of you know I am going to be hosting a new show on webmaster radio to debut on 6/06/06 (666) before seo rockstars on WMR.

The problem is I can not think of a name of the show. I wanted to use the shoemoney show but WMR people dont want to do something like that in case I flake out and nobody would want to host a show named the shoemoney show. I can totally understand that.

So please suggest some names and if I use the one you suggest I will send you 150$ paypal!

By the way-

The show is about making money online. I will try to cover all forms revenue and do many “site clinics” and stuff like that. I hope to have many people volunteer there sites so that I can suggest alternative approaches to creating revenue on different sites.

Patrick Gavin from Text-link-ads has agreed to sponsor the first show by giving away 1,000$ in text link ads DURING the show!! So make sure you tune in on 666 to the (name here) show!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

107 thoughts on “666 Sign Of The Money? Help me name my radio show!”
  1. The RevHeads Show (a play on revenue and your shiny dome) 🙂
    Money Masters
    WebMoney Talk

    Sad attempt, but a good start.. 😉

    PS: I STILL want one of those hats !!



  2. SEM Masters

    Up in Smoke?
    oh h*ll just call it ‘Mo’Money’

    Good luck with the new show

  3. I like “Fun Money”.

    Most listeners will be minor players looking to make a few extra bucks by your tactics. Most will not be nearly as successful or put nearly as much time.

  4. Make cold hard cash so you can buy a Lambo.

    Find the money.(sub) It’s right in front of you.

    The Revenue me show.


  5. How about the “Get Phat and Skinny SHow” a play on words for bulking u the wallet online.

  6. “The show is about making money online.”

    Then, how about, “Making Money Online”? Pretty creative, huh? Too bad they won’t go with The Shoemoney Show. I’d tune into that without even knowing what you were going to talk about.

    Money Radio? Money Talk? The Money Maker? I’d go with, “Skills to Pay the Bills.” It says Shoemoney without actually saying it. 😉

  7. Hi Jeremy.
    I want to volunteer one of my sites so you can analise it in your show.
    It’s a datafeed driven site with affiliate links to floors for sale and flooring.
    Please mail me back and i will give you the sitename.
    Thank you.
    Best regards.

  8. How about something simple like ‘Revenue++’ or ‘The Bottom Line’?

    Or perhaps ‘Pages to paper’ (paper apparently being some sort of street term for money, I’m not exactly ‘down with the kids’ on this whole slang thing. Possibly you could replace the word to with the numeral ‘2’, although personally I couldn’t bring myself to write that)?

  9. Lucky Buck
    New money
    Monkey Money (no offense)
    Money Raker
    The Cash Money Show

    anyway good luck with the show.

  10. You make most of your money on aff programs, right?
    AFF-ternoon delight 😉

  11. Sitebuster
    Cash Convertor
    SEO ATM – (Automatic Teller Machine)
    CFC – Cash from computers
    MALO – making a living online
    Money Talks
    Web Wealth
    Pinky and the Brain

  12. WebMoney
    Money Spider
    Online Magic
    Money Ad
    Ad Money
    ROI Clinic
    Money Man
    Doller a Day
    Money Link
    Click Clinic
    Click Man
    Doller a Click
    Click a Doller
    Wow ROI
    Click a Day
    Action Click
    O.M. – Online Money
    IMO – In My Opinion. or Instant, Message, Overload
    The Best ROI, Ad, Affiliate, Web Master, Clinic Radio Show…. EVER!

  13. Or Money madness

    Yes I do have too much time on my hands… Luck forward to your show

  14. oh, that’s simple. I dont know whether you heard AC/DC band? in 1990 they had album called The Razors Edge, and very nice song on that album called Moneytalks – great name for your upcoming show, and great opening song – check out the lyrics ;).

  15. The SEM Corral: The Wild West of Internet Marketing
    Digital Goldrush

    Thats it for me, good luck dude.

  16. Digital Goldrush
    The SEM Corral
    The Online Entrepreneur

    any good?

  17. SEO 666
    IM Devil
    SEM 666
    Lucifer’s SEM
    SEM Prince of Darkness
    Lord of the IM
    666 Sign of the SEM
    666 Mark of the IM(’er)

  18. call it: don’t you wish you could make shoemoney money? that gets shoemoney in the title and does not have to be hosted by shoemoney!
    you could make it – making shoemoney money online- how to make shoemoney money- what would shoemoney do? wwsmd-

  19. -Website Wizard

    -Show Me The Money

    -Monetizing the Web

    -Revenue Wizard

    -Cash Guru

    -Web Money Guru

    Best of luck on your new show! =]

  20. Show my website the Money
    Pimp my Website
    Digital Dollars and Sense
    Turning Sites That Suck into Sites that Make a Buck (too long for a name but good second headline)

  21. Whatever happened to just plain ol “Skills To Pay The Bills”? That would be my suggestion. But, perhaps there is a trademark issue?

    My other suggestions (begin brain dump):
    Income Boosters
    Revenue Boosters
    Monetize Me
    Unmarked Money
    Your Income Link
    Rich Necessities
    Rags To Riches To Radio
    I Have An H2 and You Can Too! — (just kidding) 🙂
    Hidden Incomes
    Are You In?
    Gravy Wagon (or Gravy Train)
    Site Blitz
    Bread Winners
    Cash Capital
    Revenue Resources
    Get Paid (To Do That!)
    Money Shakers and Money Makers
    Shakers and Makers
    Earning Potential
    Missed Potentials
    SEO: Site Earnings Optimization
    Learn To Earn

  22. Ok, from one radio guy to another, here are my suggestions:

    1) Digital Dough (digitaldoughshow.com is available)
    2) The E-conomy (e-conomyshow.com is available)
    3) Money Link (moneylinkshow.com is available)
    4) My Money (mymoneyshow.com is available)

    I need to schedule you for some time on Compute This to talk about your show.

  23. Hmmm, here’s some ideas…

    Digital Dollars
    Revenue Roundup
    Bizcast Blast
    Wired Revenue
    Money Magnet

  24. In my opinion Shoemoney Show is the best option . Talk to them , make an agreement . When people will heard Shoemoney show will listen to it as a lot of people know you and want to hear “secrets” from you . Did they heard about viral marketing ?
    And …. it’s your show !

    “Make $ now online” names – is full internet of this kind of things . The Shoemoney show is something unique , as will be your show isn’t ?

    Make them accept this . Once you go and the show goes , that’s life . People will listen this show because it’s YOU who will speak.

    Making $ online is hardest way to earn money but you did this . And you can’t convince them name your show after your name ?

    And again people will subscribe because YOU will speak .
    Good luck , waiting for the first “The ShoeMoney Show” podcast .

    Just my $0.02

  25. MoneyMantra

    (Connection is getting timeout so again reposting the message)

  26. PimpWeb



    Pimp of Radio (inspired by Seo rockstars using “Spirit of Radio” by Rush)

  27. *Putting Your Money in the Shoe Box and Making it Work*…

    *Making Your Money Work on a Shoe String Budget*…

    Geeze these sound like Book Titles… Umm

    *Your Path to WebMoney*…

    *Gotta a Buck?, make it work for you on the Web*…

    *Money to Burn*…

    *The Monies There*…

    *Dollars and Websense*…

    *Go For It*…

    *Reaching for the Peak*…

    *Money is All in a Days Surfing*…

    *Making It and Not Breaking It*…

    *Big Bucks on the Easy Side*…

  28. “Matt Cuntts Show”
    “SEO Bling”
    “Get rich or sandbox trying” (from 50cent’s Get rich or die trying)

  29. Thanks,

    I really wanted to do the shoemoney show but the thing is that if they get advertisers they have to sell them on the show not the person and the shoemoney show without me would be weird.

    Its not like I mean to flake out but I am having a baby in the next few weeks and other un forseen stuff can always happen… never know

  30. As Andrea Stated, “Digital Dollars” is good.
    I also liked the “Skills to pay the bills” idea. Sure it will be a little weird if someone else’s replaces you someday but, it can make a good name for a radio show.

    I’m not much a radio listener but I surely will give it a try.

  31. I forgot to make some suggestions…

    “Fill up your wallet”
    “Money³” (That’s a 3, the term is “period” I think, not familliar with English terms for maths)
    “Fountain of money”
    “Dollar Duplicator”
    “More money than you can spend”
    “Much more Zero”**
    “Money Rampage”
    “Smoking money”

    Some of them may not make sense, my English is not perfect, sorry.

    * = Means “Much more zero in your bank account” probably need some tweaking to adjust it to the English language.

  32. Do they have a lot of Japanese advertisers/listeners?
    maybe “The Super Duper Happy Money Show”

  33. Shoe,

    How about “The Blue Print” pr ” The SEO Blueprint” or ” The SEM Blueprint” as a show name. I think that will group everything that you are doing with your show and what people are looking to gain from your show.
    Also I want to suggest my site so you can review it.

  34. In ShoeMoney We Trust (WMR could just change out “ShoeMoney” with a future host’s name).

    The Paper Trail – A guide to Online Profits

    Passing Go (In Reference to Monopoly)

    Dead Presidents Society

    The Money Clip

  35. I think that “Digital Goldrush” is apropos because it really is likethe Wild West out here, like Deadwood, anyone can comeout and stake a claim.

    Also, congrats on the coming baby. mazal

  36. I put that I liked Skills to Pay the Bills in my last post, but I’d retract that if part of the agreement is pulling it from your site, or any other similar catches.

    Where the Money’s At
    Net Success
    Increased Income
    Increase Your Income
    Money Movers
    I’m Rich Beeyotch! (I think you’ll have to PayPal Dave Chappelle if you use that one)
    Make Money While Sitting Around In Your Underwear

  37. Traffic Matters – because it’s all about knowing how to segment and channel traffic in a suitable manner to maximize your revenue.

  38. Skills to Pay the Bills
    Net Hustl’
    Money Poney 🙂

    Those are some of mine 😉


  39. “Money For Nothin'”

    Obviously not true as a lot of hard work is involved but it would give you the chance to use a cool tune as your intro.

  40. Here are a few more:
    “Net Worth”
    “Net Sense”
    “The Revenue Net”
    “Net Revenue”
    “Dollars and Sites”
    “Dollars and Sense”
    “Profits and Sense”

  41. Buck Fever – Catch it

    you kind of have to whisper the “Catch It” part

  42. I like Kid Mercury’s “C Note” but I’d tweak it to

    C Notes

    Here’s a few others:

    Get Your Cash On

    Getting Your Cash On

    Money Money Money…

    Cash Tracks

    Cash Trax

  43. I like Kid Mercury’s C Note but I’d tweak it to

    C Notes

    Some others:

    Get Your Cash On

    Gettting Your Cash On

    Cash Tracks

    Cash Trax

    Money, Money, Money…


  44. Moneyfest 2006 – i know that times of cultural, political or moral manifests are gone but this one offers a fine word camouflage.

  45. Building the Bankroll
    Maximizing the Moola
    Dough Development
    Doughside Story
    Delivering the Dough
    Bankroll Broadcast

  46. Why not simply – Making Money Online (MMO)?
    You could also say –
    Online Wealth Building

  47. Shoe, man… you have an really nice slogan

    put it together for “666 skills to pay the bills”

    uh? =)

  48. buenas. como estas la verdad es que yo no me encontraba buscando nada acerca de este tema y es porque a mi este tema me aburre bastante :P, pero dejame felicitarte porque la manera en que redactas es fascinante. Por primera vez he encontrado contenido digno en la red. Un saludo.

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