EDIT: I forgot to thank Jason Bailey for many of the great pics I posted!

Wow Toronto was a LOT of fun… gee where did all the time go..

I got off the plane into Canada about 6pm. I went to go through customs and the officer gave me the 3rd degree about why I had a empty McDonald’s Bag….

Mounty: Whats are you doing in Canada?
Me: Going to a conference.

Mounty: What Kind of conference?
Me:a..aa.a internet kind of conference?

Mounty: Whats in the McDonald’s bag?
Me: Its empty.

Mounty: Why didn’t you throw it away?
Me: I did not see a Trash.

Mounty: So you don’t mind me throwing it away for you?
Me: Not at all.

Mounty: Welcome to Canada Mr. Schoemaker
Me: Thanks!

Whats weird I felt SOOOO relieved…

anyway moving on!

Monday Night:

As I was in a taxi on the way to my hotel I text messaged Jensense “Shoemoney has Landed”. A few minutes later I got a text message back from her saying “JenStarr has Landed”. Are we freakin nerds or what =P. I got checked in and got some good and bad news. The bad news was that the room I had reserved for the 3rd night was not going to be available.. the good news was that they were going to upgrade me to a Rev Pimp Daddy suite for no additional charge. (SCORE).

Tonight I am to meet up with the 2 co-founders of AzoogleAds plus there CEO and my personal rep Chantelle. Chantelle was going to meet me in the lobby about 8:30 so I went down and met with Todd and Jen for a drink at the bar before Chantelle was picking me up.

I went with the Azoogle people to this really nice restaurant where we had to-pas and talked advertising for hours. I got some inspiring new ideas (aka plans of attack).

I think about 11pm I arrived back at the hotel to find a crew of people at the bar, including our hero, Danny Sullivan himself. I met some nice people that recognized me from my pictures on my blog (see it does pay to make a fool out of yourself) and proceeded to get hammered.

I talked to Danny a bit about speaking at SES San Jose. I was really flattered that he asked and I look forward to hashing something out for that.

What I remember most about our conversation (the bars) was talking about MSN and how they REALLY REALLY need some good improvement to there search algorithm. Its no secret how bad it is. They have the money obviously so where do they get the talent? A few ideas were tossed around. Do they buy ask.com ? What if Yahoo and MSN were to merge or if MSN was desperate enough would they make a hostile play for Yahoo? It was a very interesting topic of conversation… anyway before we knew it, it was like 3am and time to hit the hay… after all I wanted to here Danny’s Keynote in the morning and was meeting Todd at 8:30 at the registration booth.


OMG morning sucks… now I know why I normally do not drink.. dry mouth, head ringing, lack of balance… yay me. Well I am not going to drink tonight…

I meet Todd at the reg desk and am about 15 mins late.. OUPS. Todd had been up since 7ish working (YES DOING ACTUAL WORK FOR HIS COMPANY). We squared up at the registration booth and made our way to the keynote. We were 15-20 mins early and it was STANDING ROOM ONLY to hear Danny’s keynote. I was totally stunned at the attendance. I guess mainly because Boston Pubcon was SOOO dead only 1 week prior.

Danny gave a great keynote speech. Its really to bad someone does not video tape them and podcast (hint hint danny). He talked about the past, present and future of search. He also talked about personalize search and other very interesting things.

After the keynote I went with Todd to grab some brunch. We talked a lot about seo, scoring domains, search engine algorithms yadda yadda. After breakfast Todd had to go do some work for the rest of the afternoon (WTF?!?). I went up to my room and showered. I chilled out a bit in my room eating some chocolates and drinking diet cokes (you know the ones in the little frig in your room that end up costing you ass loads when you checkout but at the time it seems like a great idea to bust them open)

Anyway Jen called me and we went to Starbucks to grab some gourmet coffee then walked about 20 minutes to the mall. I was on a mission to find another belt clip for a friend at various phone stores while Jen was on the lookout for a Disney paraphernalia and other stuff. I ended up picking up this watch ( Movado Esperanza ). I had wanted the watch for a long time but it has been sold out in the USA since last fall.

Tuesday night Danny Sullivan invited us to dinner and we met these guys from pepperjamsearch.com. After dinner we were approached by this guy who said he would rap for us for money… we told him to rap first then we would throw him some cash (thinking it was a scam). He proceeded to astonish us all throwing out lyric after lyric about local places and all kinds of stuff. It was pretty amazing. I think he ended up scoring about 25$ total from us. We went back to the hotel and the captain got the best of me (Captain Morgan that is) until finally I resigned to my room and crashed.


I did not wake up until around NOON!! I needed to rest up for the big party tonight at Xacutti which was being hosted by best selling author of AdWords book(s) Andrew E. Goodman

I made it to 1 (ONE) session that Jen was speaking at and it was really good. It was about ppc engines and covered a lot of ground.

We hoped in the limo for the party about 8ish. The party was totally awesome. Everybody was there. Afterwords we took the limo to a happening club and got a private room in back. I think a awesome time was had by all.

All in all Toronto was blast. I highly recommend it no matter what level you think you are at in this business. I made several new friends and am working on 3-4 new projects that were totally inspired by this Toronto conference alone. Stack those with the ones from Pubcon the week before and maybe you see why my blog is so lacking!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. All in all Toronto was blast. I highly recommend it no matter what level you think you are at in this business.

    Thanks for this. I have been seriously considering going to the SES coming up in San Jose. After reading through your recap, it definitely sounds like the place to be!

  2. Good for you man. Now care to share some ideas? notes? or insider stuff with us noobs?

  3. Glad you liked and had fun Shoe.I wish you best for your new projects your working on :). Always ready to help you out.

  4. Slack Ass !
    Stop touring these damn conferences, and do some work. Chocs and soda indeed !

    OK. I feel better now 🙂

  5. Hey Shoemoney,

    Ah, yes the mounties. Gosh, I can’t believe you came to Canada. I live in Mississauga which is very close to Toronto. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  6. I haven’t been to Toronto, but NY, SJ and Chicago have all treated me well. Hey, it’s like Omaha is almost on the SEO map if you’re speaking at SES as well! Now, if we just had an SEO Rockstar…

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