People often send me emails with URLs to where others have been critical of my work or writing… or whatever. A lot of times they will follow it up by “what a jerk” or something like that. I NEVER get upset from criticism. How seriously I will take it just depends on my opinion of the person, what they are criticizing and there level of expertise in that area. For instance if Jason Calcanis sent me a email critiquing my blogging style, Jensense critiquing my contextual advertising technique, problogger critiqing my theories about making money in regards to blog, David Naylor critiquing my (undisclosed), oilman on seo.. well you get the point.

But like this page here where I am referred to as a “Tool”.

I wonder what kind of Tool this guy thinks I am.. Hammer? Screwdriver? or….. a Plunger? I wish he would have been a bit more descriptive.

I think what made me think about this was being at these 2 conferences (Boston and toronto) the last 2 weeks and seeing the Ego’s FLARE up whenever anyone was criticized.. its SO stupid. I think that is why there is not that many GOOD SEO people in what is seemingly a pretty easy business model to master.

I know I am a weird guy but one of the most insulting things you can say to me is “Nice Job, Keep up the good work”. CMON keep up the good work? I spend 5% of my time maintaining what I have and 95% trying to make it grow!

So please flame away but just be precise. I know I have horrid Grammar.. I am working on that. But please feel free to correct me when you see it. (or anything else) I may not respond to everything but I do read everything and appreciate ALL comments.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

26 thoughts on “I never learned anything from a compliment”
  1. But like this page here where I am referred to as a “Tool�.

    Maybe he’s just trying to say that you’re great, like the band Tool.

    Either that, or he’s just jealous. People call Bill Gates a tool, too–so maybe he’s just upset that he’s not in the same league as Shoemoney and Bill Gates.

  2. Weel if you look at the definition of a tool from it is defined as
    Tool – Something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one’s occupation or profession

    well it seems this guy has complimented you and regarded you as one of the necessary components of your profession. Take it as you wish, but this guy seems to know what hes talking about, I wish I was a tool 😛

  3. No I assure you, down here, TOOL simply means F***head. Don’t let him get to you , he gives people like me a bad name. If you want a perspective from an Australian who is moving into this industry and claims to be “aspiring” then come visit my site I am still coding it so mind the dust 😉

  4. What kind of tool are you? A bloody $$ printing press.

    “I think that is why there is not that many GOOD SEO people in what is seemingly a pretty easy business model to master” huh?

    Would that be the business model were you work on your own stuff while working for someone else and get fired for it two or three times before you start to get to where you need to be? hmmm, yup no problem with that biz plan, easy.

    Or maybe the SEO biz plan where you own 10k domains and thus you can lite up any website you like? as in “instant page rank”? yes I agree, very easy.

    I only have about 100 domains with about 30k pages and I can create my own page rank up to pr5 any time and for any domain I like.

    The people just starting out in this biz don’t have a clue as to what really goes on behind the curtain. There is just no way your going to plunk down a website and get anywhere with it without doing certain things, things that the mere mortal can not begin to fathom until he gains a certain kind of experience.

    That experience is going to be much harder to gain now as what brought all that (SEO) to this point has changed so much that I would feel very sorry for anyone just starting out. Google now is nothing like the Google of back in those days. MSN and yahoo are still kind of easy but for how much longer?

    Any way, keep up the good work.


    I mean keep on blogin. man, good stuff.

  5. Well, if you want to be corrected, in your previous post, you were looking for a domain *registrar*, not a domain register.

    A registrar is one with whom you register a domain, a domain registry is the entity which handles the TLD root, to whom the registrar pays a fee to have your nameserver records in the TLD roots and the whois referral in their whois server.

  6. That’s the problems you get by getting famous, people start to critize you openly. I think you shouldn’t mind them, take it as a reinforcement. Many times it’s because they are simply jealous.

    Just a small “flame” to you and everyone who wasted his time reading my comment: don’t blog when you’re mad, except if you are a “mad” artist. I won’t comment on why.

  7. Jeremy, I also said I read your blog. 🙂

    By tool I guess I meant eccentric and with a little too much time on your hands (IMHO).

    It wasn’t meant as criticize or to be descriptive (why over analyze things?). It was just a list with a brief description of each blog I read.

    I must admit I chuckled a little bit when I saw a link to my crappy half finished blog on your blog, but oh well – I am not a blogger.

    BTW, keep up the good work!

  8. nonononoo see the whole point of this post was that I LIKE criticism and I never learn anything from compliments!

    Please no need to apologize

  9. I really do not consider myself a SEO but I seem to get lumped into that category. I think there are several roles within SEO… I might do a post just on that alone…

    Basically IMO, general seo is pretty elementary.. but you can always learn more, especially at conferences. The main point in that instance I was trying to make was that if people considered what others were saying instead of just taking offense they could move forward. But instead they try to mount a huge defense of there technique.. I dunno =)

  10. Criticism is really relative to where it is coming from. I like compliments, coming from my visitors, because it lets me know that I’m doing something they like. If someone is just saying good work to say it, well then it doesn’t mean anything. I think American Idol is a magnet for people who have only been told good job their whole lives.

    Here is a real compliment — thanks to your posts from last year I realised just how powerful forums could be, and put all my efforts into building a sucessful one. In a once-in-a-lifetime twist of fate, one of my members found a kidney donor through this forum. News station video of the story is here:

    To turn that into a critique —

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  12. Here’s a criticism. How about making sure all your links open in new windows, so I don’t have to hit the back button to go back to reading the blog.

    Other than that, excellent info that you give out, although I am kinda pissed that you got the Movado, I have been wanting one for a while now and that will be my first major splurge once I start making any money.

  13. The funny thing is no one knows for 100% sure what each se algo is. Matt doesn’t know 100% of Yahoo etc. So how can anyone dog anyone else.

    There will always be people jealous of success. F. em usually people who spread bad karma don’t survive anyways. Those who do are miserable. I enjoy your posts TY for sharing your information.

  14. I like the attitude. Never let them know they upset you or let them see you sweat.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. Shoemoney sucks! 🙂

    The guy who is calling you a “tool” is actually listing you on his elite list.

    Kinda funny, Mr. Shomeoney.

  16. Finally, someone else who says what I’ve been saying about constructive criticism for about the past 5 years now.

    There is nothing worse than hearing “I like it” or “it’s good.” What’s good? What’s bad? Be specific. Give details. Take the extra 30 seconds to give some real feedback to the person.

    Maybe you could do what I do in that regard, Shoemoney. I have about 10 people that I use regularly for real, constructive feedback and vice versa. These are friends, business acquaintances, etc. that I’ve made over the years and I know I can turn to and say “do you like X idea?” and they’ll say “no, you need to…” or “yes, it’s good because…” And then I get my feedback.

    If you use my suggestion, I hope it works for you.

  17. SteveM,

    Of course Matt doesn’t know 100% of Yahoo. He’s a Google employee. It’d be really awkward if he did know 100% of Yahoo’s algo.

  18. Shoe,

    Listen, when called a tool never question the type. Just be thankful that you have only been bestowed upon the least severe of all the toolings possible. Here’s the deal:

    1. Tool – This is the intro stage to tooldom. It’s when you’re just being an assclown and you’re not yet deserving of a worse title. Rather harmless.
    2. Toolbag – You’re starting to suck.
    3. Toolbox – You really suck at this point and you’re likely very unpopular (especially with the ladies)
    4. Toolshed – Oh fuck; you’re in hyperdrive on the highway to supreme assclownery. WTF dude?
    5. Tim the Toolman Taylor – This is reserved only, and I repeat, only for those that basically cannot avoid screwing any social interaction up, exude little to no tact (ever), and somehow—somehow have mastered the rare skill of being able to actually walk around with both feet in their mouths. A fascinating specimen indeed…

  19. You are not a tool. I think that word used to mean something, but so did “dork” – I figured that out when I said it in fron of an older woman – but I digress.

    Read your stuff a lot, listen to rockstars and like your angle on things. So much in fact, I’m thinking of shaving my head, just in case it works. I just can’t see getting the boost from the claw foot tub.

    Get on rockstars more!!!

  20. You have to admit, though, that even though your grammar isn’t the best, your writing has got a style all of its own. Rock on!

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