Can anyone drop some names of registers and some experiences they have had with them.

Here is my experiences so far:

Solid infrastructure and time tested tools. Not really ideal for doing bulk stuff. The issues I was having getting my account locked out have been fixed since changing to something really obscure. I think godaddy maybe a bit TOO big for me. At-least I have never been shown a way to get a dedicated account representative there and I have almost 10,000 domains with them.

I was about to move everything to but quickly realized being a smaller registar they quickly fold to pressures. Not to mention there tech support although available is totally clueless about how there system works. Monte (the owner) seems to be a great guy but I think he has a REALLY long way to go to compete with the big boys. After too many glitches with unexplained outages on my domains I just cant afford to use moniker for new domains and since they have a no refund policy my money just sits in my account there… O well live and learn. I strongly advise with moniker you do not make a deposit until you play with there tools a bit.. especially if you are a bulk register. I was hoping to address some of these issues with Monte (the owner) at Boston where he was listed as speaking until the day of the conference and also Toronto but he did not show to either.

What I really need is a good API setup and mass dns entries. Please let me know if you have any suggestions based on your experiences.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. You probably should take a reseller account. The two systems I known for being the best ones are DirectI and Enom. Enom has a stronger name in the industry as far as support tools go, but DirectI has renewed big part of their systems lately so I don’t know which one could be better for you. I think DirectI prices are still a little bit lower than Enom.

    If you don’t want to get a reseller account you can register as an end user at least from DirectI. Anyway, there are many resellers from both systems, and one reseller of Enom I usually use and could recommend is Namecheap. You can get domains for $7,99 and I’ve found their system pretty good, but I’m not a hardcore domain registrar as you are, yet. 😉

  2. I have used Enom and Directi in the past for domains, both have a good api for developers. Domains are fairly cheap, however you will have to pay extra for managed DNS (the same as most dolman companies).

    The only bad thing I have to say about enom is that they require a large deposit to become a reseller. You have to lodge $200 USD up front to become a reseller.

    Directi doesn’t have this requirement gut the api isn’t as good as enoms.

  3. I’ve used both that you mentioned and I hate godaddy’s interface. It feels “clunky”. I use and they have the bulk tools your looking for. Edit all Contacts? Click. Edit all DNS? Click. You can select any number of your domains and batch edit them. I don’t know if they have an API or not, but managing 100+ domains from Namecheap has been a breeze. I’ve used Godaddy, Monicker, Enom, DirectNIC, OpenSRS, and just about everyone else and in the end I like Namecheap the best because of the ease of use.

    I’ve had 2 issues come up with them (name push went wrong and a domain got “stuck” in limbo) and they resolved both issues pretty quickly and with very little hassle. I plan to continue to use them and I recommend them to everyone without any reservations. Give them a look and see if they suit your needs.

  4. Do you know onlinenic, I use it and I think they are cool.
    Maybe it’s good for you. Let us know what you think about it.

  5. Have you tried That’s who I use and I’m not sure about bulk registration, but I’m pretty happy with them.

  6. Sometime criticism from a friend has stronger results.. I’m sure Monte from Moniker will take this to heart.

  7. I never had expirence but why dont you become a reseller of other registers like bulk register …most of them provide API access for resellers and pricing is also competitve i think!

  8. I’m very happy namecheap…don’t know about their API, but I have 15 domains with them, and am getting ready to move another 75 from godaddy.

  9. In Portugal we say “Amigos amigos, negócios à parte” wich means friendship is one thing, business is another.

  10. I do not trust GoDaddy.
    I use Moniker (get $7.99 registration)
    and NewSol sometimes.
    Also 1 & 1.

  11. I’ll also happy with namecheap and have over 100 domains with them so far. They’re a far cry from registerfly who I moved from.

  12. Try Namecheap- $8.88 for a name and if you have to transfer, Its the easiest registrar to do it at

  13. I have one domain left at Godaddy. I never had any problems with them, but I prefer others.

    Namecheap is good, especially if you want WHOIS privacy, since it’s free the first year and cheap after (less than $3/yr).

    I use a Directi reseller account for most. Bulk registrations & transfers are no problem. I haven’t stayed on top of it, but it seems like they’ve been putting a lot of work into their system and adding features. It can’t hurt to try, since you don’t have to dump a big deposit to get $6.99 pricing. I got an email saying they’d be having a $1.49 .org sale starting on 5/3.

    If I just want to pick up names that I’m not going to use for awhile, I’ll either go the $2.99 Yahoo route, or’s $2.95/yr with free WHOIS privacy.

    If you go the NameCheap route, there are always plenty of coupon codes out there that can save money. The last one I used was EVENLOWER, which knocked the $8.88 down to $7.99–not sure if it expired by now or not.

  14. Geez shoemoney, 10,000 domains? Do you actively use all of them, or are some parked on PPC parking services like Sedo or DomainHop?

    As for registrars, I have a good relationship with 1and1 but would not recommend them for bulk. They are great with privacy and cost. Everything, including ICANN “fees” and privacy are included for a $5.99 price.

    My friend swears by registerfly. Privacy is only $.99 per domain and they seem to be really good for bulk and searching for alternatives.

  15. […] Posted on April 29, 2006 at 11:03 pm If you have even half of what ShoeMoney, you should be making a good living by now. How many does ShoeMoney have? The exact figures are unknown, but he has given us a few clues. In February 2006, ShoeMoney posted about service frustrations with He had over 1,500 domains on that post. Today, he posted his reviews of the GoDaddy service but now has over 10,000 domains! […]

  16. I’m using Dotster as my primary registrar, negotiated a great rate with them. Email me if you want my contact there.

  17. Hey Shoe,

    I would recommend Tucows myself. They have a good API and are large enough not to fold under pressure – in fact they’re the largest wholesaler globally. I don’t think any other registrar comes close to them in terms on compliance and legal support (none of this GD BS that you read so much of). I’ve been with them for 6 years as a registrar and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    You’ll get a dedicated account rep there too with the volumes you’re talking about. They are very good on that side of things.

    On the down side – they are slightly more expensive than others and although they give you the API – you may need to make some tools to interact with it. We’ve built custom domain administration apps for others using their API so if you need some help on that give me a shout (or any further advice on Tucows).

    They aren’t for people who make the occassional registration but with the numbers you’re talking about I would say you need your own system.

  18. Try . Not sure about the API but their bulk registration / management tools are sweet. They cater to people managing large domain portfolios and their prices are competitive.

  19. I HIGHLY recommend … deposit $6950 and you can score yourself a 6.95 account forever.

  20. The big 3 of domain registrars I think are eNom, Directi and Go daddy, I personally use GoDaddy but I have heard many good things about eNom. If you search around on the net, you can find some cheap reseller accounts ($8.95) for eNom.

  21. Thinking about this some more… 10,000 domains. At what point is it worth it to become a registrar? Maybe it’s time to go ahead and register 😉

  22. I’ve been using for years. At peak I only had a dozen or so domains, but it does have bulk management features. I’d recommend it as better than GoDaddy. Pricing is as good as most mentioned above.

  23. enom is the best I found. Not the cheapest but the most professional and easiest to use interface.

    1&1 I dont trust, had a horid experience with their customer service. I would stay away from them, they are fine as long as you dont run into problems.

  24. Check out extremely clean interface – fast – and cheap

    namecheap as many have suggested are also great and can manage heavy accounts – with free privacy as bonus

    10.000 domains sounds pretty nice – now dont tell us you have them all on auto content 😉

    Simple Seo

  25. While expensive, Network Solutions is worth it. Many high profile domains, you will instantly go into a VIP program, and if you do bulk transfers to them, I’m sure you can cut a deal. They do all bulk functions across the account, and from personal experience I -know- that account security is top notch.

    People complain about faxing info, etc – hey bottom line is keep your info up to date and you wont have hassles. Yeah it’s pricy, but you get what you pay for.

  26. I have used well over 10+ registrars, and have a few hundred domains, none of them close to You get your own personal reseller manager to look after you. I have been with them for close to 5 years and they always update their technology and add new features, if you let them know the size of your portfolio, they will probably set you up with a US$6.95 account to trial their services.

  27. Had to comment… do NOT use! I RARELY commment online about anything, but I feel compelled to warn people. I’ve been with them for over two years with 14 domain names, and I would say at least half of my renewal attempts went badly (mostly I was overcharged). Currently I am looking to transfer (probably to namecheap) because I kept getting a “failed” notice on my attempt to renew a domain name which has now expired. In over a week of attempts to contact them (including two tickets, phone calls on eternal waiting lists, etc.), I have yet to get in touch with them. They simply have not yet responded.

    I emplore you, do not use registerfly. They are a terrible company, and I’m getting out one domain name too late (over a thousand people have been effected by this situation, and I assure you, I have done everything I can on my end of things. This was not due to my own neglect).

    Just tring to help,

    PS… most of my domain names are non-profits. I do all of this as donation, so trust me, it’s saying a lot for me to get on here and post this comment!

  28. I use Moniker for my 600 domains. Lots of these comments are from last year. Moniker caters directly to domainers vs places like Godaddy which has average noob people that I wouldn’t call domainers. Moniker is also the most secure registrar available. They have NEVER had a domain stolen. This is vital when you have large domains or extremely valuable ones. Most of the professionals I know in this industry SWEAR by Moniker and I wholeheartedly agree. Namecheap is a reseller. Directi has a confusing API and system that will make your throw your laptop across the room. Godaddy has bullcrap policies…they do lock accounts and worse. Enom is a possible choice…pay the few bucks and get a top tier reseller account. Someone here thinks $200 is lot of money…haha. You pay that daily in renewal fees. Dynadot..never used so can’t comment.

    Oh and if you contact Moniker…they will most likely give you a wholesalers account FREE…$6.95 registrations, transfer, and renewals.

    Again…go with Moniker.

  29. Thanks for this blog post. I’ve actually been researching different web hosts to find my next hosting company. So far I’ve been thinking about using InMotion. In general, the reviews of them seem pretty decent and their plan suits my needs. Do you think this is a good idea? — Jake

  30. InMotion are, in my opinion, a good host. I currently use them and from what I’ve seen, there hasn’t been any downtime problems and the support have been able to sort out the problems I’ve had. My overall opinion? Definitely recommended.

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