If these numbers do not mean anything to you then you are not addicted to Lost like me.

As you may or may not know I am been super sick the last 4 days or so… and while sick I watched the ENTIRE 2nd season of lost up to last tuesdays episode. I love the show and cant wait for next weeks! Anyone Else Addicted to Lost ?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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29 thoughts on “4 8 15 16 23 42 – Now I am LOST!”
  1. hah Im with you…Lost is one of the few good series that actually comes out on time here in Bangkok. For the rest we are forced to buy DVD’s – thankfully the $1 dollar street variety 😉

  2. Big fan! Man, the writers of this show are amazing, this week’s last few seconds killed me with Libby being a patient as Hurley was! How the Hell did they think of that!? Mistery after mystery…hey, what do you you think they are going to do with the guy in the hatch?

  3. I think it’s all in tubby’s head. After the last show, I’m convinced.

  4. I too am an addict. I try to push it on my friends. I play the augmented reality Lost games online. I can’t help myself. I too hope to someday be Lost on an island somewhere with just my sick imagination to keep me company as I find corporate conspiracy clues to blur the lines of my reality. That world would be pretty ideal.

  5. It’s definitely not in Hurley’s mind, there’s no way the writer’s would just give it away like that.

  6. Being a recovering TV addict, I’ve stayed away from this one. It just looks to good!

    BTW, hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. I can’t cite a source but I read on a forum that the makers of LOST said in a podcast that it isn’t a dream or something like that. So that would rule out that everything is just Hurley’s mind.

  8. I have three friends who work on the show in one form or another. My best friend was doing the storyboard sketches for the action sequences on the first season.

    Several people on the film crew compete weekly in a contest where they pick a topic and they have 24 hours to shoot a short story. Then they get together at a bar the next day and vote on who did the best job. A group of high school kids also compete but can’t get in the bar so they wait outside until a winner is chosen. They have actually won a few times.

    Here is some useless trivia. The cave sequences from the first season were filmed in the abandoned Xerox office building. It was abandoned because it was the crime scene from Hawaii’s worst mass murder where an employee went berserk and shot and killed seven of his coworkers. You can see pictures of the building here. http://www.hawaiinews.com/archives/business/000286.shtml After that, no one wanted to rent the place.

    On a lighter note. I was lucky enough to watch the premiere of the second season a day early in Waikiki Beach on a huge outdoor screen. http://lostforum.free.fr/pic/thumbnails.php?album=153&page=1 It was very cool. I hope they do it again.

    Even though I know a few people who work on the set at the Diamond Head Studios where they now film the hatch sequences, everyone is quiet about the storylines so no spoilers.


  9. oh man, I’m just getting through the first season on nextflix. You guys are going to spoil it all.

  10. there is no way they would give away the ending before the last episode. whatever they try to make you think (that mental hospital thing) its just not it 🙂

  11. I dunno I am VERY interested to see whats going on with him… hopefully the british idiot won’t go rambo on him like the last one the captured!

  12. Dude when I started watching it I keep seeing spoilers in magazines and stuff… better hurry =P

  13. hehe me too! I keep thinking I have reached the peak of this cold…. then its worse the next day. CMON STUPID COLD GO AWAY

  14. I´m totaly hooked up on that show, too!
    Here in germany the second season just startet on payTV, so you are a little ahead, but I´m totaly Lost already – I don´t have a freaking idea what´s f***** going on there 🙂

  15. I spent (killed) an entire day researching those numbers on the net. I love the fact that google stuck an island at those coordinates and people believe it!

  16. Lost addict here.

    I tend to think it is a psychological experiment where the men and women are the mice in the lab.

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