Reading Search Engine RoundTable today I spotted this:

According to an email received by a member of SEW forums, Yahoo will no longer allow bidding on brand keywords by non-brand owners. This is certainly big news, as bidding on competition brand names has long caused outrage by companies that find other organizations bidding on their trademark. Of course, very few companies check their trademark search terms regularly, so it is often not even noticed. And many of those that do notice it simply begin to bid on the competitor’s brand too.

As many may know, a trademarked (brand) term can currently be bid on within the Yahoo and Google. There is to be no mention of the trademark within the Title and description of the ad text, however. The MSN AdCenter Pilot (BETA), alternatively, already has in its content guidelines the following

So it seems the artist formally known as Overture is going to forbid people to bid on keyword terms. Something MSN has already been in place.

My feelings on this is that it is a over all really good thing for the industry. Perhaps one reason why Yahoo Publisher Network ad targeting sucks so bad is because there is not a lot of diversity in keyword bidding? They have had OLDSCHOOL overture money for some time and those people are probably stubborn to try to target some creative text phrases. (just guessing of course).

I just wonder if google will follow suit. I guess they are not used to playing follow the leader in this Internet Search Marketing business 😉

Some other very interesting posts on MSN Adcenter:

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By Jeremy Schoemaker

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo Search Marketing taking some notes from MSN AdCenter Pilot; Will Google follow?”
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  2. How long has MSN AdCenter been running, and are they still accepting sites? Also, Jeremey what network (YPN!/Adsense) has been doing better for your this month?

  3. i think google will be producing away around it, like as you have said not playing follow the leader, but making things better from the bad mistakes of others.

  4. Yahoo search marketing is not good as google adsense because overture want you as partner if you have over 1 mil. search per month.

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