UPDATE: its now 4 hours after I initial was locked out and I still can not get into my godaddy account. I called them back and the godaddy representative is now saying it takes 24 to 48 HOURS for the account to unlock after 5 inavlid attempts. WOW WHAT A NICE SECURITY FEATURE

I have read of other peoples godaddy issues. I have never had any problems so far but I have been leery as of late.

I went to log into my godaddy account this morning and it said invalid password/username. This is kind of weird because I store my password in the browser… So I manually typed it and still the same error. Now I am getting a bit concerned cause I have over 1500 domains currently in my account.

After several more frustrating attempts to get into my account I finally went through the whole process of reseting my password. After I got the email, went to the site, and picked a new password it still said invalid. Now I am just thinking they have some problem on there end.

So I call up there tech support and the guy tells me my account has been locked due to 5 invalid password attempts. Here is how the conversation went. (I actually recorded the call)

GD -“Hello, Thank you for calling Godaddy how can I help you”

ShoeMoney – “Hi my phone pin is XXXX and my name is Jeremy Schoemaker. I can’t get into my account.

GD – “Ok Let me see… Yes it looks like you have been locked out due to 5 invalid attempts”

ShoeMoney – “Well the password is stored in my browser and I have never had a problem before. Can you tell me what time it was locked out?”

GD – “I am sorry I can not but I can tell you it has been locked several times throughout the morning this is a security feature to protect you.”

ShoeMoney – “Ok well it doesn’t take a rocket science to see someone is trying to guess my password or using some sort of brute force method to get into my godaddy account?”

GD – ” Sir, I really doubt someone is trying to hack into your account”

Shoemoney – “Ok well… whatever so please unlock my account so I can access it”

GD – ” I am sorry sir but for your protection the system locks it for 30 mins after you tried 5 invalid attempts”

ShoeMoney – “Ok but I just reset the password”

GD – “yes but its still locked or 30 mins”

ShoeMoney – “You guys have a really really stupid security policy. Do you realize right now all of my websites could be down and I could be loosing tons of revenue and I have NO WAY to log in to your system because of your “security policy?!?”

GD – “Well Sir perhaps you should have thought of that before you stored your password in your browser”

ShoeMoney – “ouch, I think I am going to move all my domains over to Moniker”

GD – “Well if you want to register new domains I can transfer you to sales and they can register them for you over the phone then they will be in your account”

ShoeMoney – “In the account I cant access ???”

GD – “No sir it will be unlocked in 25 minutes”

ShoeMoney – “unless the person has a automated script setup to lock me out”

GD – “Well I really doubt that is the case”

ShoeMoney – “How can it not be the case? You say you see the account has been locked several times this morning and if I am not doing it then someone is trying to guess my password”

GD – “Well it could be someone is just thinking that is there username”

ShoeMoney – “Either way they have successfully kept me out of my account”

That was pretty much the convo. I do not know the legalities of posting a mp3 of the conversation but I did hear the call may be recorded for quality assurance. I wonder if that gives me the go ahead to publish the audio?

Anyway…. I do not think I can afford to keep my domains at godaddy any more. I have read others horror stories and I think my time is running out. I will probably move them all to moniker.com

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

49 thoughts on “Godaddy frustrations have hit me first hand”
  1. I’d actually suggest namecheap, they’re great and they dont try to sell you extra crap when registering a domain. BTW, have you forgot i still have a domain of yours?


  2. There are plenty of alternatives to GoDaddy. 1 and 1, Dreamhost, hech even Yahoo is doing domain name registrations now.

    GoDaddy’s superbowl ads and the CEO’s blog are pretty insulting to smart people, so you should think about leaving them just on the basis of that!

  3. I’ve been hearing many bad things about godaddy lately. I was going to try them for some registrations because they were cheap, but I went with a more expensive site who I’ve never had problems with in the past. Sadly, probably another example of “get what you pay for”…


  4. All registrars suck – some suck way more than others, especially when it comes to transfers. My joys include being locked out of a domain I own – 4 months now and I still don’t have access, not being able to change nameservers, not being able to get expired domains off my CP and waaay worse.

    My policy is to not get off the phone until I get satisfaction. Keep asking for the supervisor and the supervisors supervisor. I mean, how many people have 1500 domains with a registrar? That’s what 13k a year? If they don’t play nice, move. I’m sure there are many, many registrars that would bend over backwards for your business.

  5. true true

    I am currently talking with moniker.com about moving everything there. I am not excited about the move but I am just at my end with godaddy.

    Also I have monte’s (moniker dude) cell phone and I feel much more secure with them.

  6. Yea… I have been wanting to leave them for a while but something about just staying with 1 person I like.

  7. Why would anyone with 1500 domains be using Godaddy anyway when they could be saving thousands of dollars a year by using a cheaper service? In this industry, cheaper doesn’t mean worse.

  8. I’m slowly moving over my valuable domains to Moniker. I’ve never heard anything bad about them. I’ll keep my speculative & undeveloped domains at either GoDaddy or Registerfly for now.

  9. Huh – what’s your problem?

    The GoDaddy dude was doing the right thing. You were locked out of your admin panel for 30 minutes as a security precaution. What’s the big deal? I’d hardly call this a ‘nightmare’. What a cry-baby you are.

    As a customer of GoDaddy, I know a lot of things suck about them, but this is small beer.

    And don’t you get the concept that in this situation this is exactly what should happen, esp if it was a brute force attack on your password.

    You’d complain a lot more, I imagine, if they just left the account open and let the attacker successfully run his script against your account for a few hours, until he got the right password.

  10. Yeah… I have like 700 doms with GoDaddy and have had a few weird things happen as well. Like, for example, a domain disappearing out of my account because someone claimed he owned it and they just gave it to him 🙂

    I also have about 300 with RegFly and have had a couple weird things with them as well. However, as FunCareers says, all registrars suck in some way or another. Perhaps I will try moniker as well 🙂

    Right now I am in the joyful process of transferring a lot of Snap doms from all their ‘partners’. If you want to see shady registrars try dealing with these guys 🙂


  11. They’re cheap, that’s why I went to them for cheap hosting. After trying to get some basic help from them, I now know why they’re so cheap — they’ve “hired” monkeys to do customer service, that’s how they can afford to keep the overhead low. I shall never, ever, EVER give my money these morons ever again.

  12. Probably the most retarded comment I’ve read on a blog.

    Did you read the phone conversation? Shoe’s point is exactly right, someone could be running a script to lock the account every 30 minutes. They could keep this going indefinitely. Not to mention, what good does it do? I’m sure his password is good enough not to be brute forced.

    Shoe – It is perfectly legal to record and use the conversation. Only one side of the phone call needs to be aware that it is being recorded. Since you are aware, thats good enough.

  13. […] The first big rumbling I heard about GoDaddy was this. It was definitely unsettling, but seemingly an isolated incident. Now it seems even Shoemoney is questioning GoDaddy. This is sketchy territory, and as I collect more and more domains with GoDaddy I have to wonder if now isn’t the time to bail. What I’d like to know is if this stuff is intentional, ie: company policies, or if its just foolish employees doing stupid things. I’ll definitely keep an eye on GoDaddy. […]

  14. Got a strange call from Godaddy asking me why I registered 10 new domains, I said “Why do you ask” they said “Oh we are just checking in with you, we appreciate you business” and now I wonder…

  15. It may be pertinent to have multiple accounts for large numbers of domain registrations.

  16. Plain and simple. GoDaddy is the Walmart of registrars.

    Failing to make the logical connection between a lockout and an assertion by the rightful owner that the account had not been accessed is an embarassment. The rep had no business being on the phone.

  17. Yes godaddy is very irritating. I only have a hundred or so domains with them. never been locked out though. Getting locked out that would suck, especially since their crew treated you like they did. Treating some one with 1500 domains like that proves how stupid godaddy is. They should have some way to flag the accounts so that they could escalate the important people to the supervisors. The fact they do not do this tells what kind of outfit they really are. I would not place 1500 domains in one single account though. I signed up with wild west to get the cheaper accounts and have a place to send my hosting customers where there would not be competitive sales attempts etc. That is really why I stay with them. Plus they do answer the phone 24/7 and can help with the simple things. especially with people who have only 1 domain and know nothing about this business. Cheap prices and a phone number to call that I do not have to answer. If I can ever find that some place else I’ll leave goduddy fast but I don’t hold much hope of that.

  18. I guess I’m one of the “lucky ones” too, regarding GoDaddy… I have my own reseller domain company and that’s where I buy my domains, but for an overall outstanding hosting (and domain registrar) I would highly recommend DeerfieldHosting.com – I have been with them for over three years, and the service is outstanding, the customer care is ‘bar none’ and I am completely satisfied. I hope this helps someone in a quandary about excellent hosting and domain registrars. I even went as far as to tell the owner that he had to live forever, because if he ever left the business I wouldn’t know where to turn to find a company as good and attentive as his.

  19. Great thread on GoDaddy. I have about 30 domains. Don’t like the upsell, they even try to nail you on the phone with upsells. Like many have said they are making big bucks to pay for the SuperBowl ads!!! Why not try to improve the customer experience instead.
    I don’t hate GoDaddy, but I would consider moving if the right company, maybe Moniker is the better choice.

  20. I question any recommendation you make after that fiasco with your web design company. Have you actually researched Moniker or are you just haphazardly running to them like you did with that unproven web design company?

  21. It’s time for people to start using reputable registrars instead of spammer-protectors like GoDaddy.com.

  22. […] ShoemoneyThreadwatch […]

  23. Shoemoney uses Godaddy!!!??? How is this possible? I seriously would have thought that with the revenue he generates he would be using a baller dedicated hosting service like rachspace.com

    Godaddy does have a dedicated technical account rep service. I’m surprised shoe hasn’t demanded one, given his number of domains.

    I too have had major problems with godaddy.com. Their customer service has gone into the toilet in recent months and their MySQL servers freeze up on my sites regularly. I may have to check out moniker.

  24. Isn’t it just a little ironic that

    A: “this is for your protection”

    B- “I doubt anyone is trying to break in”

    So.. if it is unlikely that anyone is trying, why would you need protection? In other words, if it’s so unlikely, they should reset the account NOW.

    Besides – they know where the attempts came from and could easily verify if it was your accident or not.

  25. […] But seriously, have you not read ShoeMoney’s post about his first hand experiences with Godaddy? […]

  26. […] Posted on April 29, 2006 at 11:03 pm If you have even half of what ShoeMoney, you should be making a good living by now. How many does ShoeMoney have? The exact figures are unknown, but he has given us a few clues. In February 2006, ShoeMoney posted about service frustrations with GoDaddy.com. He had over 1,500 domains on that post. Today, he posted his reviews of the GoDaddy service but now has over 10,000 domains! […]

  27. I had that exact same password lock out issue and a similar explanation. It was a weird glitch that cropped up when I chose to have my CC info stored on their site. Tech support came to that conclusion and when I opted out of that feture all the login issue went away. Don’t know if you were using that feature at the time but that’s what caused it for me.

  28. I once lost a domain because godaddy’s stupid password reset procedure that requires you to send a fax. Of course, I moved to other registrars since then.

    Shoemoney, how come you are not getting yourself as a direct reseller from enom since you are having so many domains?

  29. For the most part I haven’t had a problem with godaddy but their customer support is the worst.

    It’s obvious that these guys get incentives for pushing higher priced services. Just the other day they called me up and told me that I was getting “way too much traffic” and I needed a dedicated server. I looked at my stats and saw that I only used 250 mbs of my possible 250,000 mbs of bandwidth. Only 30 vistors per day. What a joke.

    These godaddy customer services calls are more like spam than actual customer help.

  30. FYI some of the sales/techs (hustlers are making 130 thousand a year in comission on you fools, everytime you call it is their job to HUSTLE you or the get written warnaing and fired it they dont meet a quota like $ 350.00 a day or push a sale on every call.. they call it service to a customer. it is all about the money they work it like a BOILER ROOM..

  31. Well, as of three days ago, you can add 1and1.com aka schlund.de to the list.

    I have a single domain with them. I was just trying them out. It went off the air on Feb 01.

    So, it is redemption time. $40.00.

    Well, wait a minute, my invoices for the last two years show Feb 03 to Feb 03 as the anniversary dates. This cut absolutely no ice with the billing department. Furthermore, *they* had decided not to send any expiry notices because of bounced mails. The address was valid. They just are clueless about writing emails that make it past spam filters.

    So, *they* jump the gun. I get to pay.

    And wait, and wait, and wait ….

    While they get around to resurrecting the domain.

    Two to three days they said.

    I asked, being a Friday, does that include the weekend.

    It should be done by next Wednesday.

    I take it that the clock starts Monday, after the weekend.


    The internet is 7×24, except when dealing with a registrar.

  32. Godaddy is a joke. Their interface is so user-unfriendly. It’s so hard to get anything accomplished there because they’re always shoving ads in your face, and everything takes so long to get done. If I remember correctly, it takes 10 pages to register for a new domain name.

  33. Yeah that totally sucks. It’s times like that you wish you could reach through the phone and bust some ass. The biggest point you could make is to move your sites over to moniker. Instead of the ol’ write a letter, complain to support type crap that usually gets nowhere.

    Also, I personally think Bob, his godaddy girls, superbowl ads, oc chopper etc are a bit annoying.

  34. I am with GD and have a crap load of domains through them, and the support the last year has gone way down hill. I have flat our caught them in lies and they do nothing about it. Mr. P need an adjustment to his ego and realize umm how do you say YAHOO.com. Yahoo thought they were the only and best bar none. And now they are holding a very lose second to MSN. Can you say Google. Google a careless run outfit gets by because they don’t have to answer to anyone really. Yahoo sold product and so do GD. But GD is is getting to big for its self. A reminder to Mr. P Can you say AOL. many say AOL who?
    This will be Godaddy future unless they stop the lies and improve support. 1and1 and places like that are 1/2 the price of GD I don’t use them but heard they were good. Anyway, GD seems to think tight t-shirts makes a domain registrar better. Hmm perhaps if Mr. P spend more time looking at forums like this and see really unhappy ppl. Instead of looking through next Super Bowls pin up girls he might make it. Its the smart survive. That’s also why I see Google losing there market share soon, they just don’t have the smarts to hold on forever with the staff they have.

    My Two Cents

  35. […] ShoeMoney – “GoDaddy Frustrations Have Hit Me First Hand“ […]

  36. […] Godaddy frustrations have hit me first hand […]

  37. I have been locked out of GoDaddy for a week. It’s not a case of not being able to login, I can’t get the site to load at all. I only have 8 domain names with GoDaddy, but those domains are making me money and it is killing me that I can’t get in to make changes.

  38. Wow!…actually…I agree….it’s just not cool for someone you trust with “your money”- and “life support” to leave you so helpless. ..But=it will certainly teach you a lot about who to and who not to….”TRUST!”…Right?

  39. You think thats a bad security feature?

    My email account was hacked and all the hacker had to do was request a password change from GoDaddy and they sent him a new password to log into my account. Then it took 7+ days to get GoDaddy to give me back all my domains. I am suprised they don’t have a more secure feature for highly valuable properties like domains. Worst experience ever!

  40. Yahoo are, in my opinion, a good web host. I currently use them and from what I’ve seen, there hasn’t been any downtime problems and the support team have been able to sort out the problems I’ve had. My overall opinion? Definitely recommended.

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