The most common question from people in email or in person is “what is my domain name worth”. I always ask them if the have people interested or not. The answer is usually no, followed by a “I was just wondering what its worth”

I always compare collecting domain names with collecting baseball cards. Sure there are guides and “experts” that will make you feel good by telling you your domain is worth tons of money but the real truth of the matter is that your domain is only worth what someone will pay. (pretty obvious huh?).

The bottom line is if your just asking what your domain is worth and nobody wants to buy it then its worth……. nothing.

Now if someone emails you and asks if your selling your domain that is a different story.

When someone does email you asking if your website/domain is for sale your answer should ALWAYS be “Its not really for sale but I am open to offers”. This small response is pretty effective to filter out the following:

  • Brokers who want to shop your site to other people – Basically someone sees value in your site and wants to paste it all over the internet “for sale”.
  • People who just want to see if your making any money so they can copy you
  • People who just want to chit chat – I dont know about you but I dont have the time for this.

The next response you are going to get is probably going to be the same from a novice or a pro domainer. “I have never bought a domain before, what is your asking price?” or something to that effect is what you can expect to get back from a interested party. Now depending on how bad you really want to sell the site depends on your response. If you want to sell the site then respond with “I was offered $xx,xxx.xx for the site 3 months ago and I turned it down. If you want the site your offer is going to need to be more then that” the x amount being what you would sell the domain for. Its good to come up with this figure (especially if your new to buying/selling) before engaging in negotiations. Now the interested party knows your “bottom line” and will either offer you more or wont respond.

If you really dont want to sell the domain but are open to offers then NEVER name a price. Just respond with vague things like “its gotta be a offer I cant refuse” and various things like that. This lets your buyer know that indeed you really are going to be a tough sell but could be bought for the right price.

Here is a update on a post I made before With I dont know if the guy was a pro or not… maybe he just reads my blog =P, but he played it really well. Long story short – he wants $30,000.00 for it and I offered $10,000.00. I just cant do 30…. crap i shouldnt even do 10 but its my last name so I thought perhaps it was worth 10. How do you put a price on your family name? Only 1 person can ever own it ever… in 20 years I will probably be telling my kids how I could have purchased our for a mere 30k (less then a cup of coffee in 2026).

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

20 thoughts on “Whats my domain worth and how do I handle the sale?”
  1. You shouldn’t give away $10k for this unless you’re feeling very generous. You’re probably the only person in 100 years to be interested in that domain name, so argue on that a little. Good luck, I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. If you pay $10 grand for a domain name that has no commercial value whatsoever, you must REALLY be rich, shoe!

  3. Sometime between now and 2026 the domain owner or heirs will need $ quick and the price will be much more reasonable 🙂

  4. Heh, I’d probably jump at the chance to buy my family name dot com for just $30K! 😀

  5. dude, thats way too much, its not worth it ! you could put that money into the other site and it would be just as good

  6. I’d love to get your opinion on my situation.


  7. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just regiser something like, “” and then just legally change your name?

  8. Hi Jeremy,

    This story looks a bit like our case…. But, the guy in your story wants $30,000.00 for the name. I only ask 15,000.00 EUR, do you remember?

    How do you put a price on a family name? I don’t know. It has no commercial value, but it’s my family name. I just don’t want to tell my son in 2026 that I sold our family name for less than a cup of coffee….

  9. Martin-

    really? I had 30k in my head for some reason. Hey WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING MY BLOG

    no wonder you held out so well!

  10. He probably too bought it the day he found out about the blog and knew you would want it in the future 😛

  11. I know the guy who owns and will not sell it, not even for $XX,XXX,XXX money because it is his last name.

  12. I sold my last name to a weather channel for $6500; then bought it 7 years later for $200. I’m a domain whore I suppose, but don’t judge me!!

  13. Sounds like mine, I am unfortunately a German whos ‘ugly’ name is a TV stations call letters, so its pretty much forever gone.

    Only good part is that searches for our family is bogged down with tv station articles on page 1.

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  15. I had the chance to buy my, but I thought its a I have a common last name. I wish I had done it. Who knew?

  16. BTW, Luckily I got my I remember my dad saying, why do you want that? And it was $35 a year at the time.

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