I was pretty excited today to see the specs on the Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955. I havent purchased any server class chips since paying a pretty penny ($1300 apiece) for my EE intel 3.2 ghz chips.

I am guessing these will be about $2,000.00 to start but will come down in price this spring.

Here is the article from hothardware

Intel has been relatively quiet over the last eight months or so, since the initial release of the dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor back in early April of this year. The company has released an entire line of dual-core ‘Pentium D’ processors since then, and have also introduced a number of new core logic chipsets as well, including the recently released 975X Express chipset. However, they’ve been content to have the 3.2GHz Pentium Extreme Edition 840 as their flagship desktop processor for quite some time.

Courtesy of its dual Hyper-Threading enabled execution cores, the 3.2GHz Pentium Extreme Edition 840 was a high performing CPU in many multi-threaded applications, but it was clearly outperformed by AMD’s high-end Athlon 64 X2 processors, especially in gaming scenarios where the processor’s second core wasn’t fully utilized. With today’s official introduction of the Pentium Extreme Edition 955 processor though, Intel aims to close the performance gap between its flagship processor and AMD’s. The new Pentium Extreme Edition 955 improves upon the older Pentium Extreme Edition 840 in virtually every meaningful way. The 955XE is clocked higher, 3.46GHz vs. 3.2GHz, it features double the amount of L2 cache, 4MB vs. 2MB, and it has a faster front side bus as well, 1066MHz vs. 800MHz. The Pentium Extreme Edition 955 is also manufactured using Intel’s new 65nm process, which lowers the processor’s power requirements and makes them less expensive for Intel to produce. On the surface, the new Pentium Extreme Edition 955 has a lot going for it. What do you say we fire it up, and see how it performs against the best AMD has to offer? We thought you’d like that.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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4 thoughts on “Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955”
  1. Intel’s “new” technology has of late been nothing but continual regurgitation. AMD is still and will continually be the best bang-for-your buck. Microsoft built its new 64 engine around AMD’s architecture. I can put together an AMD64 machine together for 40% less than Dell’s retail price of an Intel Machine. Email me if you wanna see the numbers. Don’t be fooled by Intel charging you hand over fist for that brand name and giving you inferior products.

  2. Just when I thought my 820D was “good enough” on the food chain of multitasking CPU’s..time to gear up for another spending season. That is unless I can find someone who has an “engineering sample” they can “lend” me 😀

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