Do you think you are richer then ShoeMoney? Lets see. I work all day in my boxers from home, I get to jump into bed every night and have amazing conversation with the woman of my dreams (my wife), AND I HAVE A BABY ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are specific things I am thankful for.

George SchaefferMy Friend George Schaeffer III- About six years ago I was living in Moline Illinois and going NO WHERE fast. I was about $20,000 in debt and with no formal education and work ethic my outlook liked pretty dim for the area. The Quad City area where I was from was totally dead tech wise. If you were not working for John Deere then you had a unstable job. Being that I had been fired or laid off from almost all tech related industries in the area I had to make a move. My friend George Schaeffer III insisted that I come visit him in Des Monies, IA and check out the jobs there. George was fairly certain that I could find full time work pretty quick. George opened up his home (2 bedroom apt) to me and even let me sleep on his bed. (his girlfriend at the time (now his wife)) and son slept in his sons room and George slept on the couch. Also I was 400 LBS at the time and definitely not the ideal guest. I stayed with George in these conditions for over 1 month. I don’t know how he did it and I don’t know if I would be willing to do it for another person but that literally changed my life. I got a job with Wells Fargo Company and started for a pretty good wage doing help desk support. Being the UNIX h4x0r that I am I quickly moved up from a lvl 1 help desk position to “senior UNIX security administrator” which was a lvl 7 pay grade ;). Also in Des Monies is where I met my wife. I owe George Schaeffer III and family so much and someday I hope to repay them for there generosity. George now is Regional Manager for Loss prevention and does a super good job for his employer. His wife also has moved up the ranks at her career and they now have a beautiful home in Des Monies, IA.

jeremy and JMy wife – J, or as she has earned Dr. J Schoemaker (no she is not a sixers fan). My wife is a practicing Cardiac Anesthesiologist who is in her first year of private practice. Like me she is extremely driven to be the best at what she does. I never thought I was going to be married but then I never thought a woman existed like her. She is extremely intelligent and very well educated (BA from St. Johns, BSA from Chicago school of business, and M.D. from UNL). She is also well traveled and volunteered for 1 year to practice medicine in Nigeria. This is quite a contrast from myself, who BARELY graduated high school and had never left the Midwest. My wife has taught me some of her structure and work ethic and it has helped me to be such a better person career wise. I love her more every day and I hope to spend many many many many many more years with her. My wife’s rock solid income has given me the ability to be the internet cowboy and go after some huge cash online 😉

BaxterMy dog Baxter – Son of Mick who won Best In Show in 2003 – Baxter is awesome and I love him. He is the official curator of the squirrel sanctuary for wayward varmints here at the Schoemaker estate for wayward varmints.

My family – Bob(dad), Joyce(mom), Andrea(sister) Although they are not much of a daily part of my life anymore that I have moved so far away I still miss them and love them very much. I am so thankful to call them my family. I have learned so much from my father in his business adventures and even things he didn’t even know he taught me. My mother is a complete angel from heaven and I am really pushing to name our first child after her although I haven’t really told anyone else …errr until now. Hopefully if I can acquire I will build this elite schoemaker network blog site… anyway that is another topic.

My mother-in-law Susan Baron- Yes I know many people here mother in law and think monster-in-law. Let me tell you my mother in law is one of the biggest sources of both me and my wife’s successes. She lent me money to start my company and now is my Business Manager. She keeps records for all 4 of my Corporations and also manages a lot of our day to day tasks. We just renegotiated her wages for 2006 and she will make more then I ever made working for anyone and I still think she is underpaid… but don’t tell her that.

The citizens of the united states for electing president bush for a 2nd term – I cant imagine what Al Gore would have done with the disasters that Bush has had to deal with…… AND THATS WHERE IM GOING TO STOP ON POLITICS 🙂

And of course always thankful for friends !!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

21 thoughts on “Im rich! -Things I am thankful for”
  1. I never got a degree from University of Chicago although I did start an MBA there. And also Baxter wants to point out that he has lost his position as the curator of the Squirrell sanctuary since it had to be closed due to neighbor complaints.

  2. Wow, your comment about Bush really surprised me. I like your viewpoints on just about everything else though. I’m probably your opposite when it comes to politics, but at least we agree on other things.

  3. Just more reasons to admire you. I feel the same about bush. Family is so important. Glad to here you get along well with your mother-in-law. I feel blesed because I also get along with my inlaws.

    Even you people who don’t like bush should see that the guy is really trying to do the right things not just put his finger up, feel wich way the wind blows then jump that way. I could say more but don’t want to make this about politics.


  4. Congrats on the baby Shoemoney. My daughter is 15 months old. I never thought I’d like being a dad, but wow… she runs circles around me. So much fun! Enjoy it… and try to get one of those 3D ultrasounds. They rock.
    Thanks for the inspiring words once again. Keep up the great work. Props to Dr. J for continuing to push you. Happy New Year to you both!

  5. Happy Holidays, Shoemoney. 🙂 It’s good to remember what we have to be thankful for in our lives. An early congats to both you and your wife on the new arrival coming to your home soon. 🙂

    Take Care,

  6. Nice comments, I agree that you don’t have to have a lot of money in the bank to feel rich, being happy in life is more important. Congrats on the baby, my best to you both.

  7. Congrats man, Its really good to stop once in a while and realise how lucky we are to make good money working from home and also have a wonderfull family.

    BTB, i like your Bush comments, its scary to think how Al Gore would have handled the economy if he had won.

  8. Yea, wealth is measured more in $$$ – great post Shoe (and corrections by Dr. “J”) – congrats again to your and your wife/family – nice post for the holidays.

  9. Ouch. Never talk politics, man. No matter which side you come down on, you instantly alienate 50% of your audience.

    Otherwise, great post. Really inspiring and personal.

  10. I’ve known Dr. J since before the the Dr. part and I agree that she is totally amazing. I mean, she IS the 1988 Nebraska State Hog Calling Queen, after all. You are very lucky to have her in your life and after reading your blog I can see she is lucky, too. Can’t wait to meet you and Baxter!

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