One week ago a friend hit me up on instant messanger. I have known this guy for a long long time. We used to make a lot of money together from porn affiliates while in college. We were doing about 2000$ a month and thought we were rich… well we were compared to the rest of the students we lived with. Anyway This guy went on to start a adult empire that lasted 5 more years then he sold his company for 18 million dollars. I have talked to him a little bit since but not much. I thought he was a upstanding citizen like myself. Little did I know he still dabled in the dark arts of internet money making 😉

I talked to him this morning and got the A-OK to blog about our inital talk which happened 1 week ago. Bottom line is he is/was making 10k+ PER DAY on average from google base making fake profiles which link to adult affiliates.

Session Start (Shoemoney:Anonymous-Friend): Thu Dec 8 15:09:21 2005
[15:09] Anonymous-Friend: Hey are you there
[15:09] Shoemoney: hey whats up
[15:10] Anonymous-Friend: just been busy man! I saw your post about google base and how its full of porn
[15:10] Anonymous-Friend: chill out with that
[15:10] Shoemoney: eh ?
[15:11] Anonymous-Friend: This post HERE
[15:11] Shoemoney: What about it
[15:12] Anonymous-Friend: dude I make a assload of cash from that
[15:12] Shoemoney: err really ?
[15:12] Shoemoney: from base.google.com ?
[15:12] Anonymous-Friend: yea
[15:13] Shoemoney: LOL your STILL into doing porn ?
[15:13] Anonymous-Friend: no im not i quit when you quit
[15:13] Shoemoney: so what are youi doing with google base then?
[15:13] Anonymous-Friend: dude
[15:14] Anonymous-Friend: You cant say nothing to anyone though atleast not right now
[15:14] Anonymous-Friend: I trust you and shit but people are starting to realize how much cash is in it
[15:15] Anonymous-Friend: well…. we started making profiles from day 1
[15:16] Anonymous-Friend: and the money was so good that I kept hiring more people to make them
[15:16] Anonymous-Friend: then it got so good that I needed to hire 1 person per affilate
[15:16] Shoemoney: ok seriously….. bottom line please
[15:17] Anonymous-Friend: best day 12,322.31
[15:17] Shoemoney: ok im listning please proceed
[15:17] Shoemoney: ya
[15:17] Shoemoney: listning
[15:18] Shoemoney: so like pretend I wasnt listning to anything you said so far =P
[15:18] Anonymous-Friend: ok check it out
[15:19] Anonymous-Friend: You bloged about it dude…. how there is so many adult profiles in the google base and how they all goto affilates
[15:19] Anonymous-Friend: put it this way. I have 15 employees right now that are doing nothing but making up adult profiles
[15:19] Shoemoney: really
[15:19] Shoemoney: wait wait wait
[15:19] Shoemoney: show me a example
[15:20] Anonymous-Friend: well
[15:21] Anonymous-Friend: i was going to paste one but I would rather not put mine
[15:22] Shoemoney: ok…..
[15:23] Anonymous-Friend: ok check it out
[15:23] Anonymous-Friend: you remember how we used to make tons on adultfriendfinder with referals
[15:24] Anonymous-Friend: now they have italianfriendfinder, koreanfriendfinder, alt.com all that shit it still pays out huge too
[15:24] Shoemoney: how huge
[15:25] Anonymous-Friend: you get 75% of initial orders and then 55% of reoccouring
[15:25] Shoemoney: ok so why would someone sign up
[15:25] Shoemoney: i mean like
[15:25] Shoemoney: i dont see how people even find you
[15:26] Anonymous-Friend: ok like lets say your in los angelas and your looking for a korean girl
[15:26] Anonymous-Friend: you can search for that on google base
[15:26] Anonymous-Friend: boom you hit one of my profiles which links to my affilaite link on adult friend finder
[15:26] Anonymous-Friend: I have averaged over 200 signups a day
[15:26] Anonymous-Friend: which i dont think is very much
[15:27] Shoemoney: hrmm
[15:27] Shoemoney: nice
[15:28] Shoemoney: hrmm
[15:28] Shoemoney: so your averaging what then
[15:28] Anonymous-Friend: well averaging over 10k/day for the first month but its droped off a lot
[15:28] Anonymous-Friend: hey I gotta go dont tell no anyone about this ok
[15:29] Shoemoney: ya thats cool
[15:29] Shoemoney: i would like to blog about it someday if thats cool
[15:29] Anonymous-Friend: no =P
[15:29] Shoemoney: I wont mention any of your profiles or your name or aim
[15:30] Anonymous-Friend: why would you want to blog about it
[15:30] Shoemoney: I just think people might find it interesting
[15:30] Shoemoney: is the revenue steady?
[15:30] Anonymous-Friend: nah its droped off a lot man…
[15:30] Anonymous-Friend: everyone is doing it now
[15:30] Shoemoney: doing the profile things
[15:46] Shoemoney: you still there
[15:46] Shoemoney: sorry got a call
[15:48] Anonymous-Friend: yo
[15:49] Shoemoney: Ok so is it cool then if I blog about it but I wont mention your name or anything specific to you
[15:56] Anonymous-Friend: well hit me up later this week.
[15:56] Shoemoney: its cool
[15:57] Shoemoney: I dont have to write about I just thought it would be interesting that people are making money using google, porn and the google base
[15:57] Shoemoney: since… well… most people dont know what good google base is anyway
[15:58] Shoemoney: well other then Digitalpoint Members
[15:58] Anonymous-Friend: lol I saw that
[15:59] Anonymous-Friend: nah but back to the blog thing its ok cause its dying anyway… each day it seems like google is doing a better job detecting and deleting my stuff
[15:59] Shoemoney: so how much do you think you made so far total
[15:59] Anonymous-Friend: hold on
[16:01] Anonymous-Friend: we have been doing the profiles since november 17th and to date we have made about 315k
[16:01] Shoemoney: SOLID
[16:01] Anonymous-Friend: hey by the way merry christmas and all that
[16:01] Shoemoney: you too
[16:01] Shoemoney: take it easy

So today when he gave me permission to post he also said that his earnings are down to 3-4k/day for the last couple days. He said google wiped about 8,000 of his fake profiles on base.google.com 2 days ago and now he is having to mask the links with redirects since google has filtered out all the direct lnks. (Silly pornographers…. he should have been masking his links to start =p) He said he expects the income to come back a little bit once he gets more profiles in.

Anyway I found it interesting!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. I’m surprised to see those dumb people on Digg consider this spam. I wish I had this type of foresight. Good lord. Great post shoe.

  2. hopefully this helps google clean the porn **** off google base and stop horny/greedy mother****ers from ****flooding good services

  3. Interesting, but sketchy. Good to know though. The margins on those adultfriendfinder sites must be insane.

  4. Steve, you don’t get how this makes money? People click on what they think is a girl’s profile and find some affiliate link …. and being tempted already, they click and pay. What is so hard to understand about this? Did you think all those “I’m one of the hottest chicks on earth willing to get boned by any old internet geek” are real? :p

  5. I’ve tested the waters with Google base but didn’t notice any traffic so I haven’t gone any further. It will be interesting to see if it just becomes a big spam whole or actually develops into something people really use.

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  8. Great story. That’s awesome, so many ways to make money online.
    I think the competition will soon become higher and it will be more difficult, but people will always be making tons of money on p0rn lol

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    By creating fake profiles which link to adult affiliates in Google Base can earn USD$10,000 per day, do you believe it? Shoemoney’s friend did it.

  10. When I saw this post I had to comment just to say that when you discover a new and lucrative traffic source such as this, you have to be downright stupid to send directly to the sponsor you are promoting. Mask the damn referer… it only takes 2 f***ing seconds…

  11. For those of you who wants to try it. There’s no point. Google bans your account and your profile is deleted. If you were in the game from the beginning it would have worked. Why do you think the guy let Shoemoney post about it anyways? Because it doesn’t work anymore.

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  15. woow amazing!

    Can someone let us know what other backdoor method beside this to rake in some profits? thanks in advance

  16. it’s not like adult spam was not believed to be a profitable business before. what makes this “bigger” than usual is that your friend did this to Google by beating them with their own tool.

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  18. Hey Shoe, Your Friend Is Not The Only One Making A Fortune On Google Base. Go There And Type In Books, Products ,etc. What Pops Up? Thousands Of Affiliate Links To Amazon, shop.com, etc. You Should Look At books And There Are Hundreds If Not Thousands Listed And Probable From The Same Guy… (Because He’s User I.D. Is The Same On Each Link) and the list go’s on! What Might You Think Am I Doing With Google Base….Can’t Say. But It’s Not Porno!
    Google Base Could Be In Trouble. Why? It’s All F***IN SPAM!

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    So Google is planning on allowing people to buy items on Google Base using their Google Accounts to manage payments. I wonder if this opens up any oppprtunities similar to when Shoemoney’s friend made 315k in about a month sticking Adult Friend Finder…

  20. He made all those profiles to point to an affiliate site to make somone else rich. He should of pointed it to his own dating site. Or setup a dating site if he started hiring people.

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  22. this is possible but i think not only on google base…way back in college i also do this adult site affiliate but i never make big money like that.. all you need is good resources to make this kind money…

  23. Doesn’t anyone stop to ask why a guy worth $18 Million dollars would be posting these profiles in the first place?

    I know people in the adult industry worth that much, they don’t work.
    They hire people to do it for them, and they spend their time partying and living the good life.

    This guy says he “had” to start hiring people…

    …because we all know, when your only worth $18 Million Dollars,
    the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is post fake profiles to the dating sites in hopes of making an affiliates cut of the action. ?!?!?!?!?

    Sounds like blog-bull to me…
    someone’s just trying to BOOST their search engines rankings with nonsense content.

  24. there is always another way and another angle – you just have to dig it up and risk some

  25. So, wheres the ebook – How to make Money on Google Base – can’t be far away from this blog 🙂

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  27. Any update to this almost a year later?

    Is he making ANY money at all now or did it die off for him?

  28. Heh…
    Thats incredible. That’s the kind of money i want to make.
    Great post Shoe!

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