When Google introduced the $1 per download of Firefox campaign I never bought into it. I even own a firefox forum and still didnt think it was worth it. Dont get me wrong I really really like Firefox.


Let me explain: Consider on your site your getting .60 cost per click with contextual advertising. This means all someone has to do is give a little click on a adsense or ypn ad and boom your paid 60 cents. Yes 60 cents is high or low its just a figure lets move on.

CPA is cost per action for those of you in Rio Linda.

In order to get paid your 1$ for the Firefox ad a user has to:

  1. Click on the banner (which looks like someone spent about 10 seconds making)
  2. Download the executable (which is probably blocked and requires further action by the user)
  3. Have a supported operating system (this is probably a no brainer but does eliminate some people)
  4. Never have installed firefox before (this is a iffy issue)
  5. Successfully install Firefox (ehh how are they tracking this?)

Now if a user manages to complete those 5 (FIVE) steps then you get 1$ for there action.

By comparison for some of the CPA programs I run from Azoogleads:

Free ipods 2.50 $ CPA; Only 2 (TWO) steps:

  1. Click on ad
  2. Enter email

Jamster Ringtones 7.25 $ CPA; Only 2 (TWO) steps:

  1. Click on ad
  2. Enter Phone Number

So now you see why the 1$ CPA referral program by Google is such a bad deal for publishers. Hopefully the new international publishers will not fall victim to what many webmasters have learned.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

16 thoughts on “Why Adsense Firefox Ads Pay Garbage”
  1. […] Just saw Shoe-Dawg posting about the Firefox / Google “referral” program. It wasn’t something that I thought was going to be too exciting, but I know that some other people felt differently. But, what is interesting is some seriously high CPA action that Shoemoney reports from Azoogleads. $7.25 for Jamster, which seems like a great idea to me if you have some sites that cater to the younger, music / pop-culture related crowd. tags: adsense, azoogle, firefox, google […]

  2. It’s actually even worse than that, because the maximum payout per referral is $1, and chances are good that you’ll get less than that. Personally, I think it’s more about generating publicity for Firefox and the Google Toolbar. Look at all the buzz that got generated. For the Firefox team it’s been a definite plus. For AdSense publishers, it’s another distraction. I still wish they’d offer text links for the referrals, not just buttons.

  3. ITA this *up to* a buck a pop is a laugh and not worthwhile at all.

    Something to remember about Google though is that they can come out with air filled balloons with the ‘Google’ name on it and they’d have stampedes of people falling all over themselves to use it/promote it. So with that thought – paying up to a buck a pop was probably pretty generous on their part ;).

  4. I think that they just basicly track the downloads with yours ref id.
    Anyway, the payout sucks .. I agree =)

  5. Heh – I went a registered mozillafirefoxdownload.net a while ago in great anticipation of this whole campaign. Now it sits doing nothing as I dont have the energy to go and create the site for a 0.000004% CTR.

    Bleak! 😐

  6. Is Jamster really that good? Can you give me the URL, I did not find a site mentioning such a CPA…

  7. Acutally my jamster is much higher then that because of the volume that I do.

    Honestly though the best ringtone provider payout is from DADAmobile which I think starts about 8-9$

  8. Shoe, do you know any providers that offer an International affiliate program? I’m not in the US or the UK. Can you point me anywhere?

  9. […] So I feel somewhat comfortable with Adwords but I still felt that I could get more bang for my buck… well more buck for my buck to be technical. So I started doing some research more research. What is it that we are selling? Well in order for a Ringtones ad to “convertâ€? a user has to put in there phone number then they are text messaged a pin code they must enter into a site. This I a very nice 2 step process for a payout unlike some other things. Who is most likely to freely give out there phone number? Ya… your kids. […]

  10. Yeah this Firefox thing sucks!!! I officially made .10 yeah they never payed me even $1.

    Also the adsense referal.. the user is supposed to make min $100 in 3 months lol.. I think anyone making that much knows about adsense 😀

  11. I did a quick blog entry about using firefox and our search plugin a while back… 3 clicks, 2 installs, $2 paid. Neat thing is that we got a ton of installs of our search plugin, which is gold when people don’t remember our site but find it in the list of installed search engines. We’re seeing plenty of people using that now and searching for products on our site without ever being at our site in the first place. Well worth making $2 doing the blog entry.

  12. I know this topic is old and probaly beaten to death but…I spent about an hour designing and coding a landing page…put it up on a domain name with a tiny bit (tiny as in non-existent) of se and type in traffic (usually 3-4 a day). Then went over to Adcenter and invested a tiny $5. Before my measley $5 campaign could even kick in I already had $15 in sales with a %50ctr. Not bad for an hours work.

    Lets see how it goes with the Adcenter. Figuring I spent all of 5minutes choosing my terms/keywords.

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