Free Shirt Friday- Navilytics @Navilytics


This week’s Free Shirt Friday comes to us from Navilytics. Their goal is to truly optimize your website, whether you want to increase sales or just make it easier to use. Their philosophy is that you have to understand what actually happens on your website in order to better understand your visitors. Google Analytics and other tools can miss important data. With Navilytics you can see exactly where your visitors move their mouse, what they click on, and what they type. Navilytics tracks mouse movements at more than three times per second! Is there a button that’s broken preventing visitors from completing a form? Do visitors have a tough time using your site? What actions do visitors take who convert into sales compared to those who don’t? Find out all of this and more with Navilytics.

If you want to be a part of free shirt friday, please click here.  


4 thoughts on “Free Shirt Friday- Navilytics @Navilytics

  1. Charis

    On T-shirt’s front view that color dots looks very attractive and the philosophy which is written on back side of t-shirt is really thought provoking.

  2. hitasoft

    Hi Guys!
    Thanks for the nice Article. It was very useful for me. Its provides better stuff to the online users. Thank you for your good information.

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