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Free Shirt Friday

Want to be a part of ShoeMoney’s Free Shirt Friday?

All companies and website owners are invited to send me a free shirt featuring your company’s logo. In exchange for the gear, I will take a pic wearing your shirt (and hat and whatever other stuff you send). I will also add some information about what it is that you do. Sound like a pretty fun deal? If you or your company would like to participate in the ShoeMoney Free Shirt Friday event, the first step would be to SEND ME A FREE SHIRT! (I wear a XL t-shirt (cause they shrink) or normally a large dress shirt.)

You can send your goods to:

ShoeMoney Media Group, Inc.
ATTN: Free Shirt Friday
1316 N Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

If your website address is not on the shirt you send, please enclose a separate note or card with your site or blog address on it. Thank you for joining in the fun of Free T-Shirt Friday and supporting the ShoeMoney blog!

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Other Awesome Companies Loving the Explosure From Free Shirt Friday: