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asI am not a lawyer or an accountant. Any legal or financial advice I give is my opinion based on my experience. Always seek the advice of a professional before acting on something that I might say.

Any amount of earnings disclosed on this website or in emails should not be considered as average. Like most things – on average, a very small percentage ever put in the work required to make money online. Which is also why it is so lucrative.

Financial Disclosures: 

Please know that I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website or in emails.

You should assume I have motivation for linking to everything on this page and will benefit from it somehow. You should assume I am no better then you are and your opinion has just as much weight as mine. You should question everything I say and come up with your own thoughts and opinions and not blindly trust some blogger.

My success is not typical or even close to typical (financial or otherwise).  I would say less than 2% of people who try to make money online actually make anything.

Company Disclosures:

I currently am a board member or advise the following companies. I have been compensated for these services. While I try to remain neutral my opinions will be influenced by this relationship.

Google – I serve as an advisor to Google on their AdSense, Adwords, Webmaster Central, Website Optimizer, and Ad Manager products. I am currently under NDA with Google for many of these products and other products I can’t disclose.

Microsoft – I serve as an advisor to Microsoft on their AdCenter products. I am currently under NDA with Microsoft.

Fox/Newscorp – I serve as an advisor to Fox Interactive with their MySpace MyAds platform.

Facebook – I serve as an advisor to Facebook the monetization team and work closely with them. I am currently under NDA with Facebook. – I currently am on the board of advisors for the twitter advertising platform

BuddyTV – I currently am on the board of advisors for buddyTV.

-Jeremy Schoemaker