FaceBook Advertising – Soup To Nuts Guide

Here is the FaceBook Advertising presentation I gave at Affiliate Summit East. In it I talk about the history of Facebook Advertising, realistic FaceBook advertising costs, and a ton of FaceBook advertising tips from setting up tens of thousands of our own campaigns.

You kind of had to be there for the full effect. I have gotten so many emails requesting it I thought I would redo it and share it with you guys 😉


In this video you can expect to find everything on Facebook advertising from soup to nuts, including really great starter Facebook advertising strategy I’ve used successfully. Now, I’ve been presenting at Facebook panels for the past 3 years or so, and the main thing problem everyone’s had from the panels is that it’s always a Facebook ads rep and people asking the same questions:

  • Why aren’t my ads getting approved?
  • Can you tell me something now that would make me money?
  • Can you give me a Facebook advertising coupon?
  • etc.

And the fact is, he can’t answer these questions, so I got together with Affiliate Summit East to create an hour long presentation that with Facebook advertising tips beneficial to both newbies and experts.