I been testing buying traffic from clixsense.com and doing very well –  however they don’t have very much tier 1 inventory.  After talking with their owner I am basically buying almost all of their traffic right now for english speaking countries.

So I looked at similarweb for other sites that offer similar traffic.  The biggest one alexa ranking wise was Traffic Monsoon.

So I went and signed up.  Put down a hundred something bucks in my account and made an ad.


PayPal Website Payment Details - PayPal


The status was set to pending review… ok cool I will go to dinner.  Got back home a few hours later.  Pumped to login and see how it’s going…   I got this:



No email no refund…

Dumb me I should have searched Google as their is tons of other people stating they were scammed.

Hopefully you won’t be one of them in the future.

I can tell you they scammed the wrong motherf’n person.  PayPal HQ is about 45 mins from my house and I already have a meeting with their fraud team on weds about the ShoeMoney Network and defeating user fraud.








By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

29 thoughts on “Beware Of Traffic Monsoon – Total Scam”
  1. Hell yeah they picked the wrong Dude and I know you like the legal side of things time to open a can of whoop
    arse . I am sure they will be regretting it Monsoon Mon very soon .. Go Shoe . Now that should be a ninja lesson buy in traffic and another one for the social media Ninja is the use of IFTTT when posting Pinterest to twitter you get a cool twitter card . Wow Paypal is in Nebraska .

  2. Hey Shoemeister,
    Just started reading your book today. I find myself always poppin’ in periodically to see what articles you have or anything new to learn. You are always a great read and since coming here on a daily basis almost 10 years ago…I have to say thanks. Hope to stop by more often.

    Maybe another t-shirt coming? Hahahaha

  3. Hi Jeremy

    Sorry to know about your experience. But let me tell you that this programme is THE best and the most genuine online money making system right now.

    I lost money in almost every online venture I joined. But i trust Charles Scoville, the owner of traffic monsoon who is one of the most honest and sincere admin around. I put in $ 2500 on 26 April and as of now it has grown to $ 4,668 and I have already cashed out $ 1,335 so far with instant withdrawals to my Paypal. My daily income currently is $ 110.

    You can check in forums like money maker group where there are tons and tons of positive reviews about this programme with a membership well in excess of 600000 and growing rapidly.

    All what am saying is traffic monsoon is not a scam and please do not mislead people. If my account is blocked, all what I will do is, contact their support. As simple as that. Kindly do some research before jumping to conclusion as your blog is read by so many people and lets not misguide them

    Jeremy, we members are extremely happy with traffic monsoon, their advertising service and revenue stream. please do not file dispute with paypal and cause agony to thousands of innocent people. Thank you.

      1. Dang! I have been with Traffic Monsoon for 6 months and having a hard time making anything! Thank God I read this article! Time for me to say goodbye to Traffic Monsoon!

    1. Usualy im not this kind of dick head but yeah, a fucking INDIAN like you should be removed from the face of the world. I bet you were send here just to lick some admin balls for 2 Rupees and nothing more,

      Jeremy, im really sorry for words like this but Indins are retards and will do everything just for few $

      1. Alek, sorry, you are a definite richard cranium. Make no mistake about who the real retard is. If brains were gunpowder you couldn’t blow your hat off. Don’t apologise to Jeremy for being a cretin.

      I live in Gold Coast Australia. I’ve been in and out of online businesses for the last 15 years and not ever seen anything like it. i’m only 13 days into it and already on 33 adpacks a day earning me $33USD a day and I have 14 people in my team and earning commissions off 5 active ones. I have tested paying myself instantly and it works. There are hardly any bad reviews on TM so I have no idea why you are. Blocked accounts happen if you are not following the guidelines as they are strict with multiple accts, IP addresses and multiple device logins. all you would have done was log out or send a support ticket or wait 24 hours. So yeah… Poor review mate.. Don’t mislead people especially the hardworking ones that are looking for a legitimate company that isn’t a SCAM! 🙂 My webpage if you need to learn more is: http://www.trafficmonsoonbiz.com Cheers 🙂

      1. Corina, I totally agree with you. TM is NOT a SCAM whatsoever if someone would have just looked into a bit more about being blocked. You were blocked because you were probably using the website from your phone and since you IP address is dynamic it was used previously from a legit person actually making money from TM. TM is now over well over (and I do mean well over) $100,000,000 company. I’m pretty sure the Shoe Money Network is nothing close to that

  4. His account bumped into a security fence, and all we needed to do is review, and unblock.
    I’ve reviewed, and it’s now unblocked. Pretty simple to get unblocked at traffic monsoon. Charles is the most honest person I have met online.

    1. Bullshit I put in support tickets not one has been answered. And never got an email it was banned when it was. Its still not working.

  5. i working in traffic monsoon since may31 onwards tell me this site is safe r not suggest me for these site help

  6. Hi Shoe,
    Did you get any luck in PTC traffic. What type of offers you promoting through ptc traffic. I am thinking it is junk traffic.

    1. Just my own stuff. I know its normally junk traffic but its working well for me. Its my first time even messing with it.

      1. Dang! I have been with Traffic Monsoon for 6 months and having a hard time making anything! Thank God I read this article! Time for me to say goodbye to Traffic Monsoon!

  7. Seems like things are about to get interesting. I’m grabbing a ringside seat to catch every punch! I’m definitely in your corner with this one, Jeremy.

  8. I don’t know man but I have been using Traffic Monsoon for almost four month now without a problem. There is once I got that BLOCKED ACCOUNT screen, but I tried a few hours later and it was fine. The traffic is really good. I have been promoting four corners, lead lighting and power lead system. Pretty much for every 40 leads I get, I have been getting one signup.

      1. Dang! I have been with Traffic Monsoon for 6 months and having a hard time making anything! Thank God I read this article! Time for me to say goodbye to Traffic Monsoon!

  9. It works. Not sure why the over reaction and the drama?! Or is this the typical response of an ill intentioned individual who is bent on causing damage just for fun and pretending to be the victim of fraud?! If yes, you might very well be the one who will find himself going to court and having to answer for your actions!

    Stop it and grow up! No need to act like a 10 years old boy! Thank you!

  10. Same Happened to a couple mates, attempt router reset or log in from another wifi. That failing they have a number you can call to get it unblocked on. I’m waiting for the catch with TM but it’s been pretty good so far. (20 days in with friends 2 months in)

  11. Hi Shoemoney,

    I got into the same predicament as you, having the ‘Blocked Account’ screen quite a few times actually, but it turned out to be nothing as I got my account back after a few minutes when logging in. Have you checked your account again?

    It’s a security issue, I believe. Must be the huge number of referrals that I’ve been getting or something. So anyway, if you are still proceeding it with Paypal HQ, then it is a huge bummer for me. I was about to put put down, maybe $5k-$6k into TrafficMonsoon, until I read your post in this page.

    Man, this will not go down well and I might lose my money if you proceed all the way.

    Once, I had invested about $500 (peanuts) and had gotten back my initial investment plus profits.

    That’s why I am confident enough to invest big money in TrafficMonsoon.

    Hope you will not proceed and please do check your account again and do reply if everything is well again.

    Thanks, brah.

  12. There was some issues with the site, almost a month ago, It showed my account to be banned as well. My support ticket was answered in less than an hour.

    I don’t think they are after your $125, Im pretty sure they will get you your account back, if you try again with their support. Talk to Dave.. Ive invested $10,000 ( Jan 2015) there and now making $1,000 every month through TM and almost $4,000 (recurrent monthly commissions) from what I have promoted there, My down line is also having some great big earnings..

  13. So why are you advertising on traffic monsoon still? I’ve literally just come across your site on there.

    Perhaps the particular WiFi network / mobile network you were on was blocked?

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