I have never talked about this publicly until yesterday when I presented on it at the Traffic and Conversion conference.  For most of the time it was out of selfish reasons as I didn’t want to “out” myself and burn down what I was doing… but that happened eventually cause I got a little greedy and pushed it too hard.  The good news is I have no doubt this would work for anyone for anything you’re doing.

I would like to say I planned this all out but its something that I completely stumbled on.

Before I publishing autobiography – “Nothing’s Changed But My Change – The ShoeMoney Story” I did some due diligence on how to “work” the system if you will…

It just so happened that the Nebraska Book Company (the biggest buyers and sellers on all of Amazon) are only a couple blocks away from my office and they actually have some Amazon employees that work out of the office.   Long story short they shed the light on a lot of things but the biggest thing they told me was to put out a 2nd book,  a digital only book, when I launch.  They also recommended putting it in the KDP program (Kindle Direct Publishing lets you give away the book for free but Amazon reimburses you a percentage of the downloads).

My book launch was less than a week away so I needed to put together something fast… really fast.  I year before that I had written a very comprehensive guide on Email Marketing.  Actually one of the best things I have ever written guide wise.  I decided to touch it up a bit, rebrand the water marks for my PAR Program company and not ShoeMoney and add a little bit about the PAR Program.

Just to clarify a bit more about this guide it was a complete walk through on email marketing and has tons of stats from my experiences in permission based email marketing over the last decade.  In the end of my book I close with “If you have a graphics team,  copywriters, and a programmer you can do this yourself with all the information I have given you.  If you need help contact us at http://www.parprogram.com.  For the link I embedded a tracking url so I could track the visitors.

And who knows… maybe I would get some new clients for PAR from them going to the site and getting a demo request.

So I found a image I could use for commercial purposes and published the book the same day as my Autobiography.

Amazon.com_ Ultimate Email Marketing Conversion Guide eBook_ Jeremy Schoemaker_ Kindle Store

Yes it looked like crap… but time was of the essence so I went with it.

So the books launched and my Autobiography sold well out of the gate keeping strong #1 in its category for the first 2 months.  Here is a rough graph of sales volume of the 2 books through 2013:


So the interesting thing is that my Email Marketing Guide book – “The Ultimate Email Marketing Conversion Guide” sales started to surpass my autobiography book sales in august.  Why?

Well a friend hit me up out of the blue and told me it was ranking for “email marketing” on the 2nd page of Yahoo!.  Well it made sense with Amazon’s domain authority but thats a pretty competitive term.  So I decided to track it using digitalpoint.com’s SERP tracker.


Nothing crazy impressive… but I thought I would build some high quality backlinks to it… and by November it was starting to pop:
It was at that time I was like I wonder how hard I can push this and bought a bunch of sketchy backlinks from seoclerks.  I mean what was Google going to do?  Ban Amazon ?


BOOM!  Its rocking hard…

But then guess what happened?


Yup – completely nuked out of Google.  Unless you search specifically for the exact title of the book it doesn’t show up for any of the terms or long tail terms.


Well it was VERY good while it lasted.  So lets look at the results from the Email Marketing Guide:

  • 35,000 eBooks sold
  • 17,500 Unique Visitors to http://www.parprogram.com
  • 480 Form Submits
  • 115 Demo Calls (prequalified from form fields)
  • 16 New Clients

16 new clients doesn’t sound like much but the average price point for those 16 clients is at about $5500 per month which to date is well over a million dollars in revenue.

Thats right… over a million dollars in revenue that traced back to a 99 cent ebook.

I can’t tell you how simple this was to do.   For me I did it because Amazon suggested it.  I had no idea that it would be an incredible lead gen.  Yes I was launching a book but as you can see as time passed the ebook,  because of Amazon’s amazing domain authority, was getting a lot of sales.  This could work for anyone doing anything.

Just some closing thoughts and to recap:

  • Write a ebook about a niche you want to drive leads to.  Doesn’t have to be your own company could just be an affiliate offer.  My email marketing guide is only 38 pages so don’t think you have to write a novel.
  • Make a very keyword rich book title.
  • Build high quality backlinks over time to make it pop in search engines.
  • Make sure to use trackable links.  I did it very easy but when I do it again I will use a UTM source with Google Analytics.

There is no reason you can stop with one book.  You could do it for a variety of niches.

The best part about it all… its 100% free to try it.

I hope you found this post insightful and please feel free to forward it on or share on social networks.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

23 thoughts on “How I Made 1 Million Dollars From A 99 Cent Ebook”
  1. Pretty crazy!
    People seem to often shy away from low paying offers and products, but to the right audience they can make a ton of money (as proved by this post)

    1. Shoe, one thing I’ve learned from posts like this is – if its making you money, stop f&%#ing with it! You don’t have to squeeze the last cent out of everything and you don’t have to achieve perpetual growth.

  2. Shoe, one thing I’ve learned from posts like this is – if its making you money, stop f&%#ing with it! You don’t have to squeeze the last cent out of everything and you don’t have to achieve perpetual growth.

  3. Jeremy you ebook lead gen crusher! Best email/blog post I’ve read in 2015 so far! Thanks man.

  4. Very insightful! Your ebook is just Wooow… you always catch the attention with your good work. Keep it up!

  5. This is Great shoe, great inspiration for me and like me new internet marketer , thanks for sharing this insight

  6. I’m planning an ebook to support my blog right now, perfect timing for this post 🙂

    Just launched a freelancer site for web design in the small german town I live in, could be great to drive some leads!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. This was insightful Jeremy! Thanks for sharing your firsthand experience in launching your ebook. Was it actually sandboxed? Though, it’s still amazing how you did this 100% free. I’ve saved this in my pocket!

  8. Good money making idea. Good content is king not only on website but still king on ebook.

  9. wow, nice idea. I still think about producing some ebook to a specific niche also hope to have the same success you.


  10. Wow,

    You are just amazing Jeremy. Definitely will try it out to see the results. Not hoping for a million bucks, if I can uplift the sales then it would be amazing.

    No problem, you have shared it now and thank you for that. Heading to see if I can tweak my present book for the sake of it.


  11. When you create a brand that is so popular that you can pull $1 million USD from a $0.99 e-book, that’s something special. Amazing stuff Jeremy!

  12. Very good Jeremy,

    Another extreme quality article. Jeremy I’m starting a project focusing on the Brazilian market and’re being very good results, you have some project in Brazil?

  13. What a great story, Jeremy.

    You proved that nothing is impossible with right strategy and positive mindset.

    Bravo for your hard work and thanks for sharing the secret. 😉

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